Nomad – Tricks, Strategies,Guide, Cheats, Tips and Secrets
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Nomad – Tricks, Strategies,Guide, Cheats, Tips and Secrets

Synopsis Nomad – Tricks, Strategies,Guide, Cheats, Tips and Secrets


Unlimited stealth shield:
Submitted by: Christina Klassen

Once you can get the stealth shield from Walks home world, you can
getting more by telling him the fact again. This is useful in trades.

The stealth shield brings a high price, and can get many Quietus
from the Phelonese, which kill anyone in one shot. However, you can only

carry 255 of any item.

Submitted by: rickHH

 1. Save your game before entering
dangerous spaces.
 2. Be frugal when you bargain, there
is no reason to give any alien
    something for free.
 3. You can actually talk and trade
with some of the KOROK in the
    neutral zone.
 4. Crystal Velos can fetch a hefty
price. Trade them wisely.
 5. Chanticleer are very shrewd.
Treat them nicely and you might come
    out on top.
 6. Don’t send your robots planetside
when the area is less than
    hospitable. They tend to
 7. Keep track of the equipment in
tow. Make sure you don’t trade away
    your best equipment.
 8. When you’re expecting a battle,
come out of warp and go immediately
    to combat mode. Get them before
they get you.
 9. Try to broadside enemy ships.
They can’t fire on you from their flank.
10. Keep an eye out on your sheild and damage meters. If things get too

    hot, disengage and issue repair
11. If your are facing more than one ship, concentrate firing on just
    one ship and escape. Come back to
finish the others after you have
    repaired your craft.
12. Arden traders have a sweet tooth. Give them all the chocolate they


Hints for obtaining Gateway Codes:
Code 1:
Acquire one or more Arch-Bots by trading them with a Pahrump. Usually
chocolate will be an acceptable trade. Go to the second planet of
(in sector 3,6). Send an arch-bot down to mine the planet. It will take
a while to mine anything, and may take several tries to the EX-1 head.

View the EX-1 head in inventory. Another window will pop up with some

text which will include the first code entry for the Losten Gateway.

For the other codes you have to acquire a fact, PARAMIS: Tavel to the
second planet of the Alphard system in sector 6,5. Send an arch-bot
down to retrieve the Alien Alloy Tablet. Again it will take a little
while and may require several attempts. View the Tablet in inventory.
The text will be signed “PARAMIS”. At this point, PARAMIS is a
that you have.

Code 2:
Go to the planet Losten (the third planet in the Achernar system in
sector 2,6). Note: You need to have the STEALTH SHIELD before to
talk to the guardian. Hail the ship Guardian and talk to WR-6000.
WR-6000 the fact PARAMIS= =2E WR-6000 will respond with the second
part of the code.


Code 3:
Go to the first planet in the Alhena system, in sector 3,5. Hail the
ship Supply 7 and talk to EX-3. Give EX-3 the fact PARAMIS. EX-3 will
respond with the third part of the code.

Code 4:
Go to the second planet in the Bellatrix system, in sector 2,7. Hail
the ship Supply 9 and talk to EX-4. Give EX-4 the fact PARAMIS EX-4
will repsond with the fourth and last part of the code.

When you have all the parts of the code, go back to Losten. Through
Navigate Menu, select Enter Gateway. You will be prompted to give the

code (watching the little window that shows the current gateway ring
position). When you are through the gateway, send an arch-bot to
the Fail-Safe Device. Once you have the Fail-Safe Device, and the
MasterShip is in the system, you will be able to activate it and
the MCR, winning the game.

Chapter Nomad – Tricks, Strategies,Guide, Cheats, Tips and Secrets


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