Diablo 2 – Lord of Destruction – Tricks, Strategies,Guide, Cheats, Tips and Secrets
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Diablo 2 – Lord of Destruction – Tricks, Strategies,Guide, Cheats, Tips and Secrets

Synopsis Diablo 2 – Lord of Destruction – Tricks, Strategies,Guide, Cheats, Tips and Secrets

Diablo 2 – Lord of Destruction

Submitted by: Marko Dudukoviæ

When you die youn can get all your stuff back, here’s how:

1. When you die pres any key to return to town.
2. Don’t save game! Press ALT+F4 to exit game.
3. Enter game again and start playing.
4. There should be your corpse somewhere around, click on it, and you will
get all your
   inventory stuff back, except

Finding back your Corpse:
Submitted by: Joseph

We always die when fighting a boss or a great monster. When we dies, your
corpse will
left at there. The problem is to take back your corpse. You save your game
and exit,
next you enter the game again, the corpse will appear next to you!

Horadric Trick:
Submitted by: Jeremy

The Horadric Cube can be filled with 3 gems of the same type (flawless,
chipped etc.)
and it will transmute to a single gem of a higher quality.

Horadric Cube Mixes:
Submitted by: Jeremy

3 health potions + 3 mana potions = 1 Rejuvenation Potion.
You may use any quality of potions for this one.
3 Health potions + 3 Mana + 1 Gem = 1 Full Rejuvenation Potion.
You may use any quality of potions and gem for this one.
1 health potion + 1 Strangling Gas potion = 1 Antidote Potion.
You may use any quality of health potion.
3 Gems of the same type and grade = 1 Gem of the next higher grade.
Useful to upgrade chipped and flawed gems.
3 Perfect Skulls + 1 Amulet = High % chance of getting a +1 or +2 to
character skills amulet.
Any 3 perfect gems can be used, but skulls seem to have a higher success

rate.”Beware this one does not work 100% of the time”

3 Perfect Gems + 1 item “armor or weapon” = A new magical item of
the same
item type. Items seem to be random, they can be better or worse. “This
not be done with unique, rare, or set items.”

1 Axe + 1 Dagger + a Stack of Throwing Knives = One stack of Throwing Axes.
Any kind of axe, dagger, or throwing knives can be used, but all
= plain throwing axes.”so use the cheap stuff”

1 Ring + 1 emerald + 4 Antidote Potions = 1 Viridian Ring with 21-30 Poison

Quality of gem and ring used don’t matter.
1 ring + 1 ruby + 4 exploding potions = 1 Garnet Ring with 21-30 Fire

Quality of gem and ring used don’t matter.
1 ring + 1 sapphire + 4 thawing potions = 1 Cobalt Ring with 21-30 Cold
Quality of gem and ring used don’t matter.

1 Ring + 2 Topaz gems = 1 Coral Ring with 21-30 Lightning resistance.
Quality of gem and ring used don’t matter.

3 Amulets = 1 Ring
Quality of ring is roughly equivalent to the quality of the amulets
3 Rings = 1 Amulet
Quality of amulet is roughly equivalent to the quality of the rings

6 Perfect Gems “one of each type except skull” + Amulet =
Prismatic amulet
with “16-25% Resist All” this one is buggy the amulet will morph
when you
start a new game.”Beware only about a 75% chance of
6 Gems + 1 Sword = One Socketable Long Sword
Any type of gem, and any normal or unique sword “magical and rare
2 Quivers of Arrows = 1 Quiver of Bolts
This Can save you a trip to town to buy more.

2 Quivers of Bolts = 1 Quiver of Arrows
This Can save you a trip to town to buy more.

1 Spear + 1 Quiver of arrows = A stack of Javelins.
Only makes javelins, never higher quality Javelins, no matter the type of

spear or number of arrows used.

submitted by Assassinatorz

If you want to play a single player game with the difficulty of 8 players
press enter and
type, “players 8”. this will make the monsters stronger, give you
more experience, and
you will find better items.

Submitted by: Sniper
E-mail: phuquoc_2001@yahoo.com

There’s a way to buy full rej. potions: Fill up your first belt’s line with
full rej.
potions and then sell a rej. potions now u for a merchants. Now buy that
sale full rej.
potion but u have to hold [Shift] and right click on that full rej. potion.
Well, u
filled your belt with full rej. potions.

Email: Shut@Man.com
Submitted by: Bent

Diablo 2 LoD u need rare items out of each monster ?
click here
If u are a big cheater u need this cheat first u need to have the cube then
transmute 6
normals Topazes and a rare item and u will always find rare items!

Submitted by: Hilda Ferwerda
E-mail: mcmferwerda@home.nl

here’s a chest for diablo 2 LoD…
It works for patch1.08 & realm friendly! If you got 2 two handed
weapons you can simply
use them both. you put one weapon in the left hand en use youre weapon
change buton (w)
get youre other weapon and cycle back to your other weapon the thin you
need to do is
cycle to youre weapon and put the 2nd weapon real fast in your right hand.
now yiou can
use two weapons, it’s like taking candy from a baby! 🙂

Submitted by: deneld
E-mail: deneldkhor1989@icqmail.com

An Assassin uses no Magic and Specializes in Martial arts Shadow masteries
and traps. An
Assassins Martial art skill provides her with close range attacks that
charge up damage
and then there is a finishing move that releases the charged damage. The
shadow skill
provides her the ability to make shadow doubles of her self, use psychic
energy to attack
and the ability to cloak herself. The traps consist of having a monster
walk over it
inflicting damage and Sentinels that shoot out elements and ninja

a new character to the Diablo realm a Druid summons animals he has
elemental magic
attacks, and he can shape shift. The druid summons animals from the wild
such as ravens
to grizzly bears and vines. Each has so much life and does damage. The
elemental magic
summons the power from the earth. he has Ice wind and Fire. His
shapeshifting gives
him the ability to turn into a werewolf or a werebear. After those he has
abilities only useable in the shifted form. He can’t use magic in shifted
form but he
can summon an animal like his form like in werewolf he can summon a dire

Ethereal Items and Hirelings:
Submitted by: rickHH
Ethereal items are generally undesirable, because although they are usually
than their non-ethereal equivalents, they are unrepairable. Hirelings,
however, never
need to repair their items. A good suit of ethereal armor and a helmet
works wonders
on the new hirelings.

Baal’s minions skip:
When you first find Baal he will keep summoning different demons to fight
Eventually he will summon his lords of destruction which are extremely
powerful. If
you don’t want to face them, have them follow you towards the entrance,
then run as
fast as you can back towards Baal. If you do it fast enough, they will
and Baal will then go into the portal and you can go face him.

Crafting Items:
What you need, Ort Rune, any kind of jewel, and a Perfect ruby or a perfect
and the weapon that you chose (Has to have blue or have a white text). You
put those
Four items in your Cube and click the transmute button. Look in your
iventory and
there you have a crafted item.

Getting More Rare Items:
Equip as much magic find to your character as possible and go kill stuff
and open
chests, loose rocks, barrels, ect. Also kill Champion and Unique monsters
for a better
chance of getting good and rare items. If you have 100% or more magic find
does not
mean you will always get rare items, if you have 100% magic find, then you
have 2x
better chance of getting good items. Champion, Enchanted, Unique, Super
Unique, and
Bosses have a higher chance of dropping Rare, Unique, and Set items then
enemies. Try getting to a very high level(45+0 and get really good magic
find and
kill Baal on normal by yourself(So other people cant take your items) a few
you should get at least 3 rare items if your magic find is very
high(150%+). There
is NO limit to how much magic find you can have, but sometimes magic find
items can
be weak.

Submitted by:  Patterson jacob

creat armor with 1000000 defense absorb all 124% 4567% better chance to
find magic
items 5678% more gold from monsters 5000% enhanced defense 5446% deadly
strike 49
to all skill levels 4577 better gem find.

Submitted by: Tran Huu Dang Khoa – Soviet

In the level V , when you go to the “Areat submit” , before you
go to the “World’stone
keep I” to kill “Baal” you must fight with three guardian,
each killed guardian give
you a skill point and a gem . So you can kill them and repeat it as much as
you like
to have many skill point and ruby. you should above the level 40 to kill
them easily.

Submitted by: Tran Huu Dang Khoa – Soviet

In the Kurast docks , to go to the last boss , you just need to find the
“Spider cave”
that in the spider forest, go to a maze and look for a trap door . there is
a switch
near the trap door that use to open it. When you open the trap door , go
through it
and you get to a hall that the boss is waiting for you to be defeated by
you. Kill
him and you can go to the level 4 . 
easy like eat a candy … he he he.

Submitted by: Darren Matte

If you have an etheral item put a socket into it and add a zod rune into it
to make it

The secret cow level:
Submitted by: Yeriel kosala junedi

Defeat Baal under the same difficulty setting that you are making the cow
level in.
take wirt”s leg (found in tristram) and a Tome Of Town Portals and put
them in the
Horadric Cube.You must transmute them in act 1. You can portal to the cow
level by
combining a Tome of Town Portal and Wirt’s Leg. When you combine the tome,
the amount
of scrolls inside effect the number of cows in the level. If you combine a
full tome,
the cow level will have a larger amount of cows/hero cows than if a tome
with only
three scrolls was used.
Note: If you kill the Cow King you will not be able to make it anymore. Be
not to kill the King.

Submitted by: from a friend to a friend

here are some horadric cube recipes:
3 amulets=1 ring,3rings=1 amulet
1 diamond+kriss+staff+belt=savage bardiche
1 axe+1 dagger=throwing axe
1 ring+2 topaz=coral ring
1 perfect gem of each type+ 1 amulet=prismatic amulet
1 wirt’s leg+1 town portal book=secret cow level
1 ring+1 ruby+ 1exploding potion= Garnet ring
perfect skull+1 rare item+Stone of Jordan= 1 new High-quality rare item of
the same type

Submitted by: Luiz Pozza

Diablo 2 Exp
The key to play good this game is to habe a strong charater. To have a
strong char, you
must train. Dont train in places that you gain much experience, but in the
places that
you feel confortabe
P.S.:If you wanna talk about this wonderfull game plz

Submitted by:mr. cheater

This cheat is hard but if u a realy want it so do evrething i tell you:
Press enter
and write:”666strongcha666″ without the(“)and then save the
game and out and then
back to your charcter and use the horadric cube put into the cube 6 jade
stones 6
rare armors 6 normals weapons(not throwing wepens)and 1 perfect diamond or
perfcet gem but with diamond it works better transmute all the stuff u have
chance to get armor of hell(10000 defence 300% chance to find magic item)
it worth
it belive me.

Submitted by: MR. CHEATER

1)type this:”your gold is my gold_______”and the number in the
empty line.
  now you have the money u typed on
the cheat. type ENTER before u write it.
2)type ENTER end write:”magicks magicks magicks” after typing
that all the
  atheral(cannot be repared) items
will be able to repare in the cube with
  one chiped diamond. this cheat also
make u able to craft item with one
  chped gem in the cube.

Submitted by: Irving

Press shift and left click to hit in mid air. You could use this cheat to
all enemy around u! You could only do this when you r out of town.

Submitted by: exline boy

Ok every one thinks if u beat the game (killbaal) u cant go back and kill
his minions
if ur not strong enof but u can just create a game in norm the exit it and
u can see
norm lvl or the difficulty u setur created game to then u can enter baal
runz games
or wat ever and get more exp!

Tag Line Codes:
Submitted by Alex Hart(South Africa)
Right click on your Diablo II desktop icon. Left click on the shortcut tab.
the code in the target line after the quotes. make sure there is a space
each code , and a space between the last quote and first code. These codes
work as of the 1.11b patch.

Cheat                      Effect

-act5 Create a new level 33 character in Act5.
-act3 Create a new level 21 character in Act3.
-act4 Create a new level 27 character in Act4.
-act2 Create a new level 16 character in Act2.
-act1 Create a new level 1 character in Act1.
-nosave Never saves the game.
-ns No sound driver is loaded.
-skiptobnet Skip directly to BattleNet login.
-npl Doesn’t preload anything.
-opengl Uses the OpenGL graphic renderer in game.
-w Opens the game in a window.

Submitted by: Damian Moore

 Hello every one. i used the cheat
-act5 and made some pretty strong characters but
you have do do the whole game through… starting on act 1… so you dont
level up
untill like the 3rd act.

anyway my cheat is for a barbarian character. if you get Find Item up alot,
you can,
on the 5th act, go through and keep killing Shenk the Overseer. use find
item on all
the bodys you come by. you can get RUNES, GEMS, VERY VERY STRONG ITEMS, SET

I got a helm with 3 sockets, +3 to all barbarian skills, +3 to Iron skin,
+3 to find
item, & +3 to frenzy.

If you have any questions about the game plz feel free to email me at

i have plenty of tips:D

Submitted by: Thy Cheater

Ok first u have to enter the -act5 cheat because ull need it.U have 2 be a
also need the spell revive.First defeat Baal and get your spell rdy and
cast it on his
dead body and there u have the ULTIMATE TEAM :).

Submitted by: Damian Moore

Ok every1 im back with some new stuff. this is adding on to the cow cheat.

if you put in a tome with 20 scrolls then make the portal, you can get
stuff and there are more cows 😀

Submitted by: Paul

Make a shortcut of the Diablo 2 icon on your desktop the right
click on it and go to properties, go to title and at the end add -act5 .

Then apply. when you start the game make a new character, you will now

start on act 5 with a lvl 32 character but you start with basic weapons

and no armour or waypoints. Enjoy. 😛

Starting Character Level of 32:
Submitted by: matthew

Add a short cut to LoD on your desktop. Right click and select properties.
the target line on the very right add one space and insert ” -Act5 ”

** Note only the dash and act five need to be added one space after the
target line. If done correctly you will start in act five will all correct
attribute and skill points to spend. This works with the Assasin, Amazon,
and Barbarian classes. If you find a way to get this to work on other
please let us know. Also not you must create a new character of said classes
do this. You will however only start with the base inventory and no
wavepoint or
quests completed. Simply go to the wave point in the town and jump back to
Rouge Encampment. Have fun!

Some of you may know that it is pretty hard to level up when you are level
90 and up.
This is a great way, + there is a reward. Once you are high level enough
(90 and up),
create a PRIVATE hell game (with password) and defeat the countess, the
summoner and/
or Nihlathak. There is a slight chance (1 on 15) that the countess drops a
key of
terror, that the summoner drops a key of hate, and/or that Nihlathak drops
a key of
destruction. If not, create new game and start over. Once you have THREE of
each key,
transmute one of each at the same time to create a uber portal. Once you
have created
the three, you will enter one at a time to defeat the boss in each, which
are uber
Duriel, uber Izual and uber Lilith (Andariel’s cousin). Once you kill each
of the
three bosses, they will each drop one of three artifacts: Mephisto’s brain,
eye or Diablo’s horn. Once you have collected each, transmute them and a
portal for
uber Tristram will appear. There, you will level pretty fast and you will
have to
kill uber Mephisto, uber Diablo and uber Baal. Once you kill them all,
search and
you will find a Hellfire torch.

Submitted by: Crue07double

When you want to keep on fighting the same guy to get your level up just
him once and then save and quit and then come back to the game as your file
the enemy will be there and you can get your level up.

To do this cheat you will need to have the internet so if you don’t don’t
reading this. Ok what you do is go into the game and drop the item you what
duplicate. ones you have done this make sure that the other player is in
the game
then leave the game and re-enter the game now the item should be in your
pack and
on the then pick the one on the ground up now you have 2!

More Experience Faster:
In a game hit the ENTER button to go to the chat screen type /PLAYERS 8 you
do this from 1 to 8

Carry and use multiple hellfire torches!:
Submitted by: godcha
Email : furioustoungue@gmail.com

Wow, this cheat really works! I didn’t believe it when my friend told me,
but im glad
I tried it and its so worth it. You’ll be glad too!

To do this trick, you must have already defeated uber tristram (on your own
or with a
team of other players). It won’t work if you haven’t gotten your char to
uber tristram.

First, you need 6 skulls (any type, but perfect ones seem to work better).
skulls have to be dropped by hell baal, so if he doest drop a skull, just
a new game and try again. The cheat won’t work unless you’ve collected six
of them.
Now, create a game with another player who doesn’t have a cube yet. Go to
act ii
and go to the halls of the dead to get the cube. But before opening the
chest, drop
your cube so that the chest pops out with two horadric cubes. Get your
fisrt cube,
now pick up the other cube and put it in your first cube along with your
six skulls.
Yes, I know you can’t NORMALLY put a cube in a cube, so you’ll have to
search the
net or email me for the “cubeincube” cheat. Now, you must align
your computer with
magnetic north. You have to be as close to north as possible, cause it
seems as any
variation of more than 5 degrees off won’t activate the cheat. Now,
transmute the
items in the cube. You won’t hear the normal transmute sound, but instead
you should
hear the barbarian “hork” sound, I guess the one he makes when he
finds items. If
you DON’T hear the sound, STOP. Save game, check computer alignment with
north and try again. Next, uninstall diablo ii lod and install diablo 3 (I
friends @ game development). Once that is installed, do not run the game or
on any game icons, but instead re-install diablo ii lod. You should now
that you can carry multiple hellfire torches. I currently have 5 zon
torches, so
that gives me +15 to zon skills and pumps my char stats through the roof! I
have to worry bout res in hell either! Email me if you have any questions
or need
any help!

Submitted by: Skip6972

Diablo 2/Diablo 2 Lod Hack Warning Ed. Note: This is being provided for
purposes only to help Diablo 2 players guard against hackers. Stealing
passwords is
unethical and illegal. If you want to hack Diablo 2 (get on another
player’s account)
just follow these simple instructions. But don’t get carried away as it may
take some
time to work. ‘Hi people, I have recently figured out a way to hack Diablo
2 while
scanning the servers on which Blizzard runs Diablo 2 on. I will tell you
how to hack
Diablo 2 or Diablo 2 Lord of Destruction accounts. I have really only made
this up
for people who have been scammed by other people. So if you havent been
scammed I
rather you not cheat for the fun of it, it’s up to you, but it isn’t fair
if you use
this to steal other peoples password for Diablo 2.

Step 1. Get the Diablo 2 account name you want to hack. Make sure you have
a Diablo 2
account as you need to confuse the Diablo 2 server into giving you your
victim’s password.

Step 2. There is a secret email which Blizzard bots use to notify people
about their
password and send them their password if needed; I found it while I was
scanning the server.
The code used to send people passwords was hard to find but I finally found
it while
collecting bits and pieces scanning the server and using a firewall barrier
hacking device.
Hence I have found their secret software email address and want to share all
the goodies
I have collected from it with all of you, but I can’t just give you their
email address
or else things may get a little crazy, and I don’t want to get blamed for
anything. But
I have come up with an email address which looks like a normal one to fool
detection systems, useremailaddress@yahoo.com  I linked this email to Blizzard’s email

and hence forth, instead of it transferring all of the data sent to useremailaddress@yahoo.com
it will automatically send it to Blizzard’s headquarters page without them
knowing it,

their computer sends the information back to you within 24 hours of the
data being sent.
Just follow steps below…

Step 3. Here is the code you need to send to the server to confuse it.

Do it exactly as it is.
#=No.:4658932//$%Code&(victim account name)%*==$& }
#serident6254\\\\$$Code%(your account name) *$$1==$& }
E\\$$Code*&%$$#input*%(your password)*32&&*$==02$& }
Replace words in with correct information.

Step 4. You must replace the words in ” ” to what it says and as
I said don’t make
any mistakes or you will fail. What I would do is highlight the text then
copy it
and paste it on the email that way you don’t make any mistakes. There you
have it,
Hacking Diablo 2 is easy for you now. Just so you know this is the one of
the several
ways of hacking into Diablo 2 servers, or “cheating the system”.
My friend finds out
these things and teaches me, since I’m slower than he is.

Raise Magic Find:
To raise your Magic Find to a very high level, place all of your gems in
your inventory
(the more, the higher your magic count will get). Any state of gem is
acceptable. Having
only one gem is also acceptable. Go out of town and kill some enemies.
There is a very
high chance that you will get more gems. This can quickly multiply your
gems and bring
your magic count so high that you can find up to three rings in one chest
in the Cold
Plains in Act 1 under the normal difficulty setting.

Make new Charms:
Take any size Charm, put it into the Horadic Cube, then put in three
perfect Gems and
transmute. They are randomly given.

Safe gambling:
When you gamble with someone in the game (for example, Gheed), if you get
an item you
do not want hold [Alt] and press [F4] to exit the game without saving it.
Note: Only do
this if you have not done anything significant in the current game or you
will lose that

No rainy weather:
Search the game directory to find .DLL and .MPQ files. Move the STORM.DLL
to another

Soulstone Souvenir:
In Act IV, when you are up to the second quest where you must destroy
Soulstone, drop it from you inventory to the ground, then go talk to Decard
he will say he picked up the Soulstone before he entered the Infernal Gate,
and kept
it for you. You now have two Soulstones! For now, you can’t hold two at a
time, but
if you destroy one at the Hellforge before quitting, you can pick the other
one up
and keep it as a souvenir!

Strongest character available:
For all those who are just beginning to play diablo lod..here is a tip to
kill any
monster easily…first, pick a paladin… of the three skill branches only
use offensive
auras and combat skills…level up sacrifice until you’re level six… then
add thorns…
level up both of these skills to level 7 at least,then learn-but don’t
level up-the combat
skills zeal and blessed hammer…just the vengeance!! learn the level 24
combat skill,
then keep leveling vengeance until you reach level 30,where you’ll learn
hand of
lightning…at the early levels, increase dex and strength,whwn you hit
level 20 start
adding to your energy…

Getting More Rare Items:
Equip as much magic find to your character as possible and go kill stuff
and open
chests, loose rocks, barrels, ect. Also kill Champion and Unique monsters
for a
better chance of getting good and rare items. If you have 100% or more
magic find
does not mean you will always get rare items, if you have 100% magic find,
then you
have 2x better chance of getting good items. Champion, Enchanted, Unique,
Unique, and Bosses have a higher chance of dropping Rare, Unique, and Set
items then
regular enemies. Try getting to a very high level(45+0 and get really good
magic find
and kill Baal on normal by yourself(So other people cant take your items) a
few times,
you should get at least 3 rare items if your magic find is very
high(150%+). There is
NO limit to how much magic find you can have, but sometimes magic find
items can be

Cow level:
To make a portal to The Secret Cow Level simply get the Horadric Cube and
Worts Leg
in Tristram. Put the leg in the cube along with a Tome of Town Portal and
but you must have killed Baal before you make cows or join cow levels when
your level
25 to get level 30+ faster and DO NOT kill the king, if someone wants to
kill the king
leave the party cause you can’t go back after killing him.

Dueling Tips:
If u are into dueling i suggest u be a Amazon or a sorceress. You will have
to get them
to level 30 to get them really good at dueling. If u choose an Amazon i
suggest u get
the level 12 spell multi arrow and upgrade it a lot till u get lots of
arrows going at
once. If u pick an Amazon u can also use the level 24 strafe if u are into
free for all
matches this will hit multi targets and every time u upgrade it u gain
damage to strafe
u could also use level 30 spell freezing arrow it does not shoot multi that
is the
weakness the good spot of freezing arrow is it freezes ur target that’s
what i have to
say about the Amazon. The Sorceress with a sorceress master the one spell
on level 30
called frozen orbs once you’ve mastered that go into a dueling game and
kick some butt.
But with both and Amazon and a sorceress u have to have a good mana level
as other
cheats say the Amazon would be the best if it had I higher mana level
sorceress will not
have a problem with mana. A sorceresses weakness is its not able to use
good armor
because of its low level of strength.

How To Level Your Character:
This is the classic way to level any character. It is slower than getting
rushed by
other players, but its still fairly effective.

1. Clear out the Den of Evil.
2. Do Tristram runs until you are level 15.
3. Do Tomb runs until you are level 20.
4. Do Cow Runs until you are level 24.
5. Do normal Ancients.
6. Do normal Baal runs until you are level 40.
7. Get rushed from nightmare act1 to act5.
8. Do nm Ancients.
9. Do nm Baal runs until you are level 65.
10. Get rushed from hell act1 to act5.
11. Do hell Ancients.
12. Do hell Baal runs until your character is leveled to where you see

Item Raping For Damage:
I discovered this purely by accident, but helps out a lot. A perfect
emerald gives +29
poison damage. Put that in a socketed weapon and you merely get that value,
added by
whatever you choose to put in the object. Instead, I took a ‘Artisan’s War
Axe’ with
three sockets and an included magical property of something like +12 poison
damage over
5 seconds. I put in three perfect emeralds and the axe now has +659-703
poison damage
over 7 seconds. Basically, find a socketed weapon with a magical property,
whether it
be fire, lightning, cold, poison. Fill the sockets with gems that match
that property
and increase the gem’s property exponentially.

Secret Rooms:
In Act I, you will find secret rooms in the Jail Levels at the Monastery.
These rooms
are large enclosed squares (use the mini map to have a better view).
Left-click on the
walls around these square rooms, and you may find extra gold or items

Multiple full set bonuses:
It only works on patch 1.10 (perhaps on next ones too). Wear a full set
(for example Tal
Rasha set) and you can see the golden bonus. Now get killed by a monster or
player but do not pick up your corpse. You can see that the golden bonuses
remain and
you can wear new items since your set is in your body on the ground.

Cheat Engine:
Submitted by: Jordi

Cheat Engine is 100% work. All my characters are level 89!!! My Amazon,
Assasin, an the
other. It also can change my mercenary health and experience. Trust me, it
There is some tips to use this awesome program work to Diablo 2 LOD without
make it crash:
1. Use 2 bytes scan for health and manna
2. Use 4 bytes scan for gold, experience, skill point and character

N.B: Watch out for duplicate value, maybe the value is the same as you want
to search,
so be carefull!!!!

Easy character:
Submitted by: John
Email: Pulkit.mhjn@gmail.com

All you have to do is first add a shortcut on desktop of your game icon.
Right click on your
Diablo II desktop icon. Left click on the shortcut tab. Enter
the code -act5 in the target line after the quotes. make sure there is a
space between each
code , and a space between the last quote and first code. Then run the game
create a new
character for better results create a necromancer you will see it will
start in act5. it
will be of lvl 33. he will have up to 32 skill points use it as follows.
add 10 skill points
to raise skellton , 10 points to skeletal mage and remaining points to
skeletal mastery then
go out side the city. you will some barabarians fighting with enemies whewn
any aneme dies
you just need to raise a skelton raise all 5 skeletons and skeletal mages.
the enemy they kill
will give exp to you. The only thing you need to do is just pick up items
and gold you will
get very powerfull items and armors for your journey ahead. if you wanrt to
start your quests
go through the waypoint to rogue encampment. Enjoy this cheat.

Help to beet Diablo:
Wene you go fight Diablo don’t go alone. Go in a group off people wich
would make it easy
to beet Diablo. Also you should cary your best battle items so you can hit
Diablo with more

Developing a strong Necromancer:
Try to maximize Iron Maiden, Bone Armor, Bone Prison, and Poison Nova. Put
the re

Chapter Diablo 2 – Lord of Destruction – Tricks, Strategies,Guide, Cheats, Tips and Secrets


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