NHL 2002 – Tricks, Strategies,Guide, Cheats, Tips and Secrets
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NHL 2002 – Tricks, Strategies,Guide, Cheats, Tips and Secrets

Synopsis NHL 2002 – Tricks, Strategies,Guide, Cheats, Tips and Secrets

NHL 2002

Submitted by: jens lohse

FMV sequences:
Enter one of the following folders in the game
directory to play various FMV sequences.

FMV sequence                          
Stanley Cup win                     
– cup_presentation 
End of period/during an intermission – end_of_period 
During a fight                      
– fight
– generic
Home goal                           
– goal_home
Away goal                           
– goal_away
Away penalty                        
– pen_away
Home penalty                        
– pen_home
Win a playoff series                
– playoff_series_win 
Puck over the glass/out of play     
– puck_over 
Time running out for the Away Team
when losing                         
– time_running_out

Barenaked Ladies:
Create a player using one of the following names:
Jim Creeggan, Tyler Stewart, Steven Page,
Ed Robertson, or Kevin Hearng. The game will
adjust the players face and statistics automatically
to match that band member.

Better fight outcome:
When you get yourself into a fight, do not throw
any punches. When the fight is over, the other
player will get a 5 minute major for fighting and
you will only get a 2 minute penalty for roughing.

Submitted by: jens lohse

Saucer Pass:
The best way to get a pass to your teammate when an
opposing defender is in between the two of you is the
saucer pass. To make a saucer pass hold down the pass
button longer — this will flip the puck up over the
defender’s stick to land on your teammates tape.

These guys are your marksmen. You can identify them by
the Bulls-eye icon beside the player name. They rely on
their quick deceptive wrist shots and score with accuracy.
They won’t overpower you like the Big Shooters, but are
extremely effective from close range. If you can get them
in the Prime Scoring Area (from the hash marks in), don’t
be surprised to see the Red Light go on.

Each team has an assortment of Hero players, which are
identified by a Shield with an H inside. They are your
“Go To” guys. When there is 10 minutes or less in the
game, and your team is tied or trailing by no more than
three, these guys step it up and become very effective.
They’re the ones you want on the ice to get that game
tying or winning goal.

Emotion Meter:
Watch this meter very closely! Timely hits, shots and
great plays will change the mood of the game, which in
turn can affect the mood of your players. If you can get
your teammates pumped, they will exceed their skill levels
and overachieve. You also affect the crowd, either pumping
them up or quieting them with your stellar play and that
also affects the mood of your players.

Variable Puck Control:
We all know that Lemieux, Sakic and Jagr can handle the
puck better and quicker than their peers. What this feature
does is demonstrate those skills. You’ll find that Sakic can
make more dekes, stickhandle longer and maintain better
control of the puck when he receives a pass. The better the
player is, the quicker his player icon will fill in. So the
longer a player has the puck, the more control he will have,
and therefore his icon will fill in faster. This is especially
useful for manual deking when in close — try it!

Career Mode:
A number of factors come into play when signing free agents.
The main factor in determining where a free agent signs is
the team itself–whether it is a small market or big market
team. Look for the happy face icon to find a player that is
more likely to sign with your team.

Make sure to set up a Profile so you can earn points to buy
NHL Cards. Playing this feature allows you to get some nifty
rewards, such as Player Boosts, Cheat Cards, and Bonus
Celebration animations. To activate a profile, go to “NHL
Cards” from the Main Menu, select ‘Create Profile’ and
it. Before you go and play a game, head to the Team Options
screen and make sure to toggle your Profile “ON”. Otherwise

you won’t collect any points to buy NHL Cards.

Player Cards:
Each player card will increase the rating of that player
by turning him into a hero. The duration of that boost
depends on the type. There are three types: Bronze, Silver
and Gold. A Bronze card will last one period, Silver two and
Gold three.

Cheat Cards:
There are 18 Cheat Cards in the game that you can collect.
Each card does something unique/special and can really make
the difference when playing an important game. We aren’t
going to tell you any more, but we WILL tell you they are
worth collecting and using.

Custom Celebration Cards:
These are special cards you can unlock that will give you
cool celebration animations. Once unlocked, you can map it
to your controller and play them after you’ve scored a goal.
From the Maestro to the Archer, you’ll enjoy the different
celebration sequences. (Even better when you’re playing a
friend — use them to rub it in like a taunt!)

Easy Way to Score on Your Own Team:
Submitted by: Somebody

This cheat works effectively, especially in Difficult Mode. 
If you’re ahead by a large amount of goals and you want to show some mercy,

follow these steps:

NOTE: Turn the Offside option OFF before attempting.

a) Gain control of the puck
b) Head straight towards your goalie
c) Get your stick between your goalie’s legs
d) Press the “Pass” button

An extra thing is that the color commentator will say, ”
As of this moment, he has no friends. 
Family, maybe. 

Submitted by: hutch

When u start a game, and u have a screen that lets u choose the jersey

for each team and lets u see the current line ups….here’s what u do to

make ur team have a really unfair advantage:

on the opposing team, set both the top (players speed) and bottom
(goalie speed) as far to the LEFT as it will allow

next, go to YOUR team, and using the same little blue button (or the +/-)

move the little blue ball all the way to the RIGHT.

now when u click on the right arrow to start the game, ur team will
have the fastest goalie and teammembers while the the opposition will
have the slowest. 
try it out. it works unlike most cheats the people post on the net.

Chapter NHL 2002 – Tricks, Strategies,Guide, Cheats, Tips and Secrets


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