Northgard – Tricks, Strategies,Guide, Cheats, Tips and Secrets
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Northgard – Tricks, Strategies,Guide, Cheats, Tips and Secrets

Synopsis Northgard – Tricks, Strategies,Guide, Cheats, Tips and Secrets


Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

General Extreme Mode Tips:


1. Be a save-scrub champion. Whenever you’re on a tricky mission, save
every other
month. Since Northgard implements semi-random events and world hostility,
going back
to an earlier save may change where / when Wolves and Draugr invade, which
bad event
(Rats, Blizzard, Earthquake) comes up, etc. In some levels, you need to do
as well
as you possibly can throughout the mission in order to beat it. The idea is
to save
as soon as you’ve done a perfect iteration of gameplay; that way, if
something happens
in the next couple months, you have a ‘near-perfect” save to go back

2. Time is of the essence. You are allowed to relax in Skirmish, but in
Extreme, you
should always be micromanaging your military or villagers to be as
efficient as
possible. Pay attention to notifications, especially idle villagers. Turn
scouts and
warriors into villagers when you can; don’t retain an army unless necessary
or you
can’t afford to disband them.

3. Maximize efficiency. Make sure you leave room for silos on food tiles,
place Markets
and Trading posts on the same tile, and leave room for a Mine when Stone /
Iron is on
the tile. Pay attention to each clan’s Lore when planning out what to

4. You should almost never need to develop land (paying 100 Krowns) unless
you are
Goat and can do it for 20. Instead, push food production and expand to a
new tile.

-=Resource Management=-
1. Expand until you can have a steady supply of everything you need. On
you rarely need to take more than 5-6 territories besides your home

2. Make sure you store nothing but the bare minimum of resources! Food is
good for
colonization and not starving; nothing else. Wood should be used
immediately; if
you can’t use that 150 wood immediately because you don’t have building
space, you
need more food to colonize another tile. If you have over 300 food or 200
wood and
Winter isn’t coming, you’re not spending your resources in a timely
fashion. Pretend
you’re a project manager, and your boss is going to take your budget away
if you
don’t spend it.

3. Krowns are nice, but unless you are playing Raven, you only need enough
upgrading buildings and hiring a few military units. Try to keep about
100-150 in
reserve with at least +2 production and only push Krowns if you need them
Upgrades or Military.

4. Mine Stone and Iron as early as possible on most maps. Upgrading
buildings is vital.

5. Trading Posts are the Great Equalizer. If you have a map rich in
forests, or food,
you can sell off the excess from your efficient, upgraded buildings instead
of posting
villagers as Merchants. Depending on the map, you can get 2-6 trade routes
going at
once, though you rarely need more than 2.

6. Don’t buy resources from the Market! It’s almost a guaranteed sign you
expanded properly or in the right order. The campaign ensures that you are
near all
vital resources, so don’t buy from the Market unless absolutely

1. Upgrade buildings relative to what you need as quickly as possible. If
running low on Food, upgrade a Food building.
2. There are 3 essential tools to upgrade with Iron every level:
Woodcutters, your
biggest group of Food Gatherers, and Axe Throwers.

-=Other Tips=-
1. Never fall below 0 on happiness. If you notice you’re getting close,
build a brewery
immediately! Low happiness means no new villagers, which puts an end to
your dream of

2. Never hit your population cap! If you’re at 10/11, 15/16, etc. it’s time
to build
a house. That said, there are times when excess population creates “drag”
if you don’t
have an efficient use for them. So unless you are intentionally limiting
your population,
make sure you never hit those unmagical red numbers.

3. Generally, turn Villagers into Healers in the Winter when you have wounded,
Villagers are less efficient in Winter.

Useful Tips for Beginners:
Written by Arkail

This guide will teach you important tips that no one else will tell

* Once the game starts scout the areas around before building woodcutter’s
  Look for a forest to build it in if
you found one without wolves this is to get
  10% more wood.
* If you see fertile land get it. it gives you a lot of food.
* When scouting enemies focus on getting to their town hall asap and don’t
  with other tiles. Make your path
and try to find the shortest.
* Get gold and build lots of army camps.
* My personal way of getting gold is by building 2 trading posts.
* Build another woodcutter’s hut to sell the wood or get boost for building
* Have a main food source upgrade the tile and the tools and the silo

  (farm is the best).
* Never feast before the 1st winter.
* Minimum amount for effective raid is about 10~12 don’t go less you’ll
  money and time and souls.

Chapter Northgard – Tricks, Strategies,Guide, Cheats, Tips and Secrets


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