No Man’s Sky – Tricks, Strategies,Guide, Cheats, Tips and Secrets
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No Man’s Sky – Tricks, Strategies,Guide, Cheats, Tips and Secrets

Synopsis No Man’s Sky – Tricks, Strategies,Guide, Cheats, Tips and Secrets

No Man’s Sky

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Easy money:
Shoot asteroids near a space station to mine their elements, return to the
space station,
sell everything, and repeat as many times as desired. This is the fastest
and easiest
method to getting money — and it works anywhere at any time. There are
infinite asteroids.
Some of them even contain rare metals that sell for much higher prices, but
mostly you will
find thamium. It is not worth much, but the fact that you can get 100 of
them in one second
is worth the trouble (100 thamium is worth 2,000 units). You also do not
have to wander off
too far from the space station since there are asteroids everywhere. This
is best done in
a solar system with high thamium prices. Make sure you have a clean
inventory in your ship
and suit.

Make lots of Bypass Chips and sell them. They only cost 10 plutonium and 10
iron to make,
and the blueprint is unlocked from the start. They are the two most common
elements. While
10 of these elements are worth almost nothing, a bypass chip is worth 3,500
units. Obtain
a lot of iron and plutonium, go to a space station, craft bypass chips, and
sell them until
you run out of resources. Then, repeat the process. You will make 35,000
units from 100
plutonium and 100 iron (selling the elements alone would give you only
5,000 units).

Visit Atlas Interfaces (formerly Atlas Stations) and get the Atlas Stones.
They sell for
70k units (after patch 1.03). Before the patch they sold for 270k.

Stack up on rare metals (gold, titanium, etc.). All the elements with a
green background
color are worth a lot. Gold is the best one. Some planets have a lot of
gold. This is
random, but if you find such a planet, you should take advantage of it.
Gold usually comes
in the form of giant rocks. You can find a lot of it on radioactive

Everything you discover can be uploaded (and renamed) when connected to the
game servers.
You will get money for doing this. This is helpful for getting things going
early in the
game. When the current space station does not offer a good price for your
stuff, sell it
at the next station.

Getting to galaxy center quickly:
The ultimate goal in the game is to reach the center of the galaxy. Early
in the game
you will encounter a Space Anomaly. It looks like a smaller version of a
space station
with a spinning machine around it. They appear randomly as you fly through
space. Inside
is an alien. Talk to it to be presented with three paths: Go for the center
(follow black
holes), go for atlas (follow atlas stations for money), explore as you
desire. Select
the path to the center choice to automatically locate a black hole on your
Then, complete the following steps:

1.Upgrade your Hyperdrive to warp 300 LY instead of 100. Even more is
possible with a
  second upgrade.
2.Use a black hole. They will teleport you 2,000 light years closer to the
  This is by far the quickest way to
3.Warp to Atlas Interface and collect the two Warp Cells and Atlas Stone.

  Every Atlas Interface has two free
Warp Cells — so you do not have to craft them.
4.Repeat steps 2 and 3. Collect the two warp cells from Atlas Interface,

  use them to get to a black hole,
and repeat.

Later when you have the Atlaspass V3, you can find fuel resources
(Suspension Fluid,
Electron Vapour, Antimatter, Warp Cells) in the back room of space
stations. The V3
pass is only available when you are much further into the game. Once you
have it, this
basically gives infinite warp cells. You would buy Zinc and Heridium from
the station,
open the locked canisters in the backroom for fuel ingredients, and craft
them together
into a Warp Cell (Plutonium is also found in the backroom; you must get
Thamium yourself
by shooting a few asteroids). Additionally, keep stacks of Plutonim,
Heridium, Zinc,
and Thamium in your inventory. They are needed to craft fuel related items.

Note: If you want to get to the center even quicker, delete the patches and
play Version
1.00 of the game. You will start only 40,000 lightyears away from the
center (with the
patch installed you start 175,000 lightyears away). Also, you do not need
the Atlaspass
V3 in the unpatched version to get unlimited fuel resources.

Getting the Atlas Pass V1 and finding a Space Anomaly:
In the third solar system (after warping two times), you must use your
ship’s scanner
to locate an Alien Monolith. The monolith will be marked with a purple icon
on one of
the planets. This is after you have learned how to craft the antimatter and
warped to
the next star. Interact with the Alien Monolith to mark an Atlas Interface
on your map.
Warp to the Atlas Interface. In the Atlas Interface, you must talk to the
large orb and
choose to “Concent.” Do not refuse the orb. When you pick the
correct option, it will
give you an Atlas Stone. Space Anomalies will now randomly appear when you
travel to
new solar systems. You may have to warp many times before finding one. It
is random
and one will eventually appear. It is recommended you stay on the path the
game gives
you. When you reach a new system, always use your scanner. If a Space
Anomaly is nearby,
it should get marked with a purple icon. Inside is an Alien scientist. Talk
to him to
get the Atlas Pass V1 crafting formula. Then, craft it for 25 x Iron + 10 x
The Atlas Pass gives you access to the side rooms of Space Stations. These
upgrades for your multi-tool and exo suit. Some locked boxes can also be
opened with
it that contain rare materials such as Suspension Fluid, Electron Vapour,
and Warp Cells. Note: It does not matter which path you choose at the
beginning of
the game (or if you choose one at all). The directions above are the same

Getting Heridium:
Heridium is a Silicate element, commodity, and crafting material in the
game. It is
used to craft Antimatter and some upgrades. It can be found on planets and
mined from
tall rocks. These are quite common. You can fly close to the surface with
your starship
to spot them. They give hundreds of Heridium per rock. It can also be
bought at any
space station from the trade terminal and merchants. They usually sell
20-50 Heridium
(you need 50 for crafting Antimatter).

Upgrading Hyperdrive (FTL Warp Drive):
The Hyperdrive allows you to jump from one solar system to the next. The
two strategies are the best ways to upgrade it. While exploring planets,
you will
notice smoking drop pods (Damaged Machinery). They usually contain upgrades
for your
ship. If you are lucky, you can get an upgrade for the Hyperdrive. Fly
close to the
surface and watch out for black smoke and blue blinking machinery on the
Also, talk to the alien at every space station you visit. The weirder the
and the higher your standing with a faction, the better the possible
reward. For example,
on the right wing of a space station you could meet an alien from the
Korvax Race.
During the multiple choice dialogue, you can select whether to let him
extract some of
your brain cells or not (for his research). If you agree, which temporarily
depletes your
shield, you will be rewarded with the “Warp Reactor V1” upgrade.
When you have dialogues
with really weird (or life threatening) options, it is recommended to agree
to the most
risky requests since these options give the best rewards. Unfortunately,
there is no
100% full proof method to get the upgrade right away. It will take some
time and comes
down to luck. Try to give the correct answer in all alien dialogues.
This will increase your standing with them and lead to better

Getting Atlas Stones:
Atlas Stones are a very valuable item. You can find them at Atlas
Interfaces (formerly
Atlas Stations). Talk to the large orb inside the station to get one Atlas
Stone. You
can get one Atlas Stone at every Atlas Interface you visit. They are worth
70k units
after patch 1.03 (before the patch they were worth 270k). Other than
selling them for
money, they have no use in the game. A nice benefit of Atlas Interfaces is
that they
also give you two Warp Cells, teach you new alien words, and give you
Exosuit blueprints.

Easy Credits From Bypass Chips:
Through at least Patch 1.0.3, you can earn easy money. To do so, first farm
Iron and
Plutonium, which form in stacks of 250. Next, combine those stacks to form
Bypass Chips.
For each such combination, you will receive 25 Bypass Chips (each
individual chip is
comprised of 10 Iron and 10 Plutonium). You can sell your Bypass Chips for
around 3100
credits apiece at a Galactic Terminal. The market price varies from
terminal to terminal,
but you should expect to receive around 775,000 credits in exchange for a
stack of 250
Bypass Chips.

Prioritize Exosuit Upgrades:
As you wander the various planets throughout the galaxy, you’ll quickly
find that you
need more inventory slots in order to make better use of your time. You can
your storage capacity by raiding Shelter locations. You can upgrade your
inventory for
free the first time around, but after that, each subsequent upgrade will
increase in
price by 10,000 credits.

Upgrade Your Scanner:
Throughout the game, you’ll rely on your scanner to find Elements, as well
as relays
that point the way to Colony Bases, Manufacturing Facilities, and other
such destinations.
Therefore, it makes sense to start looking for ways to upgrade your
scanning capabilities
immediately. Typically, you can find scanner Blueprints in Colony Bases and
Facilities, secreted in wall terminals. Obtain the blueprint and then the
components and get to upgrading. It will make everything that comes after
that moment
go more smoothly.

Affordable Language Mastery:
You can affordably master languages if you follow this technique. First,
acquire around 200
Carbon. Next, find a space station. Enter the regular door and chat with
the alien you find
waiting there. Each brief conversation costs 20 Carbon, but every second
chat will offer the
chance to learn a new word. Continue talking with the alien. Once you know
enough words,
other available options will appear and you can receive either an Isotope
or Fuel for using
them. Typically, these can be turned into 56 Carbon, a nice return on the
40 you had to
spend. After a certain point, you’re essentially gaining resources instead
of spending them
as you master the local language.

Faster swimming:
To swim very fast, you must be moving really fast before hitting the water,
and cannot bump
into any objects in your trajectory once under water. The best way to do
this is to fall
from a really high height. Go to the shore, perform a Melee Dash with the
Jetpack Jump and
keep going up until your jetpack runs out, then keep holding forward once
you hit the water.
You can then turn and pitch your camera into any direction to maintain your
falling velocity
underwater. If you are in an underground cave and cannot get a lot of
height, use sprint and
Melee Dash into a bunnyhop to build up a lot of velocity before you hit the
water, then
point your camera into the trajectory you want to go once you are

Melee Dash and Melee Dodge:
If you perform a melee attack while strafing, it is like a hidden quick
dodge move. It is
useful for dodging sentinel fire. If you perform a melee attack while
moving forward, you
gain a quick forward dash for a second. Melee while moving forward and
while standing still
in the middle of the melee animation do a quick jump to perform a quick
bunnyhop dash forward.
Maintain your height with the jetpack to cover a very long distance
quickly. You have to
quickly jump after melee to get this to work (at least within a quarter
second of pressing
[Melee]). This can also be applied in strafing directions as well.

No base building limit:
Use a text editor to edit the “TKGRAPHICSSETTINGS” file in your
Steam Apps folder or the
“\Documents\My Games\No Man’s Sky\Binaries\SETTINGS” directory.

Find the “< Property name="RemoveBaseBuildingRestrictions" value="false" / >” line and
change the “false” to “true”. This will remove the
“Limit Reached” message, allowing you
to build an unlimited number of base parts on your plot.
Find the “< Property name="BaseBuildingLimit" value="2000" / >” line and change the “2000”

to “1999”. This will increase the size of your base building
Changing this value will multiply the amount of space you can build on.

Then, save and close the “TKGRAPHICSSETTINGS” file.

Find Glyphs:
Glyphs are like the password that you will need to access the portals. To
find them you
have to find caves in the area, use your scanner. You will be able to track
a Dead
Traveler from which you will get access to a new Glyph.

These portals can be used to travel on different planets, bases or to
random locations.
You can share the same password with friends and invite them to new
locations. It is
good if in future there is the possibility to pass through a vehicle or
ship through
the portal so that players won’t have to travel really long.

General Tips:
* Read the in-game Guide entries. Seriously. Read them. All of them. They
are a wealth
  of information. Many of the game’s
most basic and essential concepts are covered therein,
  and as you explore, new entries are
added. Furthermore, you can click on anything in
  the guide to be given a step by
step quest teaching you how to build them, and find
  their ingredients!
* The basic premise of the game should be familar to you by now. Whatever
  you find yourself facing, applying
the skills learned by following this starting guide
  will (eventually) work to overcome
them. All the menus and interfaces work similarly.
  All of the components a quest or
another item says you need to build, will tell you
  the ingredients you need, and those
ingredients will likewise tell you what materials
  they in turn require. All you have
to do is mouse over things, scan, search, trade,
  and shop until you find what you
* Some things happen in inventory slots. Others happen by placing them in
the environment,
  and interacting. You’ve seen both
of those sorts of dynamics already. A few will require
  specific NPCs. Pay close attention.
If you can’t find what you need right away… explore.
  Scan everything and everywhere.
Talk to everyone. Try everything. And keep reading the
  in-game guide entries.

* Planets have different kinds of hazards. You may need to discover new
technologies to
  make them survivable. Pay attention
to what’s harming you.

* If you’re struggling to find a certain resource, in addition to scanning,
scan with
  your visor meticulously. Often you
won’t find certan resources until you do. If you
  still can’t… the planet you’re on,
if it’s not a ubiquitous resource, may simply be
  devoid of it. Search

* Don’t get discouraged. Have patience. Be observant. Explore. Search.
  This game isn’t as overwhelming as
you think it is. Don’t be in such a rush. Enjoy
  the journey. Relax. Have fun. You
have a whole galaxy (and then some) to explore.
  It isn’t going anywhere.

No Man’s Sky Refiner Bug Exploit:
This bug lets you endlessly create resources by exploiting a problem with
the Portable
Refiner. Here’s what you need to do:

1.Craft two portable refiners (found on the portable equipment tab on the
build menu)
  and place the first one wherever
you want on any planet (but not on a freighter).
2.Set nearly any item in the game that you’d like to freely duplicate into
the refiner’s
  Some players have reported they
have to actually start the refiner process to get the
  bug working with step three, but it
appears it is simply the act of placing the item
  in the input that starts the
duplication process for most players.
3.Whether you started the refiner going or just placed an item in the
input, quickly
  place a second portable refiner
near the first one. The proximity is the key here,
  as they need to be close together
to trigger the duplication.
  Open the maintenance menu on the
second refiner to discover it suddenly has duplicated
  whatever object you put in the
first refiner. If you started the first refiner going,
  you may discover the duplicate is
in the output instead of the input.
4.Remove the duplicated resource from the input of the second refiner, then
pick up
  that refiner. Remove the item from
the first refiner as well. Now, endlessly repeat
  the process of placing items in the
first input, setting down the second refiner, and
  grabbing your free duplicated

The upper limit of this process isn’t known, but it reportedly works with
three refiners
as well for three times the resources if they are placed in close enough

The potential applications here are endless, from duplicating and selling
those expensive
technology modules to creating an endless supply of liquid explosive or any
other item
you need.

The No Man’s Sky refiner duplication bug is virtually guaranteed to get
patched out at
some point, as it can obviously be exploited in game-breaking ways.

Jetpack-Melee Speed Trick:
Written by CraftMaster707

Ever wanted to get around faster but Sprint isn’t doing it for you? This
simple momentum
exploit will make you go “wow, I can’t believe I wasn’t doing that

-=The Move=-
The movement trick is quite simple, and takes two button presses. While
moving, press
the melee button. This should make you do a shove-bash attack. Now, right
after the
melee button is pressed, IMMEDIATELY activate and hold your jetpack. If all
is successful,
you will go flying forward at a high speed for as long as your jetpack

The timing appears to affect the speed boosted, but from gameplay
experience it appears
to be inconsistent on how.

Using default controls: again, that is moving forward-> Q ->
immediate held Spacebar.

This movement exploit can truly be abused on edges. On any area where the
height drops
off somewhat sharply (say a hill), the Jetpack-Melee trick will hurdle one
far greater
distances at breakneck speeds. Likewise, on rare occassions at the end of
an uphill
section, you may fling yourself high into the air!

If this proves inconsistent, note the bash-melee must bring you off the
edge and your
jetpack must be activated before you begin to drop. If done incorrectly,
the user will
plummet more than launch.

From experience, it appears that Sprint -> melee-bash provides more
forward momentum
for the jetpack boost than the normal movement -> melee-bash.

Currently, the jetpack consumes 3x as much of your life support compared to
walking, which
is an important drawback to take note of. Consider this exploit a way of
speeding up the
gameplay, with all the boons and banes associated with that.
This cannot be done up sharp hills, as your jetpack-assisted flight will be
abruptly shortened.
Fall damage is still a thing with this exploit, especially with expanded
jetpack fuel. Use
your jetpack in two bursts- one long, one short- to prevent possible broken
The physics engaged in this maneuver can and have from experience made the
game behave
oddly with the right interactions.

How to Get Rare S-class Starship:
Written by Tequila

This guide cointains the adress and ‘how to get’ this rare S-class

-=What You Need to Have=-
this Guide contains an option to get the rare S Class Starship shown in the
All You need to have is a Portal, a Starship worth about ~25 million Units
to switch it
in and a Moment of Your time. Ready? So let’s go!

-=Code for the Portal=-
Just enter the Code for the Portal shown on the Picture to the right. Walk
through the
Gate and set a manually SavePoint. Call Your Starship and hop over to the
space station
of that star system.

-=Switch It In=-
Exit Your Ship to make sure You get an automatic save point. The Ship is
the first
arriving in the space station. If it is not load the auto save and
continue. Talk to
the trader and switch it in. That’s it!

Now go back through the Portal and have Fun with Your brandnew S-class

How to Get Unlimited Nanites (Easy Method):
Written by ratpack473

This guide explains a simple and inexpensive way to get unlimited

Of course you have to get ready so here’s how. Obtain the recources

2 elecrtromagenic generators.
2 suply depots.
2 miners.
2 suply pipes.
1 medium refiner.
2 base computers.

And install the survey divice (optinal collect recources for 2

-=Step 1=-
Once you have obtained the recources head off for a planet containing gold
and locate a
deep level mineral deposit with gold using the survey divice. Then make
sure there is a
elelectric field nearby. If there isn’t find another gold deposit and look
there repeat
untill you have found a gold deposit with a electromagnetic field within

-=Step 2=-
Once you have found your gold deposit and electromagnetic field put your
base computer
in the middle of the two and place a electromagnetic genorator in the
electric field
and strech a power cable over to your deep level mineral deposit and plug
in a miner.
Make sure it’s mining gold. Then hook up a suply depot to store all the
mined gold
(optinal build and wire up a teleporter).

-=Steps 3+4=-
Repeat steps 1+2 except find silver.

-=Step 5=-
Build a medium refiner in you base if you don’t already have one.

-=How to Use=-
Collect all of your gold and silver. Then throw them together in your
refiner. It
should make platinum then refine the platinum you should get nanites.

-=Tips and Tricks=-
You can upgrade the number of miners/depots. You have just make sure you
keep it
powered or it don’t work. This will also work for unlimited units but
instead of
refining the platinum you can sell it. It is recomended to sell in a rich
this way you will get more units.

Chapter No Man’s Sky – Tricks, Strategies,Guide, Cheats, Tips and Secrets


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