Medieval Kingdom Wars – Tricks, Strategies,Guide, Cheats, Tips and Secrets
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Medieval Kingdom Wars – Tricks, Strategies,Guide, Cheats, Tips and Secrets

Synopsis Medieval Kingdom Wars – Tricks, Strategies,Guide, Cheats, Tips and Secrets

Medieval Kingdom Wars

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

-=Cheat commands for Campaign map=-
/merchant  – gives 10 of each trade
/silver    – gives 5000 silver.

–=Cheat commands for Skirmish=-
/food      – gives 1000 food to all
/wood      – gives 1000 wood to all
/stone     – gives 1000 stone to all
/iron      – gives 1000 iron to all

Note: This will add a Cheater icon to the campaign in the main menu,
and disable all achievements. Using cheats will also disable any
upcoming MMO features of the campaign – like ability to fight CoOp
or PvP battles, or participate in the player driver economy.

The cheats will not work in multiplayer of-course.

How to Enter Cheat Codes?:
The in-game chat should show up in battles and the campaign map as a tab on
left side of the screen.

Click on it or press Enter to open the chat window, then type the cheat
into the text field as you would other chat messages.

If you’re not seeing the Chat tab/window then you’re probably playing in
mode, you can switch to Online mode in the Options screen.

Beginners Guide:
Written by YinYang117

A helpful guide on all the tips and tricks I’ve found while playing through
on my own.

-=Starting Out=-
In the beginning of a new campaign there’s a lot that you can do to get a
good head

For starters – Income: Chickens, Pigs, and Supply Wagons are all sources of

Chickens are the lowest, but provide a small source of constant food
without Serfs
harvesting them. I recommend having 3-6 in your towns just incase you
actually have
to defend a town.

Pigs give more food when slaughtered, and a higher income. You’ll want to
your towns and cities full of pigs. I usually do 15-20.

Supply Wagons dont give anything, but speed up the process a bit while your
are working. However, the only thing they are really speeding up is your
Jacks. Food harvesters can return food to a barn. and corpse looters dont
at all.

The rest of your towns can be serfs. Usually 4-6. This will be your source
of wood
income during a battle or seige.
Then with any remaining free space, you MIGHT want an archer or two. But
for every
month that goes by without your town being attacked, thats another month of

Next Step – How to get all that stufff without going broke!

Heres the trick: When you zoom into a town, time stops in the campaign
Also, when you’re building stuff in the city management, nothing costs

So, zoom into your most tucked away / well guarded town first and start

You will be on a timer while doing this stage! Towns dont like being micro
and their happiness will decrease over time. (However, dont worry too much
this. You can go deep into the negatives without major penalties.
Going too far into the neg will actually kick you out of city

* Start with serfs. Get a couple up and start lumberjacking.
* Then get a barn up and start making a few chickens.
* Then get your Stone mine and Iron mine up.
* If you have enough space, feel free to get a storage building.
* You can build a few supply carts from here to speed up your lumberjacks
  this time.
* Then its usually a good idea to get at least 1 military building
  (archery range or barracks).

If your town is upgraded enough (this can only be done on the world map)
then you
can get some walls up.
Also the more upgraded your town / city is then the more building spaces
have availible.
This costs a lot of silver in the beggining of the game, and you have to
your towns to level 3 before they can get walls. So this is optional.

Once all your towns are upgraded and making you a decent amount of money,

you’re ready to feild a large army and start taking things over!

Also, if you did all this right in the beggining, there should be almost no

enemy armies marching about yet. Giving you plenty of time to decide who
should attack first.

Starting Platform Finished? Moving On!

Most of the starting choice characters get between 1-3 areas in the
So first things first, we need to start taking over more stuff.

-=Starting Armies=-
Theres a few things I’d reccomend from my personal experience.
1 — You dont NEED troops in your army if you can march on enemy towns and

     cities fast enough.
2 — Always bring a second army.

You can actually build up the majority of your primary army during your
seige or village attack. Anything that you build during a battle will stay
the campaign map.I recommend starting with:

a few ( 2 – 6 ) militia or melee troops
a few ( 2 – 8 ) archers
a few ( 4 – 6 ) serfs
a few ( 2 – 3 ) chickens

Then during your first seige, quickly get stone and iron mines. build a

military building of your choice. then start to flesh out the remaing space

in your army.

Save up enough silver to get a second army to follow your primary army
This secondary army can start with a chicken and a serf. Maybe more if you

want or have the extra time / resources / silver.

Your secondary army will be taken over by the AI. Depending on how many
and chickens you start them off with, they may or may not have an army
your first village attack. However, city seiges last a little longer and
should definately have time to build up a nice force by then.

Take your little duo and begin conquering the map!
(On my first couple playthroughs, I was able to take out 3-10 towns before

the first season change or two.)

During battle, you’re going to lose some soldiers. Or maybe not lose them

but they get injured. Also happens during auto-calcs.
If you lose a soldier that you can replace during a battle, just do

If you have soldiers that are injured they will start to regain hitpoints

slowly by themselves at level 5. You can raise their level by sending them

into battle or recruiting from an upgraded military building and then gain


If you have REALLY injured guys, they will continually run away from
(Not 100% sure on this but I believe the blue bar above their HP is a

When soldiers run, its a pain in the ??? You can’t select them solo.
You have to select them by group from the buttons at the top right. If you

send them back into battle, sometimes you can get them to fight to the
but usually they run again.

Personally, if I’m goinng to be in a long battle, and if I dont have a

hospital yet, I just delete them mid fight. (Shortcut K then C will delete

All selected units)

A Few Towns Later…

Congrats! You’ve conqured some stuff and such.

I recommend taking a moment and consolidate your gains.

After you take over a town they have really bad morale. But as you press

forward and time ticks away (and you dont act like a D*** and raise taxes)

then they start to feel better. Now you can go into those new towns and
them up into money making machines like your first couple.

At some point, and depending on starting location, you may want to have a
more defenses in key areas. OR you may want to raise another 2 armies to
and conquer in another direction.

Now I haven’t really tinkered with the diplomacy stuff. I just conquer
so good luck with that if that’s your thing.

Also during this time, spend your massive income of silver on buying some

‘research items’. Talk to the guy on the bottom right while in world view
he’ll bring up all the technologies you can start working towards.
I dont have any advice yet on which ones are the best. I reccomend reading
and seeing which ones will best suit your play style from here on

As I put more hours into this game and come up with more advice for the mid

late game stuff, I will add that in.

Tips and Tricks:
Written by Trv3
Quick tips I have found helpful in early game play.
Please add any you might find useful.

Early in the game you find the AI is quite hard to beat, which is awesome!
here are a few things I have found helpful to do during a castle siege.

P.S I play a strong defence so expect a defensive play style.

1. Build walls around the camp as soon as possible, you will then be able
build towers and upgrade them with a ballista for a low cost. This adds a

good defence for scouting AI armies and helps hold the defence while
reinforcements arrive. (Don’t forget to close the gates if an enemy

2. Market – best building to have, expensive but provides a good cushion
resources are in need. I have built barns to farm food, which is easy to

stockpile, then sell for silver to buy wood.

3. Archers! – place them up high in the towers, they cut the enemy down
quickly and when “fire arrows” are researched they help with the siege

4. Serf’s gosh! – You need these guys early so build at least 10 units
and get some resources rolling in at the start to help with the walls, at

least 5 need to gather wood at one time and they tend to follow each other

so micro manage them for now.

5. Swordsmen – Archers are for a good defence but you find that the AI
archers at the early stages so build 2 – 3 units if you expecting an
they wipe out archers quite quickly and the siege engines they bring.

(Flanking works well here so place them at different entrances)

6. Resources – the best way to start stockpiling resources is the build all

the industrial buildings and upgrade them twice.The barn is a quick food

stockpile, build one and build one of each animal every 15 – 20 mins, they

bring addition resources and its improvements cost food which you will have

a lot of very quickly. Wood is the most important early on but with a
you are able to get some serious wood by trading in resources.

Chapter Medieval Kingdom Wars – Tricks, Strategies,Guide, Cheats, Tips and Secrets


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