Madden NFL 2006 – Tricks, Strategies,Guide, Cheats, Tips and Secrets
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Madden NFL 2006 – Tricks, Strategies,Guide, Cheats, Tips and Secrets

Synopsis Madden NFL 2006 – Tricks, Strategies,Guide, Cheats, Tips and Secrets

Madden NFL 2006

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by. DJNJ

From the Main Menu > Go to “My Madden”, Then Madden Cards and
select “madden Codes’ and enter the following Codes.

All stadiums                                               
– 555128
Classic teams                                              
– 614897
3rd Down (Opponent has 3 downs to get a 1st)                – Z28X8K
5th Down (Get 5 downs to get a 1st)                         – P66C4L
Bad Spot                                                   
– N44D6E
Bingo! (+75% defensive interceptions)                       – J33I8F
Coffin Corner                                              
– L96U8Z
Couch Potato                                               
– P39I7J
Da Bomb (infinite pass range)                               – B61A8M
Da Boot (infinite field goal range)                         – I76X3T
Extra Credit (Points for interceptions and sacks)           – M89S8G
First and Fifteen (Opponent must get 15 yards for 1st down) – V65J8P
First and Five (1st down yards set to 5)                    – O72E9B
Fumbilitis (Opponents fumbles +75%)                         – R14B8Z
Hands Of Glue                                              
– R18C5K
Hands Of Stone                                             
– W18R6P
Human Plow (Break tackle +75%)                              – L96J7P
– E53G8W
Lame Duck (Opponent lobs passes)                            – D57R5S
Mistake Free (No fumbles or interceptions)                  – X78P9Z
Mr. Mobility (QB cannot be sacked)                          – Y59R8R
– Z15F9Z
– T67X6R
– J83E9V
Pocket Protectors                                           –
QB On Target                                               
– E65S6M
Super Dive (Diving distance +75%)                           – D59K3Y
– H11X2G
Tight Fit (Opponents uprights narrow)                       – V34L6D
Time Out                                                   
– Q83L6Q
– Y68G7D
Unforced Errors (Opponent fumbles when jukes)               – L48G1E
Wind Gust                                                  
– P13Q7V
Worker’s Comp                                              
– H89Q4Y
Donovan McNabb Gold Card                                    –

Interview questions:
In NFL Superstar mode, make sure to choose your answers to interview
questions wisely. The answers will affect your personality type and
most endorsement companies want a player with a more conservative
personality type, such as “Team Leader” or

Pennants: Madden Cards:
Get a “Gold” in one of the following tasks to unlock the

  #3 – All-Madden Chase and Tackle
 #16 – All-Madden Pocket Presence
 #28 – All-Madden Coffin Corner
 #36 – All-Madden Ground Attack
 #40 – All-Madden Precision Passing
 #52 – All-Madden Swat Ball
 #58 – All-Madden Clutch Kicking
 #96 – All-Madden Trench Fight
#194 – Chase and Tackle drill
#195 – Ground Attack drill
#197 – Clutch Kicking drill
#199 – Swat Ball drill
#208 – Pocket Presence drill
#209 – Trench Fight drill
#210 – Precision Passing drill
#211 – Coffin Corner drill

Getting good players:
Submitted by: Haspa

Use the following trick to get a great team in franchise mode without a
salary cost. Start a new franchise. Pick a team. Do a fantasy draft and
all the worst players. Then, release all of them and make your team from

scratch, through create-a-player mode. Once done with the height, faces,
do not change the attributes. Save the player and sign him. Once you sign
go back to create-a-player. Select his name and change all his attributes
maximum. Repeat this until you have a stacked team. The reason that all the

worst players were selected is to keep you from having a high cap penalty

during the next season.
Note: This will take a few hours to complete.

NFL Superstar mode: Choosing an agent:
If you have a player whose personality rating is “Disruption”,
choose Jason Morales
as your agent. He can usually get you a movie deal before the first season
Stay away Aubrey DeLong. He is not a good negotiator and it takes forever
to get an

NFL Superstar mode: New apartment:
If you win a Super Bowl and are inducted to the Pro Bowl, you will move
into a new

NFL Superstar mode: Mansion:
Win the Super Bowl two times and get into the Pro Bowl each time.

NFL Superstar mode: Switching teams:
When you become a key player to a team, you can upgrade to an excellent
agent. Then,
after two seasons you can resign with almost any team you desire.

NFL Superstar mode: Easy practice points:
Create someone as a QB, then go into a practice and select a HB Swing. Have
defense do FG Block. When you say hike, lob the pass to your RB, He will
score a
touchdown for 48 points every time.

NFL Superstar mode: Increased stats:
You can get your Overall, Awareness and Stamina up in practice mode by
having your
superstar get practice points by getting a big gain on offense with your
or creating s big loss with your superstar on defense. You also can get
your stats
up by getting an agent that has the Performance Institute and get a medal
on it:
Bronze: 3 points
Silver: 4 points
Gold: 5 points
Note: Your stats are not permanent. They will be reset after each game. You
must do
the practices and Performance Institute again to get them back up.

NFL Superstar mode: Dominate on defense for WR and RB:
Because kickoff and punt returners are HB and WR as well as safeties and
CBs, when
you play in Superstar mode as a WR or HB instead of trying to return the
punt, try
tackling him before he makes the kick near their own goal line for safety.
It is only
two points, but when it is clutch time, it may mean a lot. In a normal
game, call a
punt return as if you are going for an all out goal line blitz play. Then
if your
HB or WR can sack the QB before he decides to throw, you can be that much
closer to
beat the NFL record for sacks. To gain monster yards for a HB in Superstar
mode, never
touch back on a long punt or kickoff unless your kick return stat is
hopeless or if
you fumble a lot (like muffling the catches). Also, after the interception
run as
far back as possible. If your HB is any good, then he can either keep
racking first
downs or run all the way up for TD (which is 99 yards if you step out of
bounds and
the ball is on your 1 yard line (not on the line or else it is a safety).
The other
way is to receive a pass, then run to the endzone.

NFL Superstar mode: Performance Institute:
The Performance Institute is only a temporary thing. However, the following
trick can
help you player achieve higher levels without sacrifice over the course of
his career.
First, during Spring Training hold off on using the Performance Institute
until sunday.
On Sunday, do the Performance Institute drills. Once the season starts you
will stay at
the increase until Sunday, the day of the game. Before you start the game,
do the
Performance Institute drill as you did in Spring Training. Play the game on
Once the game is over go to Monday; do not advance to the next day. Stay on
Because there is a game to be played which will not be your team, go to the
Institute. The drill should be available for you to do, based on your
Note: These points (from Monday) are permanent, as long as you continue to
do the same
process week in and week out. The only catch is you must use them on one
attribute at a
time until it is maxed and it must be the same drill you did on Sunday. For
if you increased Speed on Sunday, you must dump all the points into Speed
on Monday.
If you dumped all the points on Sunday into Agility, then on Monday’s drill
you have
to dump them all into Agility, etc. Over the course of the season you will
see your
stats lose the points from Sunday, as those are the temporary points.
However, they
still show the other points from Monday. These are cumulative points, but
you must
space it out to get exactly 99. If you get to 93 and the max points you can
earn in
the drill is 7, you will not end on 99. It would be 100, but since you
cannot use all
the points, those 7 from Monday will be lost. Earlier in the season you
will have to
place a set of points to help making the last attribute addition become 99.

This rule applies for each category you want to increase.

NFL Superstar mode: Getting traded:
After you create a player and sign an agent, go to the draft. Start the
draft. You will
probably be selected in the third round. If you do not like the team you
got drafted by,
then simulate the preseason. When the preseason is over go to your agent’s
office on
the city map. Scroll down to “I demand a trade”. You will be
traded to another team.
If you dislike that team also, then demand another trade. Be careful, as
you can only
demand two trades until next season.
To get traded to a desired team, make sure auto save is off then save the
game before
asking to trade. Trade, and if you do not like team you have been traded
to, exit (but
do not save). Load trade until get the desired teams. It will be a
different team each

NFL Superstar mode: Getting drafted:
To get drafted to whatever team you want, first edit the roster of the team
you want to
be on. Lower the stats of all the players in the position you want to play
to 0. Next,
create your player and you will have a good chance of going to that team,
due to all
their players being horrible.

NFL Superstar mode: Better IQ:
If your IQ results are low, save the game before the IQ day and try ver
again until your
percentage is high. The same can be done for the draft. Save the game
before the draft.
If you do not like the team that drafted you, you can do it again.

NFL Superstar mode: Movie answers:
Answer the following scenes as indicated during the movie deal.
Scene 1: Answer 3
Scene 2: Answer 2
Scene 3: Answer 2
Scene 4: Answer 1

NFL Superstar mode: Movie offers:
Look for movie offers during August. Do not simulate the preseason

Staying under the salary cap:
Use the following trick to keep a good player under the salary cap for a
long time.
When signing players, sign them for seven years. Give them nothing for a
signing bonus.
Give them the minimum they will accept for the seven year contract. Your
player will
then have a seven year contract with the same salary for those seven years.
The salary
cap will go up every year but their salary will remain the same, so you
will actually
have more room under the cap for your other players over the following
years. When drafting
a rookie, also sign him for seven years. Give him $70,000 for bonus and
give him the minimum
for the contract. By doing this, you will also save on the rookies for a
long time. Once in
a while your players will holdout but it is worth it in the long run. If
you get fed up with
your higly paid player or get a better one cheaper, you will be charged
nothing in penalty
the following season.

Touchdown celebrations:
If you are playing as either Donovan McNabb or Daunte Culpepper and you get
tackled into
the endzone scoring a touchdown, they will do their trademark dances.
Daunte will “get his
roll on” and Donovan will do the moonwalk.

Easy 2 points:
After you score a touchdown, go for two. Select the play “FB
Run”. Snap the ball, run
up a little, then dive into the endzone. Your fullback should dive over the
linemen and
go into the endzone. This works about 95% of the time.

Touchdown on goal line:
If you throw a touchdown pass and your receiver catches it on the goal line
and it is ruled
a touchdown, it will add a touchdown to your stats. If the other coach
challenges the
touchdown and it is called back and put on the inches line to the goal, you
will still have
thrown and caught a touchdown.

Easy first round first pick:
Do the following in franchise mode to get a good rookie draft pick. Go to
create a player.
Make his age 45. Set his years pro at 27. He does not need a name, leave it
at “New Player”.
Skip over “Build”, “Appearance”, and
“Equipment”. Go to attributes and set “Awareness” to
Then, go to “Throw Power” and “Throw Accuracy” and make
them both 99. Exit and save your
created player. Then, sign the player. Trade him to the team with the first
round first pick.
You should now have the first pick in the draft, almost 99% of the time.

Touchdown celebrations:
If you are playing as either Donovan McNabb or Daunte Culpepper and you get
tackled into
the endzone scoring a touchdown, they will do their trademark dances.
Daunte will “get his
roll on” and Donovan will do the moonwalk.

Fake Deuce McCallister stats:
When your game is loading you will see a player and their 2004 stats while
you are waiting.
Once you see Deuce McCallister, it shows that he had 1600+ yards rushing.
However, Deuce
had 1074yards rushing last year (2004).

Onside kicks:
This trick works with any kicker. When you are kicking off, select
“Onside Kick” when the
return team is switching formation. When they are set, take the power bar
all the way to
the top, but do not select it. Bring it all the way down so that the power
is at 31. Next,
make your accuracy 97 to 99. The ball will hit the ground and go up straight
up in the air
every time. Have one of your Kick Off that is close to the ball sprint
toward it. This
makes all your players follow, and you will get it every time.

Making players suffer:
If there is a player you dislike, do the following to make him suffer. Go
to “Features”,
then to “Rosters”. Select his team then choose the player and go
to “Attributes”. Reduce
his injury to “0”. This may take awhile; you may also want to set
the game to four or
five minute quarters.

Easy sacks:
Be a defensive lineman and back up a few feet. When the play starts,
immediately run
forward and hitsick an offensive lineman. He will fall down and your person
will still
be running fast towards the quarterback. Then, sack him.

Easy sacks:
Pause game play, then go to the settings. Go to the penalties, then turn
off offsides.
You will now be able to hold [Run] and never cross the line of scrimmage.

Grab a linebacker and set a new record for sacks in a game.

Easy sacks:
Line up in the 4-3 defense and run the LOLB 
Blitz, and use it every
play. You will get between five and ten sacks per game. This is also a good
way to
develop young linebackers.

Easy sacks:
Go to the settings and turn off offsides. Get a fast runner, go to the line
of scrimmage,
and keep running. He will be running in place. When the QB calls hike, he
will run past
the defenders and get a sack. This works about 80% of the time.

Getting good players:
Before going into franchise mode, go to “View Rosters”. Go to any
player that you want
on your fantasy team. Next, edit that player and go to the
“Information” screen. Change
the player’s position to something different than what they started at. For
edit Randy Moss and change his position from “WR” to
“HB”. This will make his overall
stats for the new position low, because they do not play it. Continue
editing the position
of the players that you want on your fantasy team. Note: There are some
players that
cannot change positions because there are too few players at that position
on the team
they are on. Once you are done editing, go to franchise mode, turn
“Fantasy Draft” on,
select your team, then start the draft.
Sign the players during the draft that are available that you were not able
to change
positions, then simulate the rest. Once the draft is over, go to the
rosters then to
“Free Agents”. Go to the positions that you changed your players
to and sign them for
seven years and for the least amount possible. Note: Some of the players
may have been
drafted because they were still decent at the new position. Release the
players from
your team as you are signing the players you picked to allow enough room on
the roster.
You can trade for the players that you edited and got drafted. Once you get
all the
players that had edited positions, edit them again and change their
positions back to
what they normally play/ You will be able to have the players you wanted
and for a
low price.

Easy touchdowns:
Before playing a game, whenever you are selecting your jersey choose a different
Select the “NE-Coach” playbook. On offense, first down or any
down (works best for fourth
and long), make sure you have a fast wide receiver like Santana Moss or
Randy Moss. Choose
the “SIngleback- Twin TE WR” formation. Next, select the play
“PA Rollout”. Audible all your
players to do a five yard in, except for the optioned WR (first string) and
TE on the right-
hand side. Snap the ball and roll out to your right. Keep rolling out and
wait until the
play develops, which only takes a short time. Throw the ball to the
optioned WR once he is
wide open. If there is a CB waiting there to intercept the ball, just lob
the ball to your
TE who will always be wide open. About 90% of the time the WR will be wide
open (although
he may have one CB directly behind him covering; throw the ball regardless
if he is very
fast). This should result in a gain of about 17 yards. Do not overuse this
play. Usually
if the WR is very fast, he will burn the CB, LB, SS, etc., catch the ball,
and run for a
touchdown. If the ball gets knocked down or intercepted, it is probably
because you did
not execute the play properly. This play must be executed very well for it
to work. You
should try practicing it with your franchise team/Superstar team before
actually using it
in a game. The Redskins are recommended for this play, because they have a
good QB and
Santana Moss is fast.

Chapter Madden NFL 2006 – Tricks, Strategies,Guide, Cheats, Tips and Secrets


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