Need for Speed 2 – Tricks, Strategies,Guide, Cheats, Tips and Secrets
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Need for Speed 2 – Tricks, Strategies,Guide, Cheats, Tips and Secrets

Synopsis Need for Speed 2 – Tricks, Strategies,Guide, Cheats, Tips and Secrets

Need for Speed 2

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: RM

Submitted by: rony raymond

Press space and then type: for over-speed – accelarate

Submitted by: siddhartha
E-mail: captsinha@hclinfinet.com

In the level north country go until you pass the bridge where water is
flowing after
the road comes go until you see the brown wooden to your left side and then
into it this way you can shave off a couple of seconds.

E-mail: tadasmikuciauskas@delfi.lt
Submitted by: tadas

Press Space and then type: redracer – ford[very fast].

Pacific Spirit Shortcut:
Jeremy Marr, Submitted the following Information:

* After the start,keep going until you reach the parking lot. Turn into it.
When you
  reach the back of it, keep going.
You’ll probably shave off a couple seconds.

* Locate the section of track before the lighthouse that has a open sandy
  on the left and a tall pine forest
to the right. Turn right and drive between the
  tall trees to drive on a logging
road that runs parallel to the track.

Cheat mode:
Type these cheats in the main menu.

Code          Result
BUS         – School Bus
SEMI        – Tractor Trailer
VWFB        – Volkswagen
VWBUG       – Volkswagen Beetle
VANAGON     – Volkswagen Van
MIATA       – Mazda Miata
BMW         – BMW
MERCEDES    – Mercedes-Benz
VOLVO       – Volvo Station
ARMYTRUCK   – Mercedes Unimog Army
SNOWTRUCK   – Mercedes Unimog Snow
JEEPYJ      – Jeep YJ
LANDCRUISER – Toyota Landcruiser
QUATTRO     – Audi Quattro
PIONEER     – Give all cars better
engines, brakes and handling
COMMANCHE   – Comanche Pick-up Truck

HOLLYWOOD   – Get the secret
drive29     – Monolithic Studio
drive30     – Limo
drive31     – Citreon 2cv
drive36     – cart
drive37     – Outhouse
drive38     – T-Rex
drive39     – wagon
drive40     – Sovenir stand 1
drive41     – Sovenir stand 2
drive42     – Sovenir stand 3
drive43     – log
drive44     – wooden crate
drive45     – Monorail
drive46     – Hover Police
drive47     – U.F.O.
drive48     – Hovering Sewage
drive49     – Snowy Wooden Box
drive50     – Snowy Wooden Box
redracer    – Ford Indigo

While you wait for the race to start where it shows the track hold
and when you begin the race you will drive in the dark.

Get cars:
Submitted by: Dj Simo

1. Go to the /gamedata/carmodel/pc directory in NFS2.
2. Then swap the files like this (THIS IS FOR THE LOG ONLY).
   Change “log.geo” to
3. Then go change “Sbus.geo” to “log.geo”. Change
“log1.geo” to “Sbus.geo”.
4. Do the exact same as above , but with the qfs. files.
5. Now in the game, go to credits. Then type “bus”. Instead of
the bus you will
   get the LOG!

 1. BOX. – Wooden Box
 2. CART. – Handcart
 3. CITR. – Citrogen 2cv
 4. CRAT. – Crate 1
 5. LIMO. – Limousine
 6. LOG. – Wooden Log
 7. MONO. – Monolithic Studios Tour
 8. OUTH. – Outhouse
 9. SM45. – Mono-rail
10. SM46. – Hover Cop Car
11. SM47. – UFO
12. SM48. – Hover Sewage Truck
13. SM49. – Crate 2
14. SM50. – Crate 3
15. SOU1. – Souvenier Stand 1
16. SOU2. – Souvenier Stand 2
17. SOU3. – Souvenier Stand 3
18. TANK. – Army Tank
19. TREX. – Tyrannosaurus Rex
20. WAGO. – Covered Wagon

[WARNING:] You must not change any other files in the directory or the game
CRASH. It will not mess up game – it will just not let you play it until
you fix
the files.

Night Driving:
Submitted by: Dj Simo

Hold down “n” when the race is loading for a night drive.

Submitted byPrithvisha

PIONEER   – Engines r upgraded
VIP       – Special Car
ROADRAGE  – When horn is
pressed,opponent cars jump of the track
ROADRAIN  – Rain during race
HOLLYWOOD – Hollywood Track will appear

Submitted by: Kunal

On the game menu if you type “rexhour” when you will play the
game dinosaur will
run instead of a car.

Type in the main menu
rexhour    – dinosaur will appear
during race
hollywood – a track will unlock name Monolithic Track

Submitted by: karthik

First of all when enter the game go to the game setups and keep single race
type “go1” to “50” – 
example-go1 go2
upto fifty which no u like.
if any problem then contact me.

Submitted by: Rohan the rocket

fzr2000-you will get super fast car ever made
vip-for secret car
bomber-an old car will come

Submitted by: rohan

* Type slip at the main menu to get slippery tracks.
* Type pioneerat the main menu to upgrade all cars engines.
* Type go43 at the main menu to get dinosuor.

Submitted by: NFS Maniac SSSS

I Did all my best i could to research in finding these cheats

Cheats        Result
vip         – Limousine
schoolzone  – School Bus
madland     – Wooden Stand
rexhour     – Tyrannosaurus Rex
go18        – School Bus
go19        – Commanche Pick-up
go20        – School Bus
go21        – Tractor Trailer
go22        – School Bus
go23        – Audi Quattro
go24        – School Bus
go25        – School Bus
go26        – Mercedes-Benz
go27        – Volkswagen
go28        – Mazda Miata
go29        – School Bus
go30        – School Bus
go31        – Mercedes Unimog Army
go32        – School Bus
go33        – Mercedes Unimog Snow
go34        – Monolithic Studios Tour
go35        – Limousine
go36        – Mazda Miata
go37        – School Bus
go38        – School Bus
go39        – School Bus
go40        – Wooden Box
go41        – Hand Cart
go42        – Wooden Stand
go43        – Tyrannosaurus Rex
go44        – Wild West Style
go45        – Souvenir Stand 1
go46        – Souvenir Stand 2
go47        – Souvenir Stand 3
go48        – Log
go49        – Crate 1
go50        – Box of Beer
go51        – Block of Rock
slip        – Enables super slip ‘n’
slid mode. Makes the cars skid more than usual.
             Cooks some awesome
tombstone  – Bonus car
bomber     – Bonus car
rushhour   – ?
fzr2000    – SUPER bonus car
pioneer    – Pioneer mode, very
hollywood  – Secret track

Night mode – To enable night mode (headlights not included), hold down the
“n” key on
your keyboard while the course is loading. So, when you hit
“Race”, a loading screen
will appear. Hold “n” until the loading screen disappears.

Invisible walls:
Submitted by: NFS Maniac SSSS

1) This cheat works only with Mediterranneo and Mystic Peaks. Start the
race, and then
   find a smackable object, such as a
crate or Souvenir stand.
2) Reverse into it at 40mph (65 km/h) or more, with your horn blaring. This
will enable
   the cheat mode.
3) Drive off any side barrier at 100mph (160 km/h) or more, and you’ll go
flying! You
   will be placed back on the track
shortly after.

Submitted by: NFS Maniac SSSS

When you type go#(18<=#[=52) at main menu, we can get different cars, buses, trucks, blocks, etc to drive. That is not my discovery. I got to know it from your cheat database, & have enjoyed it. But these objects are slow. To make them fast, you can type either VIP or PIONEER at the mainmenu first and after getting confirmation, you can type the "go" code. Now you can have the "go" vehicle with speed and maneuverability of a limousine, same as you get from typing VIP. That's my discovery. Maybe you've discovered that too. Heavy Traffic: -------------- Submitted by: NFS Maniac SSSS If you want to heavy traffic then type "rushhour" at main menu, for more fun then type "roadrage" at the main menu. just play the game and enjoy it!. The Special Track named "Monolithic Studios" has secrets: --------------------------------------------------------- Submitted by: NFS Maniac SSSS +To access to Monolithic Studios: Type 'HOLLYWOOD' at the main menu. This track will appear on the Location Screen. +To move the Dinosaur statue at the Jurassic Park in this track, you must drive a Dinosaur car. To access to this car, type "go43" at the Car Select Screen, a sound of engine of car will appear, this means that you have accessed to this Dinosaur car, although the image doesn't display it! Click Done and Race! When you reach the Jurassic Park, drive this Dinosaur car to the Dinosaur statue, you will see you can move it, so you should move it to the middle of the road to block other cars!!! +To enter the Park,or to drive Offroad in Monolithic Studios: Race until you reach the Jurassic Park segment. After you pass the first two huts on your left, drive about 20 feet and you will be able to turn left and enter the Park. Some people think that it's on the right after the two huts, but I found that it's really on the left!!! Driving Offroad in Monolithic Studios: -------------------------------------- Submitted by: NFS Maniac SSSS Race in Monolithic Studios until you reach the Jurassic Park segment. After you pass the first two huts on your right, drive about 20 feet and you will be able to turn right and enter the jungle.   Cheats: ------- Submitted by: M.N.Ashfaq Ahamed Enter these codes on the menu Code      Result ---------------- Chase   - all the cars will follow you Redrain - it will rain when you race Cheats and hints: ----------------- Submitted by: himanshu bomber:you'll get a taxi type car. roadrage:type this on the main screen and race ,when you are near to a car,honk and the car will be down. slip:type this and you will get a much more slippery track. slot;type this and your car will be controled itself. hollywood:this will give you a bonus track named monolithic studios. after unlocking the track race untill you be in the park segment.now when you pass two hits on your right ,drive about 20feet and turn right ,you will be able to drive off road. Cheat: ------ Submitted by: himanshu Type 'hollywood' in the main screen and you'll get a track named monolithic studios. race there untill you reach a jungle type place there after crossing two huts on your right drive about 20feet and drive towards right you will be able to drive offroad! FINAL Rewards + Specail Ed. Cars: --------------------------------- Submitted by: TheDarkBTTF Cars: Code:        Effect: -------------------- quattro   = 1990 Ford Mustang/Audi 100 commanche = Lamborghini Cheetah Sport miata     = Porsche 914/4 NFS2SE REWARDS! (Not In NFS2) Rain + Slip + Bomber bfs = Do A 360 REPEATYENTLY! And Wet Tires You Have! SE Audi Quattro (In NFS2 & SE) Type Slot & Go Selsect A Car. Put Slot: On. Type Quattro And Go! Its Fast! Also, I New NFS Mode Is Made. Type In The Hover Cop Car Code, Put Class A Opponents, Roadrage. WHENEVER You Get SO Close To The Opponents Back Bumper, Hit H. Good Luck! (Do That WITHOUT Slot  

Chapter Need for Speed 2 – Tricks, Strategies,Guide, Cheats, Tips and Secrets


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