Murder House – Tricks, Strategies,Guide, Cheats, Tips and Secrets
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Murder House – Tricks, Strategies,Guide, Cheats, Tips and Secrets

Synopsis Murder House – Tricks, Strategies,Guide, Cheats, Tips and Secrets

Murder House

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Complete Walkthrough Guide:
Written by Fifty

*Hug the wall to the character’s right until you come to a security gate,

 there is space to walk crawl under
*Hug the wall to the character’s left until you find a Key near the mall’s

*Continue hugging the leftside wall until you come to another security
*Use the Key on it.
*It’s finicky so walk along the gate and use the Key until it works.
*Hug the wall to the character’s right until you come across a door.
*Walk down the hall. Go into the washroom and hide in a stall.
*Go into the door in the back. Find the large door in the hall and
*Pick up the Flashlight.
*There is a Screwdriver in this room but you may not find it in time.

*Exit if you hear a sound.
*It should be safe to return by the time you find the room with the
*Go back and get the Screwdriver.
*It’s hidden away in a small hallway near the TV.
*In the room with the lockers, find the showers and open the very last
*Use the Screwdriver on the drain cover and get a Key.
*Right across from the showers is a locker you can interact with.
*Use the Key on it. It’s empty but there is a number written on the door –
*Return to the hallway where you found the large door.
*Across from it is another door with a Keypad.
*Enter the code.
*Hide under the desk.

-=Creepy House=-
*Go to the back of the house. Enter the small basement window.
*Find the stairs. Open the front door.
*Go to the van and bring in the cases.
*Go upstairs find the bedroom. In the dresser by the bed in a Fuse.
*Pick up the Pencil on the floor as well.
*Return to the basement. Near the window to your left is a fusebox.
*Use the Fuse on it.
*In the kitchen you can find a Pencil in the cabinet near the stove.
*On the table is a letter.
*Return to the group.
*Go to the basement and talk to Dana.
*Go to the kitchen and get the MUG in the table.
*Use the MUG in the kitchen sink. Give the filled mug to Dana.
*She will give you a Key.
*Run through the door at the cue.
*Return upstairs. Use the Small Key on the door underneath the
*Pick up the Flashlight. Pick up the Pencil.
*Equip the flashlight and go to the basement.
*In the dark room there is a Crowbar lying on a sofa.
*Use the crowbar on the dryer. You will find a Door Knob.
*Go to the kitchen and use the Door Knob on the door by the fridge.
*Pick up the Fire Poker.
*Exit the building and go to the van. Read the note.
*Go upstairs and talk to Gary.
*Go to the basement and talk to Tom. He will give you a LARGE Key.
*Go upstairs. I recommend you save.

-=Murder House=-
*Go upstairs to the group.
*Run down the hall and up more stairs. Use the large Key on the door.

*If you lose health here, reload. You will want all the health you can
*Search the dresser. Get a Letter Opener.
*Go downstairs and investigate the head. You will get the Death Egg.
*Exercise caution from now on.
*There are several places you can use the letter opener.
*In the kitchen near the sink is a cabinet. Here is a First Aid Kit.
*Try not to use it.
*In the room with the lamps is a cabinet at the end of the room.
*Inside is a Gun. Do not use it.
*Same room, the dresser. There is a Pencil.
*Go to the basement and find the room with the mattresses on the floor.

*Near the doorway across from the mattresses is a tucked away
*Use the letter opener on it to get a Magnet.
*Return to the living room upstairs and use the magnet on the hole in the
*It’s in the corner.
*You will get a Key.
*Use the Medium Key on the door upstairs in the hall. Go inside.
*Pick up the Black Light.
*Go to the attic. Use the black light on the lightbulb.
*Investigate the room and interact with the cabinet.
*Go in.
*Use the letter opener in the cabinet at the end of the hallway.
*You will get Pistol Ammo.
*You should reload your gun now so you don’t have to do it later.
*Enter the rooms and read the notes.
*In one of the rooms is a skeleton on the floor tied with rope.
*Take the Rope.
*Go to the kitchen. Interact with the camera and get the Tape.
*Go upstairs and return to the room you found the black light.
*Collect the Egg from the body.
*Go to the bedroom with the TV and use the tape.
*In the same room use the rope in the large cabinet.
*Go inside. Open the shower and get the Egg.
*There is a cabinet in the wall. Inside you will find Bandages.
*Go into the room with the piano.
*The hint for this puzzle is “8 8 8 3 5 5 3 12 12 10 10 8”
*Ignore the black Keys and count the white Keys.
*So instead of 12 there is 7.
*Play “5 5 5 2 3 3 2 7 7 6 6 5”
*You will get an Egg.
*Put all the eggs in the basket in this room.
*I recommend you save.

-=Final Confrontation=-
*Go downstairs and return to the torture room hallway.
*A door will be open.
*If you don’t know how to use the fire poker yet,
 practice getting it out quickly and
using it.
*Equip the gun. Go up and walk to the exit.
*You will want to start shooting immediately. Count your fire.
*When you run out of bullets, keep your distance.
*You will have time to reload when he is attacking.
*When you run out of ammo again, keep your distance until you can switch to

 the fire poker.
*Use the first aid kit when needed.
*Switch to your other gun when you run out of ammo. Continue shooting
*Use the fire poker as a last resort.
*Be Kind, Rewind. Escape the Murder House.
*Tape Master. Reach the special thanks in the credits.

*Helpless Victim. Get caught in the prologue.
*Massacred! Get killed as Emma.

Chapter Murder House – Tricks, Strategies,Guide, Cheats, Tips and Secrets


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