Mist Survival – Tricks, Strategies,Guide, Cheats, Tips and Secrets
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Mist Survival – Tricks, Strategies,Guide, Cheats, Tips and Secrets

Synopsis Mist Survival – Tricks, Strategies,Guide, Cheats, Tips and Secrets

Mist Survival

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Inventory Slot Upgrade Guide:
Written by Go2Bed

This guide will show you the location for the inventory slot upgrade.

-=Inventory Slot Upgrade Location=-
Red Circle
Is the location of inventory upgrade just make sure you have crowbar in

your inventory. Some place need to break in the door.

Blue Circle
Is the Bandit camp, sometimes the inventory upgrade will randomly spawn in

one of those camp.

Yellow Circle
Is the most possible players first spawn point.

Note: Someone told me that the inventory upgrade will randomly spawn, so

this guide is not 100% accurate but atleast you can check the marked
location if your inventory is not fully upgraded.

Beginners Guide:
Written by Palhum

The game is quite intuative, but I did die a number of times early on, so
if you
want some guidance or want to save some time early on in the game, here is
my guide.

-=Early Game Walkthrough: Day #1=-
You start early in the morning by a Basic Shelter. You should be safe here
for a while,
but you need to get going as you need to find food, drink and shelter
before nightfall.

Days start at 05:00 and night starts at 19:30. During night the Infected
wonder around.
The Infected wonder around slowly until they notice you, then they run
quickly to you
and with a couple of swipes you are dead! So, until you are armed and
experienced stay
in a secure place with all external doors closed. Another time the Infected
appear is
during the Mist. The Mist can appear at anytime during the day and lasts
for an hour
or two. Again, until you are armed and experienced stay in a secure place
with all
external doors closed.

If you get killed, you have two options. 1: to lose many of your items and
be revived
at a safe place, or 2: Quit the game. If you Quit the game you can reload,
from the last Save. So, turn on Auto-Save and manually save at good

Also avoid the Bears until you are experienced and prepared, they will
quickly kill you.
If you hear a Bear running, run the other way. You should be able to keep
ahead of it
and it will give up chasing you.

The last thing to avoid early in the game is Bandit Camps. If you get to
close they will
see you and kill you. There is normally around 4 Bandits per camp and they
have automatic
rifles with unlimited bullets!

There is currently no map available in the game, however one is available
from the
Community Guide list.

I suggest heading out along the road towards the Motel and Workshop. Along
the way
collect what ever you can find. Your Rucksack has limited slots which can
be expanded
when you find further Rucksacks. Look in and around buildings and cars.
Items which you
can pick up will have an icon appear when you approach them. If you get
full up and need
to leave items behind here is what I suggest prioritising:

Drink: Bottles of water are the best, a 2L bottle will last a couple of
days and can
be refilled. Cans of Cola are quite common and can nearly fill the Thirst
bar. The red
coloured cans decay over a couple of weeks, but the green cans seem to last
Only drink Safe water, you will get Unsafe water from lakes.

Food: You may find a few Berries on the ground, but they are almost
useless, don’t bother
collecting them. There are a few Chocolate Bars, but they don’t relieve
hunger much and
deteriorate quite quickly. Cans of Beef and cans of Tomatoe Sauce are
great, they relieve
a good amount of hunger and last do not decay for months. There are also
cans of Fruit
which relieve some Hunger and Thirst, they also don’t decay for a long
time. Later in
the game you will kill Bears and cook the meat. Many items decay over time.
When the
stated percentage reaches 0% they are removed from play. Tools and Weapons
decay with use.
Clothing decays when it gets damaged in an attack against you.

Tools: Axe to cut down trees (branches, bark, leaves which you will need to
make other
items of) make further items and to destroy a few landscape items such as
outdoor play things like swings, and sealed cars. The Axe needs to be in
your hand to
use it. Hit an item with an Axe, if a health bar appears you can continue
to destroy it
to gain items such as Components and Scrap Metal. You will then need a
Hammer for building
things (it just needs to be in your Rucksack) and a little later in the
game you will need
a Saw for making Wood from Logs. Stones and Branches, fill 1 slot each. You
will need them
to build a Campfire.

Approach buildings with caution, some have a few Infected inside. Later in
the game you
will be able to tackle them but for now avoid any building from where you
can see Infected
or hear them (they sound like Golem!). They can’t go in the sun but if they
discover you
they will run outside for a short distance (10m?) and can quickly kill

The Motel by the road has Infected inside but you can pillage the cars. Get
to the Workshop
by the side of the main road. There are cars near-by, the building is clear
of Infected and
it has items and a Workbench inside. Use this building as you base until
you are experienced
and can build a substantive base at the Whitehouse. The White house is a
bit further up the
road, turn left down the dirt road where the car is on its side. This house
is free of
Infected and has good rooms. There are plenty of trees, close to water and
there is a Bear
 roaming the woods for meat etc

At the Workshop collect all the items and store them in the lockers etc.
You will need to
build more storage later. Build two buckets at the Workbench. Then build a
Water Purifier
inside the Workshop. Now take the spare bucket and get water from the lake
nearby, avoid
the Bear! Put the Unsafe water in the Water Purifier and ignite it using
Firewood, Bark
and Matches.

Build a Stump to make Logs into Firewood, Matches you need to find until
you can make them.
You will get Bark when you chop down a tree with your Axe. You can also get
more Bark by
chopping at a tree with a Combat Knife.

Make a Water Bottle at the Workbench. After about one day the water in the
Purifier will
be safe to drink to fill up your water bottle. Collect more items from
around the local
map area but avoid the Bear and be back by nightfall.

At nightfall, be inside with the door shut. Make a bed and sleep to restore
Sleeping between 8 to 12 hours will fully restore your Fatigue bar. If you
have any spare
time during the night, make things such as Wood (planks).

-=Early Game Walkthrough: Day #2=-
You can now refresh your water supply, but you need to find food. You
probably have a
Pistol and a few bullets by now so go kill a Bear.

There will be a bear in the woodland across the road. You will need to
shoot it in the
head at least twice. Save the game before you attack! Once it is dead you
can gut it with
the Combat knife you should now have on you. The knife does not need to be
in your hand.
You can set what and how much you take and set what tool to use. I suggest
taking bits for
30 minutes at a time because then you will be able to see if the Mist is
forming and run
for it. It takes all day to gut a Bear completely an takes up many slots.
At this time,
you need some meat (4 to 6) and at least 2 Guts to make a Longbow. The fat
is only useful
to help start fires so is not necessary currently.

Back in the Workshop build a Campfire. Build a Grill over the Campfire.
Later you could
also build a Cooking Pot over the Fire/Grill. Light the fire and place the
Bear meat on
the grill. Watch it cook, it will only take a few seconds. You can take it
off ready to
eat when it is Medium or Well Done. I take it off at Well Done as Medium
looks the same
as Raw. Do not eat Raw meat, it will give you food poisoning for a day. One
Bear meat
will nearly fill the Hunger bar so wait until nearly empty before you eat
it. Bear meat
will decay completely in about 5 days. Always have 1 with you, its all the
food you need
for the day when you go out.

-=Early Game Walkthrough: Day #3=-
Upgrade the Workbench and craft a Longbow, a Quiver and Hunting arrows as
soon as you
 can. Put arrows into your Quiver by
right clicking it and using Add Arrow. You can now
stay safe and survive indefinitely.

But you can go on to do 4 more things: 1. Build a full base (I suggest the
near the lake), 2. Use cars (some o them), 3. Attack the Infected and so
search more
buildings, 4. Attack Bandits in their camps and so get more items and
release a Hostage
(3 in total).

-=Build a Base=-
Build a full Base. Build everything, including lots of locker storage.

The Infected can only get in through an open door or through one of the
specific windows
which will be boarded up. The Infected can’t get over Livestock Fencing so
building some around your front door and against your windows.

You could build a Chicken Coup. Then you can catch Chickens by running
after them, when
you get very close press F to pick it up. Then carry it back and release it
R into your
Coup where it will lay eggs for you. You can also Harvest a dead Chicken
for meat etc.
Though by now you should be ok for food.

You could build a Generator to power a Fridge, Power Saw and Lights, but
these didn’t
work properly (glitch).

You could build a Wooden Wall around your Base. Be aware that trees grow
back. Walls
should keep out the Infected but the Hostages you rescue keep opening the
Gates! I have
played for more than 600 days and have never seen a Bandit away from their

-=Use Cars=-
Use cars. Take out any Engines, Wheels, Batteries and Spark Plugs from any
cars you find.
These items decay with use, most of them start of very worn. Select a car
you wish to use
and fit all the necessary parts. Estates have more storage slots. You will
also need fuel.
Collect fuel from cars using a Fuel can and put it in your car. You can
drive around the
 whole map using a few litres of
fuel. You use the same fuel to power the generator at
you base.

Check the state of the car before you drive off in the mornings, you don’t
want to break
down miles from anywhere!

-=Attack Infected=-
Attack Infected. Shoot them in the head with your Longbow or gun. At your
base stand on
your Wall or behind Livestock Fence, they normally drop an item and you can
collect your
ammo. At buildings have a range weapon at hand. Sometimes you can shoot
them while they
are inside. Sometimes you can entice them to run outside towards you. They
will only run
a few metres then run back inside. Sometimes you need to go inside after
them, sneak in
and try to get them from behind. You can collect items while aiming but
best to kill them
all then loot the place.

For most of the map if a building has the door close there are no Infected
inside and if
the building has an open door there may well be some Infected inside. In
the small town
(far corner of map) some infected are behind closed doors and attack you as
soon as you
open the door, Save and be prepared with a Shotgun! Always shoot them in
the head.
Infected can respawn sometime later.

-=Attack Bandits=-
Attack Bandits. Save game and Sneak up to their Bases. Use stealth when
possible (Knife
from behind or an arrow to the head) this will prevent the other Bandits
from being
alarmed. When you must go in and face more than one of them switch to your
Pillage the Base. Some Bases have a Hostage. Free them and they will stay
at your Base.
You can equip Hostages with weapons, so they can defend your Base, and you
can set them
Build tasks.

Once you have attacked all this there is currently nothing more to do but
There is reported to be 6 Bandit Bases, but I only found Bandits at 5 of
them and at
the Roadblock Base they only appeared when I was in a car (glitch).

-=Other Tips=-
* Always carry 1 food and a bottle of water, a Bandage, an Axe, an American
Eagle blade
  a Longbow, a crowbar and a Gas Can.

* Don’t eat uncooked meat or Unsafe water.
* Climb towers to find items.
* Use Livestock fencing to keep put Infected.
* As soon as Mist appears run to safety.
* If you can hear bird song, then it is too bright for Infected to be
* Check your vehicle before travelling.
* When in a car you can’t eat, drink or use any item.
* Shoot the head to kill.
* Bears can’t get at you when you are standing on top of a car.
* Temperature is currently irrelevant and there is no Jacket or trousers to

-=Problems & Glitches=-
Mostly the game runs smoothly and is very playable,
 but here are a few problems that I

* All beds state ‘Single’ and work the same.
* All salted meat causes food poisoning even cooked meat.
* Saw Bench sometimes only produces 1 plank of Wood.
* Trees grow back in front of your gate, so you must chop down the tree
again to 
  drive in and out.
* Bears, Chickens and Bandits can suddenly disappear and reappear somewhere
* I had my whole car and boot load of items disappear once while I was in
it, this
  was after the game seem to freeze.
This only happened once.

Chapter Mist Survival – Tricks, Strategies,Guide, Cheats, Tips and Secrets


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