Animal Crossing: New Leaf – Guide
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Animal Crossing: New Leaf – Guide

Synopsis Animal Crossing: New Leaf – Guide

Guide and Walkthrough

 February 2021  1 months ago  0.01

The guide for Animal Crossing: New Horizons offers a walkthrough on how to make the most of your time on your deserted island. This guide will show you how to make tools, earn bells, achieve a five-star island, and more.

Inside this guide you will find:

  • ✅ A full furniture list so you can find exactly what you need to build the perfect home.
  • ✅ List of all the decorative public work projects and who requests them.
  • ✅ Comprehensive list of clothes and accessories.
  • ✅ Special event pages for the snowman season and Weeding Day.
  • ✅ Detailed information on every shop in Main Street.
  • ✅ Beautiful screenshots and exclusive HD 3DS tutorial videos with audio commentary!
  • ✅ Comprehensive list of furniture, wallpapers and carpets.
  • ✅ Exact dates for every Special Event in the entire game!
  • ✅ Where to find every special visitor and what they can offer you.
  • ✅ Complete your encyclopaedia with every Bug and Fish in the game!
  • ✅ The easiest ways to stuff your coffers with loads of money.
  • ✅  How to get the most out of those vital first few days in town.


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