NBA 2K9 – Tricks, Strategies,Guide, Cheats, Tips and Secrets
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NBA 2K9 – Tricks, Strategies,Guide, Cheats, Tips and Secrets

Synopsis NBA 2K9 – Tricks, Strategies,Guide, Cheats, Tips and Secrets


Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: RM

2KSports team         – Enter
2ksports as a code.
NBA Development team  – Enter nba2k
as a code.
Visual Concepts team  – Enter vcteam
as a code.
Superstars team       – Enter
llmohffaae as a code.
ABA ball              – Enter
payrespect as a code.
2K China team         – Enter 2kchina
as a code.
2009 All-Star jerseys – Enter llaveyfonus as a code.
2K Europe team        – Enter
2keurope as a code.
2K Japan team         – Enter 2kjapan
as a code.

-=Penny Hardaway on 90’s East=-
Go to the free agents, select Penny Hardaway, assign him to the 90’s

East, and edit the following:

 Primary Position: PG

 Preset: PG Distributor
 Shooting (Close): 99
 Shooting (Med.): 91
 Shooting (3 Pt.): 74
 Free Throws: 78
 Layups: 95
 Dunking: 85
 Ballhandling: 90
 Passing: 90
 Low Post Off.: 75
 Low Post Def.: 70
 Blocking: 65
 Stealing: 75
 Off. Rebounding: 60
 Def. Rebounding: 70
 Speed: 85
 Stamina: 99
 Durability: 80
 Off. Awareness: 90
 Def. Awareness: 80
 Potential: 50
 Strength: 70
 Vertical: 85
 Shoot Off Dribble: 75
 Shoot In Traffic: 80
 Quickness: 86
 Hustle: 90
 Hands: 88
 On Ball Defense: 75
 Standing Dunk: 60

 Shot Tendency: 60
 Close Shots: 65
 Mid-Range Shots: 65
 3PT. Shots: 30
 Drive The Lane: 85
 Attempts Dunks: 65
 Back To Basket: 50
 Triple Threat: 85
 Shoots Fadeaways: 65
 Shoots Hookshots: 50
 Attempts Putback: 20
 Flashy Passes: 80
 Commits Fouls: 14
 Passing Lanes: 50
 On Ball Steals: 50
 Contests Shots: 30

Michael Jordan:
Use the following customizations. Note: When adjusting the sliders, move

each of them all the way to the left, then go to right for whatever

 First Name: Michael
 Last Name: Jordan
 Hand: Right
 College/From: North Carolina
 Years Pro: 1
 Jersey Number: 23
 Position: Shooting Guard
 Secondary Pos: Shooting Guard

 Age: 24
 Height: 6’6″
 Personality: Expressive
 Build: Normal
 Skin Color: 2
 Muscle Tone: Buff

 Hair Style: None
 Hair Color: Brown
 Beard Style: None
 Moustache: Moustache 4
 Goatee: None

 Eye Color: Brown
 Head Width: 27
 Head Back: 42
 Head Length: 15
 Head Round: 36
 Head Pointedness: 3
 Neck Thickness: 64
 Neck Fat: 14
 Chin Length: 64
 Chin Width: 15
 Chin Protrusion: 49
 Jaw Width: 35
 Jaw Squareness: 0
 Brow Height: 21
 Brow Center: 11
 Brow Width: 56
 Brow Sloped: 12
 Cheek Height: 47
 Cheek Width: 47
 Cheek Fullness: 10
 Upper Lip Width: 43
 Upper Lip Curve: 53
 Upper Lip Protusion: 16
 Lower Lip Width: 49
 Lower Lip Curve: 10
 Lower Lip Protusion: 30
 Mouth Height: 20
 Mouth Width: 25
 Mouth Corners: 47
 Ear Height: 41
 Ear Width: 53
 Ear Tilt: 4
 Nose Width: 40
 Nose Height: 22
 Nose Protusion: 32
 Nose Middle: 24
 Nose Bridge: 38
 Nose Tip Height: 16
 Nose Tip Pointness: 16
 Nostril Height: 38
 Eye Height: 47
 Eye Width: 31
 Eye Protusion: 13
 Eye Distance: 20
 Eye Rotation: 38
 Eye Openess: 32

 Left Elbow Pad: Black Lrg Band

 Left Knee Pad: Black Sleeve
 Sock Length: Short
 Home Sock Color: White
 Away Sock Color: Black

 Shoe Manuf.: Jordan
 Shoe Style: Jordan Pure Pressure

 Shoe Color: Red

 Jumper: Quick Launch
 Free Throw: Clean
 Post: Textbook
 Dunk/Layup: Basic Guard
 Isomotion: Elite 3

Oklahoma City Thunder:
The Oklahoma City Thunder is still the Seattle Supersonics in the
To fix this problem, go to “Create Team” and create a new team
“Oklahoma City Thunder”. Use the Thunder logo provided in the
which closely resembles that actual one. Draft all of the Sonics
to this team.

To unlock michael jordan:
Submitted by: Rashad Johnson
Email: lilrj95@yahoo.com

Go to features and then go th codes and enter “jordan2390”.

Chapter NBA 2K9 – Tricks, Strategies,Guide, Cheats, Tips and Secrets


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