Jurassic World Evolution – Tricks, Strategies,Guide, Cheats, Tips and Secrets
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Jurassic World Evolution – Tricks, Strategies,Guide, Cheats, Tips and Secrets

Synopsis Jurassic World Evolution – Tricks, Strategies,Guide, Cheats, Tips and Secrets

Jurassic World Evolution

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Unlocking Sandbox Mode:
In order to play the sandbox mode, you’ll actually need to unlock a whole new
the Isla Nublar map. That name will be familiar to Jurassic Park fans, as
it’s actually
the location of the first movie. All of the familiar locations have been
removed to make
way for your own creations, though it’s the same size and features the same
terrain as
the very first Jurassic Park film. But how do you get there?

How to Unlock Jurassic World Evolution Isla Nublar Map:
* In order to play the game’s sandbox mode and unlock unlimited money,
you’ll need
to head back to the first island, Isla Matanceros. This island is the first
of the
“Five Deaths,” the name given to the Muertes archipelago you’ll build your
parks on
throughout the game.

* You can go back to the island on your world map, and after that you’ll
need to move
it from a 3-star rating to a 4-star rating. This requires improving your
rating and your facility rating, which will require you to create a greater
of dinosaurs while maintaining their welfare, while ensuring that your
visitors are

* In order to quickly bump up your star rating, click on the star rating at
the bottom
right-hand corner of your screen and see what needs improving. When a
percentage is
low in a particular area — for instance, your guests want more shopping
outlets or
they feel it’s getting overcrowded — construct new buildings or dinosaurs
to match
their needs. A monorail is another good investment, with easier travel
improving your star rating while also making it easier to get to other
stores located
around the park, thus increasing your cash flow.

* After you’ve reached 4 stars, you’ll unlock Isla Nublar and be given
funds to do as you please with all of the unlocks you’ve acquired playing
the campaign. Have fun!

How to Get the Cash for New Islands (Easy Way):
Written by Panda

Find yourself stuck for cash on a new island? Follow this easy guide for

-=Easy Cash=-
So if you didn’t know, your research, fossil extraction, and expedition
are “linked” throughout the island. You just have to have one
built on the island
to access them. Say you find yourself on the 2nd island bleeding money.
you have a fossil storage, expedition is not required for this.

Now what you do is head back to your 1st island where you have both of
buildings. Start doing fossil expeditions, save all the ones that just sell
cash! Now head back to second island, and viola, there are some fossils to

Do all your research on a previous island.

To touch on how you building are linked, your upgrades are linked too. If
you have
a fossil building with upgrades, ie “extraction time, and
“inventory space” your
new fossil building has those upgrades, plus whatever you add to it.

I believe it only works for fossil, expedition, and research.

2018 Jeep Skin:
Drive at top speed for at least 20s continuously to unlock the 2018 red
jeep skin
for your Ranger Station.

How to Unlock Jeep Skins:
Written by Chaotic

This guide will provide information for how to unlock certain jeep skins,
for people
who are interested.

This is the skin everyone wants and everyone is talking about. Upon
unlocking this,
you will recieve a skin for the ranger that is just like the old Jurassic
Park skin.
However, to obtain this skin is no easy job – you need to achieve 5 seconds
of airtime
within 20 seconds. It is argueably the hardest cosmetic for the jeep to
Here are some methods.

* The “Skateboard Park”
I called this strategy this because of how much it looks like a skateboard
park. What
you’ve got to do is create 2 hills right next to each other with some
breathing space
between; your choice how much you separate them. Then, just play around
with it. Give
yourself room between the 2 hills and the ranger, and then speed up and
jump. Quickly
turn around, jump and repeat. Keep doing it until you get the skin; if you
feel like
you’re constantly failing, adjust the space between the two hills.

This jeep skin has a beautiful looking crimson colour, with the Jurassic
World logo on
its sides. It is indeed, pretty easy to obtain if you know the method. It’s
going top
speed as the jeep for 5 consecutive seconds. Keep in mind; just going
forward will not
get you there. You need to go down, and it is not easy to create a hill
that allows
you to drive top-speed for this much time. Here are a few methods to aid in
your journey.

1: Creating your own hill
   This one would possibly take a
while, depends how you tackle it. Use the terrain
   shaping tool to create a hill in
an empty spot in your park. Starting early on Isla
   Matanceros will be pretty helpful,
as you will have loads of space – there is not
   much space on the islands.
(Frontier, please fix this. That, or expand the building
   limit.) Also, remove all shrubs
and trees on your hill; it will slow you down and
   trees will potentially stop you in
your tracks.

2: Isla Muerta
   This island will do its job for
you. Isla Muerta scales downwards from the entrance;
   just follow the terrain. Besides,
the first time you are in this island you are forced
   to go into the ranger vehicle to
proceed. (That is how I got my achievement!)

* Jeep Skin – Ranger Team Orange
This skin has a clean, orange colour to it. The structure of it looks a bit
from the 2018 Jeep®, as you can see above. I use this skin all the time.

Here is a method to get it:

The 2018 Jeep is a nice looking jeep, with a vivid teal colour and Jurassic
World logo
printed on its side. The way to get this, is to powerslide for 3 seconds
with 5 seconds
of breathing time. It’s pretty easy to get if you know what to do. Here is
the method:
(The only one.)

-=Isla Muerta=-
This island is very helpful; it can give you two jeeps because of its
gaining elevation.
What you have to do is to get to the very top of the island, and then hold
W as you
drive down. When you feel you’re going top speed, hit one of the strafe
keys and hold
the handbrake (Space for default.) until you stop completely.

Dinos That Can Live Together:
Written by Nocturnal

Basic guide on how many of each species you can have in one area 🙂

Ankylosaurus- 0-8 ideal, 0-4 social
Polacanthus- 0-6 ideal, 0-3 social
Sauropelta- 0-4 ideal, 0-2 social
Nodosaurus- 0-7 ideal, 0-4 social
Crichtonsaurus- 0-8 ideal, 0-5 social

Pentaceratops- 3-9 ideal, 3-5 social
Chasmosaurus- 3-11 ideal, 3-5 social
Pachycephalosaurus- 3-10 ideal, 3-6 social
Dracorex- 2-12 ideal, 2-8 social

Chungkingosaurus- 2-18 ideal, 2-12 social
Gigantspinosaurus- 4-16 ideal, 4-10 social
Stegosaurus- 5-15 ideal, 5-9 social
Torosaurus- 2-13 ideal, 2-5 social
Triceratops- 1-16 ideal, 1-6 social

Huayangosaurus- 1-20 ideal, 1-13 social
Maiasaura- 4-23 ideal, 4-12 social
Muttaburrasaurus- 6-20 ideal, 6-12 social
Gallimimus- 0-23 ideal, 0-18 social
Struthiomimus- 0-25 ideal, 0-20 social
Tsintaosaurus- 4-22 ideal, 4-15 social
Parasaurolophus- 4-21 ideal, 4-14 social
Corythosaurus- 2-24 ideal, 2-13 social
Edmontosaurus- 1-25 ideal, 1-15 social
Apatosaurus- 0-22 ideal, 3-7 social
Brachiosaurus- 0-25 ideal, 1-5 social
Diplodocus- 0-24 ideal, 1-8 social
Camarasaurus- 0-23 ideal, 2-7 social

Styracosaurus (exclusive)

Suchomimus (exclusive)
Majungasaurus (exclusive)

Tyrannosaurus- 0-15 ideal, 0-1 social
Velociraptor- 0-20 ideal, 2-6 social
Spinosaurus- 0-13 ideal, 0-2 social
Indominus rex- 1-10 ideal, 0-1 social
Deinonychus- 0-18 ideal, 3-8 social
Dilophosaurus- 0-22 ideal, 1-12 social
Ceratosaurus- 0-20 ideal, 0-3 social

All Ingen Database Entries:
Written by [MorTam]Thertex

Are you missing some database entries? You are in the right place!

-=Fast Tip for Obtain All Entries=-
For get all entries you just need to play all islands (nublar included)
spawning specific
dinos on specific islands. get specific photos on specific islands and get
max rep on
each faction in each island. Do all missions. Research all techs and dig
all fosiles.
Not sure if selling buildings count too.

-=How to Get All=-
Just play first island, reach max rep with 3 factions, do their quest. take
photos of
herbivore and carnivore killing some guest, take some photos of dinosaurs
figthing and
hunting (for example ceratosaurus hunting struthiminos) and reach 5 stars
on dinos,
buildings and island. For fosile entries, i recomend to put in expedition
center all
upgrades on perfomance.

Then go to second island and do same task. and with all islands. when you
unlock all
(researchs, buildings, dinos with 100% ADN) go to each island spawning all

After doing all of this. you will left 2 characters and 4 locations entrys.
this entries
are obtained on Nublar island, 2 of them for reaching 5 stars (building and
dinos) and
the other 4 for spawning dinos. so just spawn all dinos on this island

-=Dinosaurs [42]=-
Just get more than 50% of genome from fosiles.

Archaeornithomimus (Deluxe DLC)
Crichtonsaurus (Deluxe DLC)
Indominus rex
Majungasaurus (Deluxe DLC)
Styracosaurus (Deluxe DLC)
Suchomimus (Deluxe DLC)

-=Dig Sites [32]=-
This entries are unlocked automatically by progressing in the game.

Tendaguru formation
Chenini formation
Bahariya formation
Tegama beds
Maevarano formation
Iren Dabasu formation
Ziliujing formation
Nemegt formation
Yuliangze formation
Lower Lufeng series
Bissekty formation
Mackunda formation
Oxford clay
Isle of Wight
Lournha formation
Horseshoe Canyon formation
Dinosaur National Monument
Kirtland formation
Frenchman formation
Egg mountain
Peay Sandstone member
Dinosaur Park formation
Cloverly formation
Laramie formation
Scollard formation
Cedar Mountain formation
Morrison formation
Hell Creek formation
Cleveland Lloyd dinosaur quarry
Garden Park
Lance formation
Candeleros formation

-=Paleontology [39]=-
For get more easy all of this entries, i recommend to put in the upgrade
slots the Dig
Yield upgrade. A dig site will not be unaccesible until you get al fossiles
obtainable there.

Buried treasure
Algal fossils
Ammonite fossils
Amphibian fossils
Angiosperm fossils
Arthropod fossils
Aquatic mammal fossils
Aquatic plant fossils
Avian fossils
Bird eggs
Bird footprints
Cephalopod fossils
Chordate fossils
Conifer fossils
Coral fossils
Crurotarsans fossils
Crustacean fossils
Cynodont fossils
Dinosaur eggs
Dinosaur footprints
Fern fossils
Fish fossils
Fungi fossils
Ginkgo fossils
Opalized fossils
Shark fossils
Skin impressions
Snake fossils
Turtle fossils

-=Genes [28]=-
For unlock all this entries you need to research genes in research center.
Some genes are
unlocked by obtaining 5 stars in some islands or as a reward from
reputation or by completing
missions from factions.

Null genes
Tooth and claw hardness
Scale and skin toughness
Hearth and lung muscle strength
Robust digestion
Quick reaction times
Intuitive learning
Aggressive instincts
Intensive skin repair
Slowed brain ageing
Intense inmune response
Hyperefficient blood cells
Fast twitch muscle fibers
Increased bone density
Rapid metabolism
Null cosmetic gene
Alpine cosmetic gene
Tundra cosmetic gene
Savannah cosmetic gene
Woodland cosmetic gene
Taiga cosmetic gene
Rainforest cosmetic gene
Jungle cosmetic gene
Steppe cosmetic gene
Arid cosmetic gene
Wetland cosmetic gene
Coastal cosmetic gene
Vivid cosmetic gene

-=Locations [36]=-
Not sure about how to unlock each entry, when i notice at the end of the
game that i haven’t
unlock all entries (in my case, i left 4 locations and 2 characters). So i
have info on how
to obtain that 6 entries. It seems, like spawning dinos, building/selling
structures, taking
specific photos, selling some items in the stores, reaching 5 starts on
islands, doing quests
in each island unlocks this entries. (Isla nublar has some entries

Brachiosaur enclosure
Cretaceous cruise
Derelict Jurassic Park visitor center
Dilopohosaur paddock
Docks: Reach 5 stars on facility rating in Nublar Island
Galliminus valley
Gentle giants petting zoo
Gyrosphere attraction
Hammond creation lab
Ingen harvester encampment
Indominus rex paddock
Innovation center
Isla Matanceros
Isla Muerta
Isla Nublar

sla Pena
Isla Sorna
Isla Sorna airstrip
Isla Sorna aviary
Isla Tacaño
Jurassic Park aviary
Jurassic Park control room
Jurassic Park gate
Jurassic World aviary
Jurassic World control center
Jurassic World gates
Main Street
Mosasaurus feeding show: Spawning Apatasaurus on Nublar Island.
Raptor training facility
T.Rex kingdom
Tyrannosaur paddock: on Nublar Island, spawning a Ceratosaurus.
Tyrannosaurus Rex nest
Visitor center

-=Archive [78]=-

Most of this entries are unlocked by taking photos, spawning dinos, selling
something in the stores.
As i said before, if anyone know how to obtain some entries, you can
contact with me in comments
and i will add to the guide.

Ray Arnold
Billy Brennan
Dr. Robert Burke
Eddie Carr
Isaac Clement
Lowery Cruthers
Claire Dearing
Lewis Dodgson: switch to selling barbasol in the gift shop options.

Tips and General Comments:
Written by Quagmire

* Save the Raptors until after the first major storm, all my previous
attempts, I released the
  Raptors before the storm hit and
each time I spent unneccesary time rounding them back up,
  wasting valuable time. (despite
building an ACU, I didn’t actually use it, built the ranger
  also and only actually needed him 4
times for replenishement of feeders and after the storms)
* Ensure the pens are fully setup before letting the dino’s in, a few extra
seconds ticking the
  boxes, ensuring plentiful food and
water sources (expecially for the shared carno exhibits
  where the big guys harass the
little guys) saved plenty of time by again not having to round
  up angry dino’s.
* Check dino comfort levels when they are released, this is another backup
to my above point,
  happy dino’s are good dino’s even
badasses like velociraptors.
* Absolutely prioritize expeditions and extractions, half way through
building a pen and you
  hear the chopper coming back, get
straight to it and put them back to work.
* I used absolutely no genome modifications, as these add unnecessary costs
to the incubation
  and don’t pay off as well in the
long run, as the dino’s can cost 4-5 times more for only
  2-3 times the star rating.
* Cancel contracts you are not going to finish quickly, my list of
immediately cancelled
  contracts were “dino with X
modification”, “photograph X”, “Achieve X star
rating” and
  a few others I don’t recall, the
main point here is to keep the funds flowing.

* The reason I opted to max out a genome before deploying it was mostly
based on saving cash
  and to give me a bit more breathing
room when building/researching/planning the next
  expedition, I found in earlier
attempts, I felt very rushed, just trying to pump them out
  as quickly as possible, and got
very annoyed when a dino failed to incubate, doing it this
  way meant there was no chance of
failure and therefore saving money and nerves.
* Using this method, I didn’t feel the need to save every few minutes and
reloading whenever
  something went wrong.

Easy Cash:
To make some quick cash when starting a new island (at least have one or
two islands unlocked
previously) go back to the more developed island and send out expeditions
for fossils. Wait
for the expeditions to come back, switch back to the new island, and sell
the fossils.

Chapter Jurassic World Evolution – Tricks, Strategies,Guide, Cheats, Tips and Secrets


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