Luvocious – Tricks, Strategies,Guide, Cheats, Tips and Secrets
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Luvocious – Tricks, Strategies,Guide, Cheats, Tips and Secrets

Synopsis Luvocious – Tricks, Strategies,Guide, Cheats, Tips and Secrets


Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Written by Syu-Syu

Are you lost and don’t know how to navigate the game? Click here and I’ll
show you!

-=The Start of the Adventure!=-
At the very start of your journey, you will play as a black cat named
Velvet. It is highly
suggested that you actually do the tutorial as it will help you to figure
out how to play.
If you skip it and are confused, that is on you. It also allows for bonus
equipment and
boosting of stats for later on in the game.

You’ll start out in the Land That Time Forgot and will be getting into a
fight with a
“Jerk-O-Lantern.” Once you defeat him, you will obtain a
refreshing beverage which is a
healing item that will featured in all three eras accross the game.

You now have the choice of three different eras. Modern, Fantasy, and
Futuristic. Which
one you choose is completely up to you and beating one, makes it easier to
progress in
the next one. Beat all three to unlock the forth era and finish the

-=Modern Era=-
You start out in this era as Alte, waking up from a dream. This era is
pretty simple and
what you do while you play it is completely up to you for the most part.
You can defeat
thugs for money which you can use to buy ingredients for cooking or other
items which in
turn can help boost your stats or help you progress through the game
quicker. You can
listen to music, interact with objects throughout the game and talk to npcs
every day of
the week to learn more about them. Check in on your emails updated
periodically to find
out more about the world, as this portion of the game won’t blatantly tell
you about
certain characters. You have to be very explorative and observant to figure
out the full
story. So what you do and how well you experience this portion is all up to

Now in order to get to saturday and beat modern, here is what to do:

Way 1
Leave your apartment and go directly to the school building and talk to
You will then obtain a quest to obtain your Student I.D.
Talk to Bastian somewhere to the left of the school building and have him
join your party.
Talk to Charice in the oriental district and have her join your party.

Go to the vending machine and obtain the Student. I.D.
Kill thugs or sell items to get enough money for it.
Go back to your apartment and go to sleep.

Way 2
Leave your apartment and obtain money by killing thugs or selling items and
obtain your
Student I.D. at a vending machine.
Talk to Velfie at the school with your Student I.D., which will trigger a
cutscene then way one.
Go back to your apartment and go to sleep.

Things to note:
You can add Bastian and Charice to your party any day of the week except
so make sure to obtain them to make things easier for you.

There will be an NPC named Oscar who will give you free items if you do not
have any
of said item.

Oscar Sunday: Refreshing Beverage.
Rest is a mystery.

Leave your apartment and take the red car to school or walk to school
Sit in your chair in class to intiate schooling.
Go back to your apartment and go to sleep.

Leave your apartment and take the red car to school or walk to school
Go to Fukugen and work your shift as a chef/waiter. Cook and serve all
Three Cooked Meals, One Big Beef Sammich, 2 Omlettes.
Serve to the correct guests after cooking for them.
Obtain Indregients off of the shelf during your shift or purchase at the
vending machine.
Get paid for working by talking to your boss and then go back home and go
to sleep.

Leave your apartment and go to school.
Visit Fukugen and talk to your friends.
Depending your choices, you can obtain a point in the event for the next
day towards
the person you like.
Return home and go to sleep.

Leave your apartment and enjoy the festival! *You won’t be able to return
until you
finished the festival so go ahead and enjoy while it lasts.*
You now have the option of dating one of three people. You can score points
with them
by talking to them, giving them gifts or intiating the secret action. You
can learn
more about the characters throughout the dialogue actions and sometimes
they don’t
give you points.
First person who you obtain three points with, becomes your lover.
The music will change depending on who you pick.
Strengthen your bonds with the other two remaining characters by obtaining
3 points
with them.
Return home and go to bed.

Leave your apartment and take the red car to school or walk there.
Return home and cook three cooked meals for your friends who are visiting
After their departure go to bed.

Do anything you want this whole day, as it’s a free day.
Go to bed to finish Modern era.

-=Fantasy Era=-
You start this era out as Princess Yuki of Castle Almachia. She is about to
go to
her wedding, so it makes sense that as a Princess of a kingdom, that you
start out
by heading straight to the inside of a guarded castle. Feel free to explore
and talk to npcs. Depending on the area you are in within Alcornagia,

the enemies will change and the music will be different.

Important thing to note: If you cannot beat anything in this era, as you
find it
too challenging or too hard, simply grind around Alcornagia and grow
 then try at it again later when you
have improved.

*You can upgrade at the Town of Eternity at most times found in the
 part of Alcornagia.
*Leaving the town in different directions, makes you end up on different
places of the map.

Another Important thing to note: If you already finished the Futuristic
Era, then the
puzzles requiring switches will already be finished and vice versa for
Futuristic Era
if you finished Fantasy first.

-=Part 1: Almachia=-
Go to the castle, talk to your fiance.
Obtain the Remedy at the item shop.
Go back inside the castle.
Walk up to Yuki after events.

-=Part 2: Ice Slime King/ Fire Slime King. *Do these in any order you wish.=-
Ice Slime King

Exit Grenda in any direction you wish.
Travel east into the lightning/dark spooky area and avoid fighting the high
level enemies
and go north past the castle with poison surrounding it.
Travel up the slim snowy path and reach the Ice Slime King lair to the far
north corner
of the path.
Navigate your way through the dungeon and intiate the battle with the Slime
and defeat him.
Obtain the frozen stone and continue to the next Slime King Lair or go to
Town of Eternity.

Fire Slime King

Exit Grenda in any direction you wish.
Travel west to the sandy area near where you started and keep going west
until you find
a glowing flame that indicates the Fire Slime King Lair.
Obtain your final party member.
Do the puzzle to obtain the hammer and smash the blocks out of your path to
to the Fire Slime King.
Defeat the Fire Slime King and obtain the burning stone.
Go to the Ice Slime King if you haven’t yet.

-=Part 3: Town of Eternity=-

Travel to the Town of Eternity to trigger a big cutscene.
Optional: Purchase a picaxe to enable mining in the Lightning Slime King

Part 4: Wind Slime King Lair

Go north west past the Goddess Statue and past the Wingor Creek and follow
a path
past a secret minotaur boss to reach the Wind Slime King lair.
Go through the portal and figure out the puzzle.
Escape through the well and hit the switch.
Run all the way back to the entrace and go through the portal and then go
to the
Wind Slime King Lair and defeat the boss.
Obtain the howling stone and use it on the blocks to escape.
Go to the well and proceed to the next part.

-=Part 5: Lightning Slime King Lair=-
Travel east to the spooky lightning place again and use your previously obtained
to obliterate the object blocking your path. Optional: Interact with some
rocks on the
ground whilst having a picaxe in your inventory to obtain rare minerals to
be crafted
in the weapon/armor shop in the Town of Eternity.
Navigate through the Lightning Slime King Lair and find and defeat the
Lightning Slime
King, obtain the thunder stone.
Back track and exit the Lightning Slime King Lair and head south east
towards the
Shundra Kingdom.

-=Part 6: The Shundra Kingdom=-
Enter the Shundra Kingdom with all your obtained stones by passing through
the portal.
Get through all the events and travel to the back side of Almachia or:
Optional: Finish
off some remaining side quests or kill remaining open-world enemies.
Upgrade your equipment and/or explore for some hidden treasure.
Once you’ve reached Almachia, you will be thrust into a long cutscene and
be brought
into the final part.

-=Part 7: Enigma=-
Go directly to the final boss and trigger the last cutscene.
Finish the Fantasy Era and proceed to the next one.

-=Futuristic Era
In this Era, you play as the last surviving member of the S.S. Aero.
Captain Sen. It is
very important in this era to not only grind, but to choose your fights
wisely. At the
start of this era, you are mean’t to run straight towards the facility as
soon as possible.
If you run into a giant bird, you are screwed and there is no way to beat
it at the start
of the game, so just run. The main goal of the Futuristic era is to obtain
surrounded all around the era in different areas. If you see something shiny
on the ground,
you simply pick it up with the action button.

-=First Act:=-
Head straight north from your ship and run towards the base as soon as
possible. *If you
started the game with the Futuristic Era, then being within the confines of
the base
provides a safe-heaven and monsters won’t attack you while inside the
walls. If you beat
Fantasy first, then you will have to fight monsters witin the walls and it
won’t matter.
Head inside the research lab, It’s the building with an obvious looking
Go into the resting facility and talk to the purple haired guy named Epeo.

Leave the resting facility and go to an orange haired lady named Celestra
and trigger
the cutscene.
Go back to the resting facility and have Epeo join your party.

-=Second Act:=-
Pick up as many manuscripts within the safety of the facility as possible.

Choose your fights wisely outside to grind and obtain Space Tokens to sell
and obtain
money to upgrade. Optional: At 20 manuscript pages, talk to Celestra to
have her
join your party.

-=Third Act:=-
Step on all four switches to unlock access to the basement. *If you beat
Fantasy first,
all the switches will be pressed and you will have access to the basement
at any time.
Simply go down there and avoid ghosts while picking up Manuscript

-=Switches locations:=-
Red – Inside the confines of the base, outside to the west.
Green – Inside the airship dock.
Yellow – Inside the training room.
Blue – Inside the resting facility.

Go to the training room and press the dash button 20 times to intiate a
boss fight
with the golem and obtain the manuscript pages.
Be careful not to fight him too early as he will kill you if you are

-=Fourth Act:=-
Obtain all 50 manuscript pages and enter the main hall of the research
facility to
trigger the final boss cutscene.
Finish the Futuristic Era and proceed to the next Era.

-=Velvet’s Era=-
In this era you play as Velvet and are teamed up with the other three main
The final era and last playable arc is obtained through finishing the other
three first.
In modern, the money you obtain carries over into the next era,
unfortunately the other
era’s assets do not carry over. Also, whatever weapon you have equiped on
the main
character of that era last is carried over into the final portion of the
game so make
sure to upgrade and grind to your heart’s content.

After defeating all three eras, talk to the grim reaper that was found in
the start of
Balthus Requiem in Solenars Edge Rebirth.
After a lengthy cutscene that is shaped depending on your modern era
choices, you will
be able to traverse the final level. Optional: Explore for treasure.
Go either left or right and follow the pathes through tunnels and portals
that will
eventually lead you on top of the mountain which you can then trigger the
final boss.
After the boss fight, you will be greeted with credits.
Congratulations, you won!

If you’d like to continue the story of Alcornagia, then go play Solenars
Edge Rebirth
which continues the story of Luvocious: Fantasy as you will find out what
happened to
any other characters that remained and learn more about them as well as
more of the
world and etc.

Chapter Luvocious – Tricks, Strategies,Guide, Cheats, Tips and Secrets


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