Knockout Kings Web Boxing – Tricks, Strategies,Guide, Cheats, Tips and Secrets
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Knockout Kings Web Boxing – Tricks, Strategies,Guide, Cheats, Tips and Secrets

Synopsis Knockout Kings Web Boxing – Tricks, Strategies,Guide, Cheats, Tips and Secrets

Knockout Kings Web Boxing

Tips & Hints:
Submitted by: jens lohse
found by: ea.com

New Players:
Start out playing on the “Easy” skill level setting.
This will help you get a handle on the basics.

Choose Muhammad Ali as your boxer. He’s the fastest of
all the fighters, and using him makes it easier to the
learn combos and defensive maneuvers.

Turn the Defense Coach “On” to learn the basics of when
to dodge/block.

Dodge early, and dodge often. Boxing isn’t only about punching;
you have got to bob and weave to be successful. Don’t wait until
you are already losing the round/fight to begin thinking about
defending yourself.

Keep your block up. Your fighter can only take so much punishment.

Power & Health:
Watch the Power Meter, and take time to learn and utilize the
devastating power punches.

Understand the Health Meter. When your health meter is low
towards the end of the round, do not be afraid to back up and
dodge. Your health will recover between rounds.

Use your jab to work over your opponent. Follow up with a
cross to unleash a successful combination.

Power Punches do a lot of damage when landed, but make sure
you have an opening to unleash one of these. They take a long
time to throw, and can leave you very vulnerable.

Go for the Knockout. You earn the most points in Single Player
by Knocking Out your opponent early in the fight. The Early
Round KO bonus is the biggest bonus available.

Advanced Tactics:
Go straight for the center of the ring at the beginning of a

This allows more room to operate, and helps you avoid getting
backed into a corner.

Be sure to defend and dodge. Slugging it out toe to toe with
your opponent will end with you kissing the canvas.

Try to corner your opponent. Punches are landed easier when
you have your opponent backed up against the ropes.

Mix up your punches. Punch high (to the head) and transition
quickly to low (to the body). To do this, hold down the [D]
key, and immediately after pressing [D] hold down the [S] key
or [Space Bar].

Don’t throw the same punches and combos over and over again.
This won’t work against opponents on the medium and hard
difficulty settings.

String together combos and punches. Boxing is about rhythm
and timing.

Try some of these linked punches to execute specific series
quicker and with more damage. (These can be executed as simply
as only the first two punches or up to the full four.)

Jab > Jab > Uppercut
Jab > Cross > Body Hook
Jab > Hook > Uppercut
Jab -> Cross -> Hook -> Uppercut
Cross > Jab > Body Uppercut
Cross > Cross > Jab
Hook > Uppercut > Hook
Body Cross > Body Cross > Body Jab
Body Jab > Body Cross > Body Hook > Body Uppercut

Manage the Power Meter. Throw single (1 bar) power punches,
or wait and build up more power to execute even bigger more
powerful punches.

Utilize the push to keep your distance from your opponent.
This is very useful when you are backed down into the corner,
or you think that your opponent may be ready to throw his
specialty punch.

Keep your guard up, even if you think that your opponent
is out of range. You never know when he might unleash a
lunging blow.

Blocking low is key, but remember that you can still be
hit by high punches or an uppercut.

Pace yourself. You can’t go toe-to-toe an entire fight.

Chapter Knockout Kings Web Boxing – Tricks, Strategies,Guide, Cheats, Tips and Secrets


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