Madness Interactive – Halo Slayer – Tricks, Strategies,Guide, Cheats, Tips and Secrets
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Madness Interactive – Halo Slayer – Tricks, Strategies,Guide, Cheats, Tips and Secrets

Synopsis Madness Interactive – Halo Slayer – Tricks, Strategies,Guide, Cheats, Tips and Secrets

Madness Interactive – Halo Slayer

Cheat Codes:
Update by: Tony
Submitted by: RM

Enter one of the following codes to activate the cheat function.

Code         Result
IamTheOne  – Unlimited bullet
iddqd      – God mode
gorilla    – Doubles the reach
redlight   – Laserguide
bruce      – Super strength
nasa       – Space jump

Defeating zombies:
On Zombie Challenge kill the Jesus to halve the zombies’ life.
They are harder to kill when green.

Instant plasma grenade explosion:
Take a plasma grenade and pull the pin. Press E to set it as your
weapon. It should go off. As soon as you want to use it, pull it out. It

should not go off however long you hold it. Throw it, and it should go
as soon as it comes in contact with the enemy.

Submitted by: Betle

Press “0 Ins” to recieve light saber and then sumon an enemy.
Throw the weapon
at him, and if ju throw it correctly, it will turn into an axe and kill

Keep shooting without you touch the fire button:
Submitted by: posl

Go th experment,turn on num lock.Click 5 on the number pad.Pick up the
Fire then with still fireing push p to pause the game.Resume and the gun
fire without you touching it!

Submitted by: wade

When you use the plasma pistole (number one on the main number bar) if you
the blast and wait…hold the fire button then hit the drop gun wepon
hold the fire button)..when you aim your hand at some one you can shoot a
round as in a human gun it will cause no damage to them at all but its a
easter egg.

Submitted by: cory

Press +, grab it, then press shift while holding the machine gun (# 5 on
the #pad)
and shot away!

Fire Ground:
Submitted by: Hank

When you use the flamethrower, you see the fire is comin out of it! Then
click on enter,
(When the fire is still there) You will see the fire on the main menu, and
then click on
experiment and the fire stands. When someone is comin in the fire, he will

Glitch – Shotgun Ammo:
Submitted by:NOPIE4U

If you run out of ammo for the shotgun, and I mean ALL AMMO throw the
shotgun in the air
and catch it. You will have one full clip (12/12).

Submitted by: some guy

This is something i discovered with the needle shooter (top row backspace)
press backspace
then take the needle shooter and spawn enemies and shoot at them eventually
one of them will
explode thats the glitch.

Submitted by: Patrick

First, go to expiriment press the + sign,then grab it get a glass sheild if
you want to
then press space take out the stabber and knock you enemies up as high as
you can then
throw the glass sheild at them or knock them up and smash their head on the

Axe in enemy’s forehead:
If you throw the energy sword just right and it kills the enemy, it will
turn into an
axe and become stuck in the enemy’s forehead.

Easy Jesus Kill:
Submitted by: Macauley

Okay, start off with the “willis” cheat and
“newyorkminute” cheat on and start a new game.
When you get to the level where Jesus flies in overhead (make sure you have
a jetpack)and
activate bullet time (press ‘Q’) and fly around and kill everyone else
until only Jesus is
left then use a machine-gun and blow the hell out of him
(if he’s got any hell in him that is).

Sonic blast:
Submitted by: jacob

Go to experimentand get the plasma pistol, once you have it, aim and hold
the left mouse
button for about six seconds, then release, one shot will kill just about

The never dying:
Submitted by: Coner

Go to experiment and push the number 2 on the main keypad. Summon a dummy
and shoot him
from a distance that won’t kill him but it will injure him severly. Wait
for his sheilds
to regenerate and then shoot him again, and soon enough he will have a ton
of shotgun
holes in him.

clips coming out of your gun rather than shells:
Submitted by: wolfdude

Go to experiment. Press number 2 and pick up the shotgun. Make sure that
caps lock is on and
press number 5. Pick up the gun as your secondary gun. Get your shot gun
out and shoot. When
your guy is pulling back on the shot gun switch to your secondary. you
should shoot and full
clips come out and not shells. If not, try again until you get it right.
good luck!

Exploding Bullets:
Submitted by: loaf31

Ok so go on to experiment. Press 7 to get the sniper. Once you have it,
Point in in the ground.
then fire. You should hear an explosion. Do this near a dummy and they will

Make shot gun go flying backwards!!!:
Submitted by: Hayden

first get a shot gun obviously. turn off enemy AI (if u want) spawn a guy
(optional but u
have to make sure hes behind u but if there’s no enemy there then u don’t
have to do any of
this stuff after the first full stop) fire the shot gun immediately press f
the shot gun should
go flying backwards.

Shooting Without Trying:
Submitted by: ReconGhost

Okay so you take any gun such as the Machine Gun there after while shooting
press P on your
keyboard after wards continue the game and your character should shoot the
Machine Gun
automatically and you dont have to hold it down enjoy.
(Note you can do it with any Automatic weapon.)

Chapter Madness Interactive – Halo Slayer – Tricks, Strategies,Guide, Cheats, Tips and Secrets


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