Nancy Drew – Message in a Haunted Mansion – Tricks, Strategies,Guide, Cheats, Tips and Secrets
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Nancy Drew – Message in a Haunted Mansion – Tricks, Strategies,Guide, Cheats, Tips and Secrets

Synopsis Nancy Drew – Message in a Haunted Mansion – Tricks, Strategies,Guide, Cheats, Tips and Secrets

Nancy Drew – Message in a Haunted

Game Play Notes:
Because the game is reliant on certain time blocks
(to be able to find certain characters or to search
rooms when certain characters are not there), the
player must wait for those time blocks or the clock
may have to be adjusted to a specific time frame.

Some conversations follow different paths, and can be
lengthened (garnering more information) by using the
“gentle” approach to questioning.

During your investigation, you will encounter many
ghostly “happenings”, such as strange phone calls,
spooky noises, fleeing spirits and slamming doors.
These “happenings” occur at different instances
depending on the route you take.
Game Play Hints:
To help you become familiar with the Message in a
Haunted Mansion gameplay and interface and to get
your sleuthing started, here is the first of our
Solution Guide

Nancy’s Bedroom – The Chinese Themed Room

The bedroom that you (as Nancy) have been assigned has a
Chinese motif throughout. We will refer to this room as
the “Chinese Room” for the rest of this game. Your
inventory contains one item, a key.

Thoroughly examine the room. Notice the various forms of
dragons decorating the room.

Read the poem on the wall.

Note the interactivity of one of the bedposts – although
you cannot do anything with it at the moment.

Note the clock radio: this is quite valuable for changing
the time of day, without having to wait for certain time
blocks. Click on ‘Cancel’ to back away from the clock.

Examine the dragon sculpture carefully. Take note of the
Hanzi for ‘Daughters’ on the plaque.

Look at the suitcases – locked! Take the key out of
inventory and place it in the lock, it opens. In the
suitcase, the only thing available to look at is Nancy’s
journal. This is updated as you go through the game and can
be used to refresh your memory when piecing the clues together.
Click on the inside lid of the suitcase to close it. Leave
the room by clicking on the door.

Go out into the hallway. At the end of the long hallway you
will see a picture of a woman in white. Click on her picture
until the camera angle changes. Turn left and go down the
hallway. Click on the door on the left. Click on the door
again and your character will knock on the door. This is Abby’s
Room. It is the only door on the second floor that you can
interact with other than the Chinese Room.

Abby’s Room – with Abby (1)

Knock on the door. Abby answers the door. Speak to her.
Choose conversation topics wisely, as some topics prolong
conversations and others end conversations quickly. She
suggests that danger surrounds Nancy. She also suggests
(out of the blue) that Nancy doesn’t believe in ghosts,
stating that the spirits in the house may give Nancy a hard
time. She offers the name Valdez as having a strong
connection with the mansion. She ends with having to prepare
for this evening, as “more will be revealed.”

Turn around and go back down the hallway towards the main
staircase. Go down the left stairs. Note the cord tied to
the chandelier. If you touch it once you will loosen the
cord. Touch it a second time and you loosen the cord further.
Touch is a third time and the chandelier will fall causing
Rose to tell you to leave because of your negligence. If you
decide to try it anyway, either save your game first or use
the handy second chance feature after you receive a game over.
Continue down the stairs. Notice that the last step “creaks.’
This is a significant clue later on in the game.

Chapter Nancy Drew – Message in a Haunted Mansion – Tricks, Strategies,Guide, Cheats, Tips and Secrets


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