Little Fighter 2 – Tricks, Strategies,Guide, Cheats, Tips and Secrets
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Little Fighter 2 – Tricks, Strategies,Guide, Cheats, Tips and Secrets

Synopsis Little Fighter 2 – Tricks, Strategies,Guide, Cheats, Tips and Secrets

Little Fighter 2

Function Keys
F1: Pause
F2: Pause/Step
F3: Function Keys Locked (F6,F7,F8,F9)
F4: Restart
F5: Turn off the frame control timer (for performance
F6: Unlimited MP
F7: Recover
F8: Drop some weapons from the sky
F9: Destroy all weapons
ESC: Quit

Template, Bandit and Hunter do not have special moves.

(‘D’ means Defend button, ‘A’ means Attack button, ‘J’ means
Jump button) (‘>’, ‘^’, ‘v’ means the arrow buttons)
You can setup the Key Configuration by choosing OPTION in the
main menu.

1.Energy Blast (15mp)
  Input method: D + > + A
2.Heal (others) (70mp)
  Input method: D + ^ + J
3.Energy Shield: (20mp)
  Input method: D + > + J
4.Energy Disk: (50mp)
  Input method: D + ^ + A
5.Heal (myself): (70mp)
  Input method: D + v + J

1.Energy Blast (15mp)
  Input method: D + > + A  ( + A + A…)
2.Strike (15mp)
  Input method: D + v + A
3.Leap Attack: (15mp)
  Input method: D + ^ + J + A
4.Leap Attack2: (15mp)
  Input method: Strike + J + A
5.Dashing Strafe: (30mp)
  Input method: D + > + J

1.Dragon Palm (30mp)
  Input method: D + > + A
2.Multiple Shot (30mp)
  Input method: D + J + A  ( + A + A…)
2.Critical Shot (40mp)
  Input method: D + > + J
2.Sonata of the Death (70mp)
  Input method: D + ^ + J

1.Leap Attack: (0mp)
  Input method: D + > + J
2.Multiple Ninja Star: (20mp)
  Input method: D + > + A  ( + A + A…)
2.Transform (30mp)
  Input method: Gripping Other + D +
J + A
3.Hide (70mp)
  Input method: D + ^ + J
4.Double (70mp)
  Input method: D + v + J

1.Thunder Punch (10mp)
  Input method: Run + A
2.Thunder Punch (15mp)
  Input method: Run + J +  A
3.Thunder Kick (10mp)
  Input method: D + > + J
4.Whirlwind Throw (15mp)
  Input method: D + ^ + J
5.Phoenix Palm (30mp)
  Input method: D + > + A

1.Fire Ball (15mp)
  Input method: D + > + A  ( + A + A…)
2. Blaze (15mp +…)
  Input method: D + > + J
3. Inferno (30mp +…)
  Input method: D + v + J
4. Explosion (60mp + 8hp)
  Input method: D + ^ + J

1.Ice Blast (20mp)
  Input method: D + > + A
2. Sommon Sword (30mp)
  Input method: D + v + J
3. Icicle (30mp)
  Input method: D + > + J
4. Whirlwind (60mp)
  Input method: D + ^ + J

1.Energy Blast (10mp)
  Input method: D + > + A  ( + A + A…)
2.Shrafe (15mp)
  Input method: D + v + A
3.Whirlwind Kick (15mp + …)
  Input method: D + > + J
4.Chasing Blast (20mp)
  Input method: D + ^ + A

1.Flip Kick (0mp)
  Input method: D + ^ + A
2.Turning Kick (10mp)
  Input method: D + v + A
3.Teleport (10mp)
  Input method: D + ^ + J (to
enemy)   /   D + v + J (to friend)
4.Energy Blast (25mp)
  Input method: D + > + A
5.Tiger Dash (40mp)
  Input method: D + > + J

1.Leap Attack (5mp)
  Input method: D + ^ + J + A
2.Energy Blast (10mp)
  Input method: D + > + A  ( + A + A…)
3.Shrafe (20mp)
  Input method: D + v + A
4.Dragon Punch (40mp)
  Input method: D + ^ + A

1.Crash Punch (0mp)
  Input method: D + > + A (+
2.Body Attack (0mp + …)
  Input method: D + > + J

Go into stage mode or championship etc and before you choose your
type in lf2.net and you will have firzen, bat, sorceror, all the characters
EVEN THE BIG BOSS YOU VERSE AT THE END! You can also play a new difficulty
“CRASY!” this cheat will work on any mode(championship. stage

-How to morph LoisEx?
You must have 1/3 hp left and then press defense,jump,attack
So,now should me LoisEx if you did press right buttons.

-How to get all the SECRET CHARACTERs???
For example you want to get Firzen, First double click lf2_v171 (the
then double click Data and swap the file name with the one you want For
TEMPLATE you change the name to Firzenn with a extra letter behind as
cannot have two data with the same name than change the actual folder
firzen to TEMPLATE than delete the extra letter from the folder. Then you

will get Firzen. You can try on every character using this code.

Get freeze and firen down to 1/4 of their health.Then make them run
each other if you did it right there will be an arctic volcanoe and
will appear and freeze and firen will disappear, or you could just type
lf2.net in one of the menus and be able to choose anty character you want

from the start.

Submitted by: owen crind

To get firzenx play with julian and firzen at 1/2 health run into eachother

there will be a giant purple and red explosion and youll have a guy with to

lasers red eyes and a green helmet on.i will get you his special attacks as

soon as i figure them out.

Moves for Firzen:
Submitted by: Dustin

Z is Defend , X is Jump, C is attack <> ^ . = movement
Fire Beam Z > C
Fire/Ice Explosion Z ^ X
Homing Fire Z ^ C
Tested it out and everything..

Dark Julian:
Play with julian and louisex.When left with half life.Run into each other
Greenish puple explosion will appear.Dark Julian shold have 2 axes and

Submitted by: B15H2003

To get Firzen run Firen & Freeze at the start and there should be an
volcano and Firzen will appear.

Submitted by: sravan & varun

You see the below cheats first. then you will see lf2.net is there, now in

any mode you take julian and play, then use soul bomb which is his
power. Remember it will work only in version 1.9.

How to make Julian to multiply?:
Submitted by: Spil

First double clik lf2_v1.71(thefolder)then double click Data and swap the
name of deep to juliann then change the file of the real julian with deep
delete the extra leter from juliann Nwo when you play the game with julian

instead of deep u should prees run+j(+j…) and julian should multiply to

Submitted by: Andrew

Take Justin and Bat when your life run 1/4 and your get a guy whit red mask

and to sword….it work one 100%..:-)

Submitted by: Shitiz

* If you have to grab your opponent, go close to him/her and press the
  button(left or right) in which the
opponent is than press action button and
  it will grab him/her.

* When you have transformed Rudolf , do not drink the bottle full just
  it less then it will turn back into
Rudolf . After that use double and then
  do not grab any one just press
action jump and defend button then all three
  Rudolf will transform.

Submitted by: khoi

Get rudolph and another person on the same team. when u start the game, get

rudolph to hold ur teammate and start multiplying him/her. u will
get a lot of teammates..

Submitted by: varenya

1.Energy Blast (10mp)
Input method: D + > + A
2.Flash Kick (25mp)
Input method: D + ^ + A

1.Ice Blast (25mp)
Input method: D + > + J
2.Fire Ball (15mp)
Input method: D + > + A ( + A + A…)
3.Heal (others) (70mp)
Input method: D + ^ + J
4.Heal (myself): (70mp)
Input method: D + v + J

1.ShaoLin Palm (20mp)
Input method: D + > + A

1.Devil’s Judgement (30mp)
Input method: D + ^ + A
2.Angel’s Blessing (40mp)
Input method: D + ^ + J

No special moves.

1.Wolf Punch (15mp)
Input method: D + v + A ( + A…)
2.Energy Blast (15mp)
Input method: D + > + A

1.Speed Punch (10mp)
Input method: D + > + J
2.Eye Laser (25mp)
Input method: D + > + A
3.Sommon Bats (40mp)
Input method: D + ^ + J

1.Soul Punch (0mp)
Input method: Run + A
2.Uppercut (0mp)
Input method: D + ^ + A ( + A)
3.Skull Blast (2mp + …)
Input method: D + > + A ( + A…)
4.Mirror Image (5mp)
Input method: D + J + A ( + J…)
5.Big Bang (20mp)
Input method: D + ^ + J
6.Soul Bomb (25mp)
Input method: D + > + J

1.Firzen Cannon (5mp +…)
Input method: D + > + J
2.Overwhelming Disaster (20mp)
Input method: D + ^ + A ( + A + A…)
3.Arctic Volcano (50mp)
Input method: D + ^ + J

To elimmate your friend:
Submitted by: clayton

Your freind has to be firen you have to be rudulf and your enemy has to be

freeze. You transform into freeze then fuze with firen to become fritzen

then press turn back into rudulf and now firen is elimenated.


First go to the file of little fighter 2 . then go to the data and now copy

the file of {Julian_ball2} and paste it there .and rename that copyed file

to deep_ball. before writing deep_ball delete the origenal file . And you

will got the power of the julian which is the main bose of 5th level .


If you want to become any character:
Submitted by: Christopher.Bellarmine

you want -First go to any section{VS MODEetc}Then Type any character you

want but don’t type any single character which do not belong to little

fighter eg.james bond etc.If you dont know anyone go to little fighter.com

and search for any character.After you type a name and select and there it

is you have the character you want.I don’t know any of his special
I’ll let you know when I find out.If you are tired of waitingjust try

clicking some buttons maybe you would find out.

Hint for  Little Fighter 2.5:
Submitted by: littlefighterpro

text: If you want to 4x the power of a player, change the controls and make

them exactly all the same.So evertime you hit it does 4 times the
Also K.O. a player the fastest is to set 3 of the controls exactly the
then at the character selection page type in lf2.net and chose LouisEX he

will hit a player and they’ll never fall down, so you can keep hitting the

opponent until they lose all their life.

All characters:
Use a text editor to edit the “data.txt” file in the
“/program/data” folder
in the game directory. It should be similar to the following.

id: 0 type: 0 file: data\template.dat
id: 52 type: 0 file: data\julian.dat
id: 51 type: 0 file: data\firzen.dat
id: 50 type: 0 file: data\louisEX.dat
id: 38 type: 0 file: data\bat.dat
id: 39 type: 0 file: data\justin.dat
id: 37 type: 0 file: data\knight.dat
id: 36 type: 0 file: data\jan.dat
id: 35 type: 0 file: data\monk.dat
id: 34 type: 0 file: data\sorcerer.dat
id: 33 type: 0 file: data\jack.dat
id: 32 type: 0 file: data\mark.dat
id: 31 type: 0 file: data\hunter.dat
id: 30 type: 0 file: data\bandit.dat
id: 1 type: 0 file: data\deep.dat
id: 2 type: 0 file: data\john.dat
id: 4 type: 0 file: data\henry.dat
id: 5 type: 0 file: data\rudolf.dat
id: 6 type: 0 file: data\louis.dat
id: 7 type: 0 file: data\firen.dat
id: 8 type: 0 file: data\freeze.dat
id: 9 type: 0 file: data\dennis.dat
id: 10 type: 0 file: data\woody.dat
id: 11 type: 0 file: data\davis.dat

Add the following lines to the file,
under the “id: 11 type: 0 file: data\davis.dat” line.

id: 12 type: 0 file: data\louisEX.dat
id: 13 type: 0 file: data\knight.dat
id: 14 type: 0 file: data\bandit.dat
id: 15 type: 0 file: data\hunter.dat
id: 16 type: 0 file: data\mark.dat
id: 17 type: 0 file: data\jack.dat
id: 18 type: 0 file: data\sorcerer.dat
id: 19 type: 0 file: data\monk.dat
id: 20 type: 0 file: data\jan.dat
id: 21 type: 0 file: data\firzen.dat
id: 22 type: 0 file: data\justin.dat
id: 23 type: 0 file: data\bat.dat
id: 24 type: 0 file: data\julian.dat

Save the file, and the next time you load the game you can choose any of

the new characters.

John: Defense combo:
Press [Defend] + [Right] + [Jump].

Julian: Teleport:
Press Defense, Jump, Attack or Run and press Defend to teleport.

Rudolf: Split Strike:
Enable the “Unlimited mana” code and split as much as possible
using Rudolf’s
Split Strike. When the entire screen is full of Rudolfs, you will be

Rudolf: Transform and duplicate into your enemy:
Grab your enemy by hitting him a few times until he wobbles. Then, do the

transform move ([Attack] + [Jump] + [Defend]). Transform back into Rudolf
duplicate yourself. Then, transform back into the enemy. Your duplicates
also all transform. Note: This trick does not work on the gangsters (men
red bandannas) in stage mode.

Reinforced version:
If you have the Reinforced version of the game, all characters will be
and your “Template” character will be invincible and have more
than twelve super

Submitted by: Da chEatEr

To unlock all characters:At the start of the main menu…. when u clik the
“start game”
button….. it will be loadin when its loading type “lf2.net” and
when u start the game
all of the characters will be unlocked!!! :>

Submitted by: kris

To get mega julian go to 2 on 2 championship mode and and select julian as
your charicter
and firzen and when you onlyhave 1 hit to go untill your dead run into
eachother and you
will see a black and red with lightning explosion and you will see mega
julian with a
flame sword and a diamond on his head and the speacial moves are

flame portal     = 4+5+6+7
mega bomb        = f+g+h+j
lightning strike = e+x+p

Increased Attack:
To create a really strong, consistent attack, head to your game’s data.txt
Make a copy of firen_ball.dat. Then, change bat_ball.dat to bat_ballz.dat.

Following that, change firen_ball.dat copy to bat_ball.dat.

Submitted by: Cj

Get Freeze At 33% Heath And Firen At 33% health and run into each

Or do the template thing were you change the file names.
You can also do that for attacks.

little fighter 2.5:
Submitted by: rhett

i’ve discovered some extra moves on firzen
1.homing missiles block,up,attack
2.super freeze block,jump,attack,(this does increadable damage)
3.fire dragon block,left or right,attack
4.beam attack block,left or right,jump
5.sword of fire block,up,attack
6.explosive elements block,up,jump well hope u own ur freinds now
(cus frinzens the best

Getting Firzen without joining Firen and Freeze:
Enter the data folder in the game directory. Move the
“template.dat” file into a
new folder for safekeeping. Go back to the “data” folder and find
the “firzen.dat”
and rename it to “template.dat”. Begin the game and select your
Firzen at the
selection menu.

Frizen: combos:
Press [Jump] + [Defend] + [Up] for a big explosion,
Press [Jump] + [Defend] + [Left] or [Right] to make an energy punch.
Press [Attack] + [Defend] + [Up] for small explosions.

Unlimited characters:
Play as Rudolf vs. Julian (or any other character). Have Rudolf grab Julian
use the transform technique ([Attack] + [Jump] + [Defend]). Then clone lots
Julians to get an army of them. Note: Use the “Unlimited mana”

Too many objects:
In the Reinforced version, there are limits. If you use Firzen and try to
do his
“Overwhelming Disaster” move repeatedly, the limit will be
reached and you will
shoot nothing. If Rudolf keeps using “Double” and the limit is
reached, you cannot
do any moves using objects like Julian’s “Soul Bomb” or Firzen’s
“Polar Volcano”,
etc. If a move does not require objects, it is still possible to attack
him, like
Henry’s “Sonata”.

Freeze: Ice Blade combo:
This is one of the strongest swords to make a combo hit. It can hit over
enemies straight out and freeze them into ice when they touched this sword.

To do this combo, jump and press [Attack] when the enemies dash out from
front screen. They will all turn into ice, as if the ally got freeze. Other

allies will also turn into ice if they touch them. Also, when enemies uses
long ranged bomb attacks, you can reflect them by slashing on the bomb.

It will turn into Freeze’s ice bomb and return to attack the enemies.

How to morph LoisEx?
You must have 1/3 hp left and then press defense, jump, attack together.

So, now should me LoisEx if you did press right buttons.

Unlock the rest of the characters:
Go to vs.mode,stage mode etc. before you choose your character type in
and you will have Mark, Jack, Sorcerer, Justin, Knight, Monk, Jan, Bat,
Firzen, Hunter, Bandit and Julian, yes even the Big Boss.

Submitted by: andre

heres a cool cheat. get any naruto pic on google then copy it. then go on

my computer”.go on local disk then program files and look for the file
that say
“littlefighter2”.now go on the one file that u see then go on
“sprite”.after that
go on sys and u will see all of the pictures.pic the person u want to be
the pic of the character u want to be naruto take most of the pic that r
there and
replace it with the naruto pic and ur done.

Submitted by: mejltillsimon

You got to be freeze your enemy most be davis when he do energy bals you
have a ice sword jump before they hit you you jump and attack it will be a
of ice bals on him.

Submitted by: stefan jensen

First you do the fire run with firen or the tornado with freeze and youl
keep pressing F7. as long as you keep pressing F7 the tornado/fire will
being there.

Submitted by: Knight

Little fighter 2.5
press attack+defend+jump when you play as dennis.there you go with a
superb attack.press attack+defend+jump when you play as firen,and firen
take a sword which highly powerful.when you play as dao press
or attack,up,defend to create a shadow like creature which attacks your
For more moves contact me at okneraj@gmail.com. i will inform you more
for many characters such as volt,voltR,tera,batEX and many.bye

Submitted by: jacky

type ‘lf2.net’ when you are on the characters screen and you will have all
of the
characters there is. cool aye?

Submitted by: CLofas

Freeze Sword Combo: There must be 2 players both being freeze. Your enemy
can be
anyone. So the players both make ice swords.(D+J+down)freeze your enemy
with your
sword jumping and throw. Use the other player to throw the sword then use
the first
player to throw it again. If you keep throwing it,your enemy must be

Submitted by: LF fan

To make Louis thunder kick stronger,you must have many computer enemies,
then you
use it and you will see that Louis is hanging on kicking.Note:Apply it on
mode or stage mode.

Defeating Rudolf clones:
When Rudolf sends out too many clones, you can fight back
with almost any character and possibly win.

Henry    – Multi-shot, Flame Arrows
(if they are lined up).
Rudolf   – Multi-ninja stars, more
clones (if you have time).
Bat      – Swarm of bats
Davis    – Dash Punch and Multi-Blast

Firen    – Fire Run and Flame Balls

Freeze   – Whirlwind, Ice Ball, throw
ice sword from the air.
John     – Shoot biscuits towards the
middle of the army.
Louis    – Use Thunder Punch or
change into LouisEX quickly
LouisEX  – Multi Phoenix Palm
Sorcerer – Fire/Ice Blasts

Moves of louisEX:
Submitted by: LIGHTNING LADE

Splash: >+A
Running Splash: run+a
Spinning axe  :

Strongest Attack:
Submitted by: Mikel
Email : MikelHajjar@Hotmail.com

First be bat in stage mode with 7 julians be on crazy mode. then when you
fight bat
he has 32 or something like that people punch him three times and do summon
bats on
hom Note you really have to be near him then he would be bluddy use it on
bat 2 times
use it on julian 6 times do it on firzen 3 times when i was fighting julian
he had 103
people i used summon bats and over 39 people were killed.

Turn Rudolph into Freeze/Firen Permenently:
Submitted by: IceFlame

First, chose Rudolph one 1 team along with Firen or Freeze, and then the
opposite of
what you chose on another team singular. (Make sure you are in control of
all the people
the first time you do it, as it’s a little hard to pull off, NOTE: If you
want this to
work properly, make Rudolph’s teammate in a slot past Rudolph and his enemy
behind him,
alternatively, if you want lots of firzen clones, do it the opposite way
around) If you
want it to go quicker/easier also type in lf2.net in the character screen
but don’t use
any of the hidden characters. No computers, just Rudolph, Freeze and Firen.
Ok, once your
into the game, use rudolph to attack the Freeze/Firen on the other team and
then transform
into them (Grab using Def when they are cringing and then Def, Jump, Attack
to transform),
now get the new Freeze/Firen (Rudolph) to run into the other teammate (that
is; both
running) and making a firzen, now when you tranform back, Rudolph will be
stuck as freeze
permenently even after finishing the game and going back to the character
Alternatively, if you placed rudolph in front of his teammate in the
character screen, you
will turn into firzen and firen will disappear and then you are able to,
instead of
splitting back into firen and freeze transform into rudolph, make some
clones then transform
back and all of your clones will be firzen. Note: After the first time,
there is no need
to grab people to transform, you can switch between characters at will by

pressing Def, Jump, then Attack. Enjoy!

Submitted by: Yohit

First make a copy of rudolf_weapon and paste it somewhere,next do the same
julian_ball2&rename julian_ball2 as rudolf_weapon.You have a
super-powered rudolf.
Go check it out.

How to swap louis for louisEX:
Submitted by: Elfvin

Its easy, go to the local disk, then click on littlefighter2, then go to
the data place.
Find the file name ” louis” and “louisEX”. Copy these
files to another place, swap their
names over and replace these files with their old ones. THen u get louisEX
instead of
louis… Smart aye? XD

Davis tips:
Submitted by: tinyfighters

* Use infinite MP (F6) and you need 2 davis. One does dragon punch and the
other does
  dragon punch when he almost falls.

* When davis finishes a set of punches and knocks the enemy up, quickly
press jump+attack
  and he will slam the enemy back to
the floor.

* After you use shrafe, do dragon punch when he knocks enemy into the air.
It does a lot
  of damage, and it might drain half
of the enemy’s HP.

* When you blast energy balls, do them close up. The enemy has a less
chance of defending

* Davis run-attack is good if there is more than 1 person fighting

Template characters:
Change the name of the rudolf_weapon.dat file to julian_ball2.dat and
Then, play as Rudolf and throw some shurikens. They will now be Julian’s,
with purple
stuff over their head. They will also be very powerful. Note: This will
make Julian
shoot harmless shurikens and leave behind weak shurikens that will harm
everyone who
touches them. Also, this leaves a shadow that does not disappear until end
of the round.

Change characters:
Submitted by: Firzen

Go to the drive where LF2 is located, then go to spirtes, after that go to
Now chose someone that you want to change. EG Rudolf. And I want him to
change into…
Bandit.(Rudolf WON’T have bandit’s moves) Now take out Rudolf onto you
desktop. Now look
for bandits pic. Change the name(nothing else) to rudolf(not with capital).
Find Rudolf’s
preview and get it on the desktop too. Finally change Bandit’s preview to
name to rudolf
(eg bandit_l.bmp= rudolf_l.bmp) then change rudolfs real one to bandits and
stick it back
in. Viola! it has an icon and face(UGLY!!) to the bandits

How to enable function keys in stage mode:
Submitted by: Joel

If you cannot use the function keys(f6,f7,f8),here is a simple way how to
enable them.
First you must go through this link-www.lf2.co.il.As soon as everything is
visible look
at the left and you will see a UK flag.Click it and the language will
change to english.
Go to the download section and you will see these-recommended
versions,leisure versions,
recommended programs,fighters,weapons and backgrounds.Click on the
recommended programs
selection and you may see this first-Hamachi.Go to the bottom and you will
see this-LF2
Ultimate Patcher.Select the Click here button to download it.As soon as the
download is
complete it will open in your WINRAR. Select the LF2 Ultimate Patcher and
it will open.
Once you havo opened it click the ‘open’ button and search for your little
fighter 2,and
once you have finished searching for it click the shortcut for playing the
game and the
ultimate patcher will allow you to enable function keys in stage mode.To do
this,you must
tick the ‘enable cheats in stage mode’.Then you will be able to use the
function keys in
stage mode.You can also tick the ‘all characters are open at startup’ and
other options.
Remember that this will only work only in v1.9 and v1.9c.I tried to do it
on my v2.0 but
it was written that it only supports v1.9 or v1.9c.You can also download
weapons and more from the download section and more.

Author new game code:
Submitted by: Shadow

At the title page of lf2, type herofighter.com and from now on you can
activate codes
like F6,F7 and other in survival and stage mode! Enjoy! 🙂 P.S go to
and download herofighter,be sure this game RULE!!!

How to use Julian in LF2 ?:
Submitted by: Ang Wen Yang

First, when you double – click LF2, you click start game right? When you
click it,
and when it is loading the data, type “www.wlf2.net” when it is
loading then you
click any mode, you can use Julian, Firzen, bandit, socserer, bandit, mark,
jack, justin, and some other characters.

Unlimited MP and restore health in Stage mode:
When you reach the main menu, type herofighter.com to unlock the [F6],
[F7], [F8]
and [F9] keys during Stage mode, Championship mode and Battle mode.
A sound will confirm correct code entry.

Template characters:
This trick allows you to change template to characters like Firzen, Julian,
and even Knight. Create a new folder in the “Data” folder. Then,
copy the original
“template.dat” file in the folder. Next, copy another data for
the desired character
(for example, “julian.dat”) and rename it to “:template.dat”.
After you have do so,
you will have two Julian datas. You can do this as many times as desired to
into the different characters.

Change firzen_ball.dat to john_biscuit.dat and john_biscuit.dat to firzen_ball.dat.
Once this is done, play as Firzen and press [Defend], [Left] or [Right] and
If done correctly, Firzen should be shooting John’s purple homing biscuits.

Note: This will make John shoot one of Firzen’s yellow stuff when you try
do a biscuit.

Davis and Woody trick:
Submitted by: lf2 fan

in lf2 kate go to the vs mod,choose Davis/Woody and choose your opponent
do the ball with both of them.It should hit each other and shields will pop

Explosion with strong characters:
Submitted by: Rishir Kalepu

When you play with strong characters, such as Julian, John, Monk, Louis,
LouisEX or
any other character that can launch a powerful energy attack (they shout
“HA’); time
them to attach each other at the same time to cause an explosion of
the character near the explosion will be seriously hit. EXAMPLE: Julian
fires an
energy ball and the monk does a phoenix palm on the energy balls direction,
it will
cause a spell explosion in which anybody NEAR the explosion will be
critically hit.
Characters which can be used for this (and their respective attacks for the
John  : Energy Shield
Firzen: Fire Beam
Henry : Dragon Palm
Louis : Phoenix Palm
Monk  : Shaolin Palm
Julian: Soul Bomb

Chapter Little Fighter 2 – Tricks, Strategies,Guide, Cheats, Tips and Secrets


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