Megaman X5 – Tricks, Strategies,Guide, Cheats, Tips and Secrets
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Megaman X5 – Tricks, Strategies,Guide, Cheats, Tips and Secrets

Synopsis Megaman X5 – Tricks, Strategies,Guide, Cheats, Tips and Secrets

Megaman X5

Zero’s Sabre Slash on Bosses:
Usually you can do up to 3 or 4 hit combo on any Boss. However, the Final

Slash will paralyze the Boss for awhile, which prevents you from slashing

it during this time. To avoid this, hit the Boss with a 2 or 3 hit combo

and do not use the Final Slash. It would be better if you used Zero’s

Supreme Slash.

Complete the indicated task to view the corresponding ending.

* Start with Megaman and complete the game with him. You will get an ending
  Megaman has no memory of Zero.

* Start with Zero and complete the game with him. You will get the ending
  both Megaman and Zero die.
* Start with Zero and complete the game with Megaman. You will get the
  where Megaman has Zero in his
memory and holds Zero’s saber.

Save a life:
After Zero becomes a Maverick you get a new stage. Enter the stage and
the wall to your left. Collect the helmet (extra life) located there. When
lose a life, you can get it again and you will have the same lives that you

started with.

Alternate second half:
If you let the colony collide with the Earth (let all the time run out), an

intermission where Zero is infected with the Sigma virus and becomes a

powerful Maverick will appear. For the rest of the game you cannot choose

Zero and the dialogue changes for a few of the intermissions. Also, Zero

fights more aggressively and uses different attacks when you fight him in

the third Maverick level.
To get this faster, launch the shuttle before you have collected all the

parts for it. This will also display an intermission where Zero goes
and gives you the ending where X’s memory of Zero is wiped clean.
What you do with the Enigma does not matter.

Raise your speed:
Note: To do this trick you have to be at the third Maverick stage. Drop
down and
go to the part where you face the green robot. Stay there and a group of
dots will appear. Face each of them. Keep doing this and your speed pushing

buttons will increase. The best character to use is Zero.

Easy Zero stages:
The following is an easy way to get through the first of the three Zero

Stages. At the first stage where all the green lasers that can kill you

instantly are, use Dark Hold. It stops the lasers and gives you time to

get through everything.

Ultimate armor:
In Maverick Area 3, immediately before the end, is a platform over a pit.

Fall, stay to the right, and go through the fake wall.

Magma Dragoon Hadouken Fireball:
At the end of the training mission, you will fight Magma Dragoon. While

fighting him he will use the Hadouken ability, along with the voice from

Mega Man X, when you get that ability.

Best weapon:
Use the Gala attack with the Ultimate Armor to have the best weapon that
most Bosses, including Sigma (both rounds). Keep using that attack, which
unlimited. Be careful with Sigma, as he keeps moving around.

Rank PA:
As Zero, first fight Dynamo after defeating Izzy Glow and some other Boss.
Dynamo with Zero using Izzy’s weapon until he dies. After that, you will
move up
to GA. The second time, fight Dynamo with four or more heart upgrades, and
E-Tanks and the W-tank full. If you fought in excellent time with about 19
less damage, you should get the PA rank. The rules for keeping a PA rank
very difficult. If you die twice, or exceed six minutes of game play in the

level you will lose it. As X, this can be very difficult at first. You must

have all that Zero had and the Ultimate armor. X’s rank must be at GA
the event. This time, you will use Nova Strike (Giga Attack L2).

Dash Jump:
Use the following trick to reach a high ledge or jump to the next wall.
Hold Dash
and perform a jump to automatically do a Dash Jump. This is very helpful,
as it
also works on walls.

Virus advantages:
When playing as X, if you get hit by the Sigma Viruses, you will lose
However, when playing Zero, he will gain full health if this happens.

Defeating Izzy Glow:
Izzy Glow’s weakness is the Tri-Thunder, but the C-Sword does more damage.
just does not paralyze him, so you can hit him again sooner. If you keep
him constantly, the battle will be over in less than 30 seconds.

Megaman X4 appearance:
Start a training level with X or Zero. Get to the end of the level to find
Dragoon, a maverick from Megaman X4. Also, make it to Maverick Base level
Play this level as Zero to fight X, who will use moves from Megaman X4 such

as Soul Body, Frost Tower, and Double Cyclone.

Rank PA:
To obtain Rank GA as X, enable the “Ultimate armor” code and
complete the first
stage (Sigma Virus Head), Second Stage (any Boss except Izzy Glow), and
Glow’s stage as fast as possible with little (less than 10) or no damage.
should result in rank “SA” for X due to the low rank X starts
with. After
obtaining rank “SA”, defeat Dynamo for the first time as fast as
possible with
the Giga attack. This should result in rank “GA”. After obtaining
Rank “GA”,
defeat Dynamo for the second time as fast as possible with the Giga attack.

This should result in Rank “PA”.

Black Armor for Zero:
Start a new game. Highlight Zero at the character selection screen, then
[Down] two times then [Up] nine times. A sound will confirm correct code
Press [Enter] to begin game play with his Black armor.

Infinite health:
Submitted by: mac

In the main menu press enter and then type overgood and then voila your
life won’t be reduced.

Weakness and reccomend to defeat bosses:
Submitted by: Ishmeet

skiver-dark hold
mattrex-wing spiral
axle the red-ground fire/quake blazer
grizzly slash-spike ball
duff mcwhalen-c-shot/c-sword
squid adler-g shaver/f splashser
izzy glow-tri thunder
dark dizzy-f laser

Chapter Megaman X5 – Tricks, Strategies,Guide, Cheats, Tips and Secrets


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