Noita – Tricks, Strategies,Guide, Cheats, Tips and Secrets
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Noita – Tricks, Strategies,Guide, Cheats, Tips and Secrets

Synopsis Noita – Tricks, Strategies,Guide, Cheats, Tips and Secrets


Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

How to Enable Secret Death Replay Editor:
All you need to do is find the “Nolla_Games_Noita” folder on your


In there you’ll find a folder named “save_shared” with a config file.

Open the config file in a text editor and hunt down the line “replay_recorder_enabled=”0?”.

Change that 0 to a 1 and save it.

Now when you die in Noita the menu will have an extra element on it, “Save
death replay”.
Clicking that will take you to a replay editor, enabling you to change the
size and length
of the file. with the UI. It’s all pretty obvious. When you’ve saved the
file, it outputs
into the “Nolla_Games_Noita” folder.
Dig down into the “save_rec” and then into the “screenshots_animated”

-=Tablets and Orbs Locations=-
Just a heads up, the orbs respawn even if you collected them on previous
runs – they just
contain health upgrades (+25 max HP) instead of their respective spells.

If you can get to them easily, do it!

Emerald Tablet – Volume I is found encased in ice above the mountain
entrance. You can
hear it and barely reach it with base levitation. You can cut it out with
spells to make
it fall. Above the Orb and Tablet is a pedestal, simillar to those found in
glowing with green light – maybe it’s the place for all Tablets?

Emerald Tablet – Volume V is in the temple at far left side of Ice

Emerald Tablet – Volume VII is found with an Orb in an Orb Room. To find
it, you must pass
by a lava lake (using a water based spell or pouring potions on it), jump
into a pit right
next to it and climb a wall made of Extremely Dense Stone. The pit can also
be used to
skip levels. Picking up the Orb unlocks a Thunderstorm spell!

Emerald Tablet of Thoth is found at the top of the pyramid beyond the
The Orb gives you an Earthquake spell.

Tabula {NAME} is found next to previously mentioned lava lake.

Secretorum Hermetis – is hidden in an underground lake, below a tree.

-=Secret areas=-
Dragon Cave – “Heading to the right of the underground jungle leads to the
Past the boulder sealing it, Amaterasu style, is a “rock”. Carving into the
rock spawns
a boss worm that breaths fire. Killing it drops a max hp+ and, for me at
least, a 24-slot
non-shuffle wand.”

The Pyramid – is found at the end of the Desert area. It has a dungeon in
it, but it’s
blocked by two brickwork gates.

Tips & Tricks:
* Use magic to succeed.
* You can kick the lanterns (very far), boxes and barrels to burn/explode
them later at
  desirable location.
* You can drink liquid with no limits (magic stomach I guess) you’re
standing in by pressing
  down. Without pressing down you can
also fill an empty flask you’re holding in your hands
  (this is useful to keep water on
hand to nullify poison and burning). Beware that liquids
  can be combined in one flask. You
can collect liquids by throwing an empty flask liquid,
  as long as it is not upside down
(this sucks), this way you can collect liquids that are
  unobtainable by standart method or
directly damage you – as result you can store acid,
  polymorh, flame?(not yet tested)
* Some liquids flow above the others while others below (that is if they do
not nulify each
  other of course)

Tips and Tricks:
Written by Shrinkshooter

Noita is expansive. I think that’s safe to say. When it comes down to the
between all possible assets, and then you throw in player actions, it
becomes downright
exhaustive. There are a billion things I could say that would rightfully
count as “tips
and tricks.” While I do want this section to be comprehensive, I simply
can’t and won’t
make some gigantic Bible of all the possible various cool things you can do
in Noita. I
will still try to add anything that at least of middling importance or is
good for general
gameplay. Just wanted to point out that “you didn’t mention X” as a comment
might be
assuming that I did so unintentionally. I will also leave out various
things that I consider
too obvious or things that everyone but a complete novice already

-=Tips and Tricks Section 1=-
These are not listed in any particular order of importance.
Steam Guides apparently limit the character count of sections, so this list
must be divided up.

Polymorphing allows you to enter and exit Holy Mountain checkpoints without
causing a
collapse. This is very useful, because after a collapse, you can no longer
edit wands inside
the Mountain. If you don’t mind the time required to lug wands back to edit
them, this saves
you a perk slot from taking Edit Wands Everywhere.

Wands have two recharges: mana, and spell cycles. Mana on a drained wand
will recharge even
if you don’t have it currently equipped. The spell cycle recharge (the
orange bar) kicks in
once every spell on that wand has been cast once;
this does NOT recharge while unequipped. Keep this in mind for long
recharge wands; even if it’s
supremely powerful, switching to a wand that hasn’t completed its spell
cycle recharge in the
middle of battle can be perilous.

Dousing a wand in pheromone will create it as a possessed allied

Right click on flasks with inventory open to empty it immediately. This is
drinking, and
sometimes causes effects; drinking slime will hurt you slightly, teleport
and pheromones
will wear off in a few moments, etc.

Drop a flask without breaking it by equipping it and throwing it with the
cursor over yourself.

Worm blood can be consumed to see everything around you in a radius. Hold S
to consume liquids
or corpses to get them out of the way or apply effects.

Chainsaws or drills will chew up corpses and create tons of blood.
Especially useful for worm
blood. Chainsaws are also excellent spells with which to have a trigger
spell multicast,
since they lower recharge times, do plenty of damage, and cost no

Purify toxic sludge by spraying some water into it.

Concentrated spells produce high knockback from the recoil, which allows
you to fly when using
wands with certain spells and a high enough firerate. Even better with Low
Gravity, though it
becomes trickier to control.

Experiment with wacky combos you otherwise wouldn’t. Buoyancy doesn’t seem
like a particularly
useful spell, and it lasts a while. Throw a duration and matter eater on
it, and presto, you
now have a spell that eats through anything (except cursed rock), lasts
forever, and brings
you with it. Easily one of the best anti-obstacle combos.

Tap to levitate, don’t hold the key. This will get you the most bang for
your buck out of the
levitation bar. You can reach higher by tapping straight up than you can
just holding the key

Double clicking on wand spells while editing them will snap the spell to
your inventory,
no need to drag.

Do not scroll through your inventory, this is bad practice. You don’t want
to pull out a
wand that sparks electricity passively while you’re in water, or a wand
that burns passively
while in flammable gas. Always use explicit keypresses to switch to items,
including flasks.
Personally I use Q for my water flask, and then Z X C for the other three
following slots.
If you’ve made scrolling a habit, disable mousewheel input in keybinds
until you’ve
unlearned it.

Understand immunities. Fire immunity doesn’t protect you from lava.
Electric immunity doesn’t
protect you from explosions (and pretty much every electric spell is
explosive). Explosive
immunity doesn’t protect you from instantly igniting when caught in a
blast. Most explosions
have more than one damage component; don’t be near a turret tank or acid
container when it
blows even if you’re protected from the blast itself.

A wand with any electric spell on it will electrocute liquids. This used to
be instant,
and would immediately kill you on contact; this now takes a few moments for
the charge to
coalesce, so you can submerge with this sort of wand equipped without being
instantly killed,
as long as you get out in a second or two.

Berserkium doubles your damage and doubles explosive radius, and is one of
the best liquids
to have. This often causes projectiles to eat through solid material
better, including
chainsaws, drills, magic bolts, magic orbs, etc.

Berserkium also causes any afflicted creature to attack anything it sees
and also gets
attacked by anything that sees it. A crowd of berserked enemies will kill
each other either
until it’s worn off or there’s only one left standing.

The medics found in the Hiisi Base and below will heal you under one of
three conditions:
-You deal damage to them. They will shoot you twice, healing 5 health per
shot, each time you
hurt them. Because of this it is best to kick them, as it only deals them 1
damage. With a
teleport wand, you can hit them for 0 damage and get them to heal
-You spray berserk on them. Keep in mind others will attack it if they see
the medic, so
it’s best if it’s only you and the medic. A zerked medic heals for 10 each
shot, and will
constantly shoot you until your health is full or the zerk wears off.

You douse yourself in berserkium. This compels the medic to constantly
“attack” you until
your health is full or you’re no longer zerked. This will only heal for 5
health a shot,
but is far more conservative with your Berserkium, since it takes an
appreciable amount to
stain the medic.

Wand building is beyond scope of this guide, but general advice for getting
a first good
wand: build a non-shuffle wand with a trigger or timer spell, then a
multicast of some kind,
then a series of projectile spells. This is a general formula for building
a wand with
great burst damage that procs at range. Add whatever modifiers you want
before the multicast
so it applies to all the projectiles that the trigger spawns.

Sometimes a no-shuffle wand’s lower mana capacity is a good thing. If you
have a particular
wand set up to shoot a trigger, then a multicast, then four firebolts, but
it only has
enough mana to cast two of the four firebolts, this will effectively double
your ammo. Now,
this wand will fire double firebolts 50 times instead of 25; once the first
two firebolts
run out of charges, it will switch to the second pair, which it never had
enough mana to
fire altogether previously. This does, of course, almost drain the mana of
the wand every
shot, but this is fine for wands you use sparingly, since mana regenerates
even while the
wand isn’t equipped. The multicast number is important, though; if this
example wand had
a double cast, then after it casts the first shot with two firebolts
attached, it would
proceed to fire the next firebolt after that shot, and the last firebolt
after that,
before recycling. If this were the case, the wand would need to be
switched, then back.

If you need to empty an area of liquid and have no means of draining it,
you can fill an
empty flask and right click to drink it, over and over. This is
considerably faster than
trying to drink away the liquid by holding down S.

When entering a portal into the Holy Mountain and the screen flashes white,
you are not
safe. While the game loads the Mountain, you can still suffer the ill
effects of whatever
liquid lies underneath the portal. To avoid this, hold W or Spacebar
immediately after
entering the portal.

Many people know this by now, but you can kill a lich in one hit by
chucking an Emerald
Tablet at it, assuming your throw has enough force (read: put the cursor
far enough away).

-=Tips and Tricks Section 2=-
Enemies that can carry wands will automatically pick them up if it crosses
their hitbox
(and so will you if you chaotic polymorph into one of these enemies). If
you don’t have
 a bouncing or boomerang spell
modifier, you can heal yourself by dropping a wand with
heal charges on it for an enemy to “attack” you with. Keep in mind they
still use their
basic attacks here and there while holding a wand, but I believe that they
only do this
while waiting for the wand’s cooldown. They’ll also attack you once they
run out of heal

Newer players sometimes complain about “not being able” to pick up gold
because it drops
in hazards created by enemies, like toxic sludge or lava. Ignoring the fact
you can use
water to neutralize these things, Noitaguy has a small but noticeable gold
pickup radius.
You can pick up gold nuggets that are surrounded by a hazardous liquid just
by levitating
close enough to it; you won’t touch the liquid at all.

You can easily deal with the lich by freezing it and kicking it, or
constantly shocking
it with electric spells, or chainsawing it in the face. Additionally, a
large number of
liquids can be used to deal with it too: both polymorphines, teleportatium,
making yourself invisible, etc. Stain registration on the lich can be very
hit or miss,
however, so you should always have a backup plan.

Fallen concrete is very easy to get through with anything that does
appreciable environment
damage, like energy orbs, drills, chainsaws, magic bolts, etc. Even if the
Holy Mountain
chamber collapses, if you need to get back inside for any reason, it’s easy
to do so
(though you won’t be able to edit wands). And yes you CAN reach the top of
the exit shaft
by levitating; you simply need to tap at the right pace.

You can use polymorphine to fly for an infinite amount of time; when you
polymorph, spam
W as fast as you can, and you fly rather quickly upwards. When you change
back, your
levitation bar will be full, and you can switch to your flask and repeat.
Keep in mind
that doing this with standard polymorphine is a bad idea, because any enemy
can sneeze
in your direction and kill you.

Always have some sort of explosive or electric attack to deal with
armored/metal enemies.
They’re resistant to standard attacks, and very resistant to anything that
does slice
damage, like sawblades or arrows. Lightning bolt spells are good; they
aren’t nearly as
dangerous to you as they might seem without protection, so long as you
don’t try using
it in enclosed passages or blast something too close to you. Beware of
other electric
spells, though.

In the Vault, assuming you make it that far, there is a second enemy that
heals: a
floating drone with three horizontal glowing green orbs.

Spraying with a flask will not reveal you when invisible. If you want a
safety net,
you can bring invisiblium and teleportatium along with you; make yourself
and then spray a bit of teleportatium into the air so it rains down on you.
You can
use this to scout if you don’t have any reveal spells/perks.

If you are stained with oil and another liquid, you will only take damage
from fire while
you are in direct contact with it. As long as you are stained by a non-oil
liquid like
water or toxic sludge (berserkium etc. do not count), you will not catch
fire and remain
aflame. Being stained by a non-oil liquid by itself will naturally protect
you from being
hurt by fire at all.

Noitaguy propels himself a bit faster when he’s pushing up off the ground.
Because of
this, you can keep tapping up while walking to “hop,” which allows you to
move slightly
faster than normal.

Chapter Noita – Tricks, Strategies,Guide, Cheats, Tips and Secrets


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