Dragon Age: Inquisition – Guide
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Dragon Age: Inquisition – Guide

Synopsis Dragon Age: Inquisition – Guide

Guide and Walkthrough

 February 2021  1 months ago  0.01

This guide for Dragon Age: Inquisition offers a detailed walkthrough of the main story and all side quests associated with each region, detailing easily missed features and hidden lore secrets along the way. The guide also covers all three main DLC: Jaws of Hakkon, The Descent, and Trespasser, and all dialogue choices throughout the game.

Inside this guide you will find:

  • ✅A Mounts section with descriptions of how to acquire them and when they become available.
  • ✅A Walkthrough for all main story quests, detailing the consequences of your choices along the way.
  • ✅An Equipment section, detailing where to find some of the best weapons and armor.
  • ✅Breakdown of Specialization Trainers, including where to find them and how to complete their missions.
  • ✅Coming Soon! A detailed Character Builds section with coverage of all classes, skill trees, recommended armor, weapons, consumables, and much more!
  • ✅Comprehensive section on Dialogue Choices, covering both approval and romance options for companions.
  • ✅Crafting section covering key locations for potions, tonics, grenades, and other materials.
  • ✅Exploration sections for each region, including side quests, requisitions, collections and companion quests.
  • ✅Overview of Multiplayer including basic starting tips, coverage of characters, challenges, and loot.
  • ✅Walkthrough for all DLC content, covering Jaws of Hakkon, The Descent, and Trespasser.


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