Outward – Tricks, Strategies,Guide, Cheats, Tips and Secrets
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Outward – Tricks, Strategies,Guide, Cheats, Tips and Secrets

Synopsis Outward – Tricks, Strategies,Guide, Cheats, Tips and Secrets


Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Dev Menu (Cheats):
Written by MadBuffoon

Great tool to do build crafting with out having to restart.
If you are one of those people who want fast travel this has a form
of it, but i recommend that you only teleport to the main cities.
If you want to reset your mana hit F2 and uncheck the “enable

-=Adding Dev Menu=-
Here Is how to add the Dev Menu.

1. go to the “Outward” folder
2. go in to the folder “Outward_Data”
3. add “DEBUG.txt” empty
4. start game

-=Menu Hot Keys=-
F1 – Spawn items “does have a search”
F2 – Cheat Menu “god / fast travel / skip time / etc…”
F3 – Skill Cheat “Add/Remove Skills / does have a search”
F4 – Quest Events Cheat “Add Remove Quest flags / does have a

-=Other Hot Keys=-
Num /) Gives Raw Stat Numbers on you and targets with health bars.
Num .) Inverts up/down camera
Num +) ?
Num 0) ?
Num 1) Slow-Mo
Num 2) ?
Num 3) ?
Num 4) Kills ones self
Num 5) ?
Num 6) Gives indigestion debuff
Num 7) Removes ALL Buffs “Doesn’t remove lifedrain”
Num 8) Resets Cooldowns
Num 9) small amount damage to self
-) does pick up animation
9) Sit animation
0) Arm a Cross

-=Warnings / Notes=-
* If you break your save go to main menu and when you hit continue you can

  select older saves.
* Fist play-through I would recommend that you don’t fast travel to places

  you haven’t been.
* The “misc” map has one teleport in spot but all the
“misc” dungeons are really
  in the same map and that goes with
“cities” and its different Interiors.

Health, Stamina and Mana:
Written by Corverean

In this guide you’ll find the basics as to your three primary character
Health, Stamina, and Mana.

Health, represented by the Red circle, is your vitality, or a measure of
how alive
your are. If you reach zero or less than zero health you will enter one of
the death
scenarios of the game, or alternatively if you are playing co-op you’ll
enter a
downed state.

Health will be burned (Maximum decreased) every time you take damage or use
items. You can restore burned health by resting, or using certain

Stamina is a measure of how tired you are, many physical actions decrease
stamina, and your walk speed is tied to your current stamina.

Stamina is burned by strenuous actions, such as attacking or sprinting.

Burned Stamina can be restored by resting, or by using certain items.

Mana is the magical resource, a measure of your ability to manipulate the
This resource is not unlocked by default.

Mana is burned by resting, but can only be burned to 50% of its maximum
before the
resting burn caps out. Burned Mana can be replenished by using certain
items, or
going an extended period without rest.

Crafting Recipes:
-=Craft Anywhere=-
Recipes from your survival menu, no Cooking Pot or Alchemy Kit

Ice-Flame torch = Makeshift torch + cold stone + iron scrap

Old lantern – 2 Iron Scraps + 1 Thick Oil + 1 Linen Cloth

Rag, Fire – 1x Thick oil + 1x linen Cloth

Rag, Ice – 1x seaweed + 1 Linen Cloth

Rag, Poison = 1x Grilled Crabeye Seed + Linen Cloth

Spikes-Iron = 4 iron scraps

Spikes-Palladium = 4 Palladium Scraps

Travel Rations – 1x Any Food + 1x Any Food + 1x Salt (get 3 from cooking at
a pot)

Trip Wire Trap – 1x Wood + 1x Linen Cloth + 2x Iron Scrap

-=Craft Anywhere Weapons=-
Beast Golem Axe = Beast golem scraps + Iron Axe + Spikes-Palladium

Beast Golem Halbred = 2 Beast golem scraps + Iron Halbred +

Bone Pistol – 1x Flintlock Pistol + 2x Occult Remains + 1x Crystal

Crescent Greataxe = 2x Shark cartilage + Palladium Scrap + felling

Coralhorn Bow – Recurve Bow + 2x Coralhorn Antler + Crystal Powder

Fang Axe – Iron Axe – 1x Predator Bones – 1x Linen Scrap

Fang Club – Iron Mace + 1x Predator Bones + 1x Linen Scrap

Fang Sword – 1x iron sword + 1x predator bones + 1x linen scrap

Fang Trident – Iron Spear + 2x Predator Bones + 1x Linen Scrap

Horror Axe = Horror Chitan + Fang Axe + Palladium Scrap + Occult

Horror Bow – 2x Horror Chitan + War Bow + Occult Remains

Horror Shield = Horror Chitan + Fang Shield + Palladium Scrap + Occult

Long bone sword – 1 claymore + 2 bones + 1 cloth

Mantis Greatpick – 1 palladium + 2 mantis granite

Phytosaur spear: Phytosaur Horn + Fishing harpoon + 1 Miasmapod

Thorny Claymore = 2 Thorny Cartilage + Iron Claymore + Palladium

Thorny Spear = 2 Thorny Cartilage + Iron Spear + Palladium Scrap

-=Craft Anywhere Armor=-
Ammolite Helm – 1x Ammolite + Padded Helm + 1x Palladium Scrap

Ammolite Armor – 1x Ammolite + Padded Armor + 1x Palladium Scrap

Ammolite Boots – 1x Ammolite + Padded Boots + 1x Palladium Scrap

Scaled leather armor = Makeshift leather armor + 2 Scaled leather + 1
Predator bone

Scaled leather boots = Makeshift leather boots + 2 Scaled leather + 1
Predator bone

Scaled leather hat = Makeshift leather hat + 2 Scaled leather + 1 Predator

Scaled Backpack = 1 improvised back pack + 3 scaled leather

-=Cooking Pot/Kitchen=-
Food and drink for the masses

Alpha Jerky = 2 Alpha Meat + 2 Salt

Alpha Sandwhich = Alpha Meat + Bread

Cierzo Ceviche = Rainbow Trout + Seaweed + Salt

Diademe de Gibier = raw jewel meat + meat + cactus fruit + salt

Dry Mushroom Bar = Common Mushroom × 4

Fungal Cleanser = woolshroom + Blood mushroom + Ochre Spice Beetle

Gaberry Jam – 4x Gaberries

Gaberry Tartine = Bread + Gaberry Jam

Jerky – 2x meat + 2x salt

Luxe Lichette = Azure Shrimp + Raw Rainbow Trout + Larva Egg +

Marshelon jelly = 2 marshmelons + gaberry jam

Meat Stew = Meat + Gaberries x1 + Salt

Miner’s Omelet = Egg + Egg + Common Mushroom

Ocean Fricassee = Larva Egg + Fish + Seaweed

Pot-au-Dey du Pirate = Fish x3 + Salt

Pungent Paste = Egg + Ochre Spice Beetle + Fish

Stringy Salad = 2 woolshroom + 2 vegetable

Tea, Mineral = clean water + gravel beetle

Tea, Spicy Bitter = Clean water + Ochre Spice Beetle

Tea, Soothing = Clean water + seaweed

Turmmip Potage = Turmmip × 3 + Salt

-=Alchemist Kit=-
Magic and that dank kush potions.

Assassin Elixir = water + raw jewel meat + firefly powder + crystal

Astral Potion – 1x Star Mushroom + 1x Turmmip + Clean Water

Astral Potion (Great) – 1x Astral Potion + 1x Ghost Eyes

Charge – incendiary = oil + iron scrap + salt

Charge- Nerve gas = Bloodshroom + Livweedi + Salt

Charge- Toxic = Grilled Crabeye seed + salt

Cool Potion = water + gravel beetle

Crystal Powder – 4x Mana Stone

Discipline potion – 1 water + 1 Ochre Spice beetle + Livweedi

Endurance Potion = Clean Water + Krimp Nut + Egg

Endurance Potion (Great) = Endurance Potion + Krimp Nut

Hex Cleaner = Clean Water + Greasy Fern + 1x Livweedi + Salt

Life Potion – 1x Gravel Beetle + 1x Blood Mushroom + Clean Water

Mist Potion = River Water + Ghost’s Eye

Poison Antidote = Clean Water + Thick Oil + Common Mushroom

Rage Potion – Clean Water + Gravel Beetle + Smoke Weed

Stability Potion = Water + Insect Husk + Livweedi

Stone, Cold (x3) = Mana Stone + Blue Sand

Stone, Fire = 1x Mana Stone + 1 Thick Oil

Varnish, Ice = Gaberry Wine + Livweedi + Salt

Varnish, Spiritual – 1x Gaberry Wine + 1x Ghost Eye + 1x Mana Stone

Efficient Cooking Tips & Tricks:
You can cook single ingredients using any camp fire, but need a cooking

pot or a kitchen to combine multiple ingredients.

Your character does not need to know a recipe to cook it, if you yourself

know. Just use the Manual Recipe feature. Once you’ve done it once your

character will remember it.

Food only decays while you are actively carrying it. Dropping it on the

ground, leaving it in a pack that you aren’t wearing, or putting it in your

stash keeps it from rotting.

In any recipe that lists things like “any meat” or “any fish”, etc, then

that also includes cooked items. So, there’s no need to haul around Raw

Meat, for example – go ahead and cook it over a camp fire to keep it longer

(or to eat in an emergency), and you can still use it in a recipe next time

you have access to a kitchen or cooking pot.

Food effects of the same type (health recovery, stamina recovery, etc) do

not stack, and over-riding existing food effects seems inconsistent. Best

to just wait until the previous effect wears off rather than trying to

extend it by eating something that grants the same effect type. However,

food DOES stack with things like Bandages, drinking Clean Water, and
(probably) potions, and you can have different effect types from different

food at the same time just fine (i.e. health regen from one food + stamina

regen from another food simultaneously).
Cooking an ingredient all by itself, such as over a camp fire with no

cooking pot, will not change its positive effect, weight, or monetary
 value. It will just remove possible
negative effects, reset its current
decay, and the new cooked version will decay slower. If you don’t
need the raw version for a recipe later, might as well cook it (except for

beetles and seaweed, which can’t be cooked by themselves).

Beginner’s Guide – Tips & Tricks:
1) In the start of the game pick up the bandage near the captain, you find
fish harpoon near the purifing machine, waterskin near the water fountain.
bedroll, pickaxe and lantern+some gear in Cierzo storage. And some other
like a pitchfork, axe, big axe and a lot of berries.

NOTE: Before leaving for Cierzo storage, keep a weapon, waterskin and
Speak to the guard near the gate, the one with the Horns. he will give you
free skill depending on what weapon you are using. Don’t worry if you are
using a weapon you like or if you miss/missed, you can get that skill
 from a trainer. Remember to buy the
50 weight backpack and leave almost empty
from the village, don’t buy any tools.

2) Fishing is one of the most important ways to get money since you can get

rare fish and blue sand.

3) Mining is also very important, when mining iron you can get some gems,
 can mine ammolite on the beaches and

4) With iron you can craft arrows, never buy arrows, just wood and iron
5) Go through Cierzo storage and save the sailor on the beach, make sure
night so you can gather blue sand from the beach, fish, get seaweed and
ammolite, stay very far from the pistol crabs.

6) At this point you can go back to Cierzo or continue to explore.
NOTE: big tree stumps hide loot in them.

7) Hyenas are easier to kill with halbards, chicken you will need a blow or

weapon with bleed/poison or just something with very high damage…..Kill all

the chicken you see until you get a mask with +20% movement speed.

8) Explore little bits of the map and learn it, it you get lost it might
to wait until the night so you can see the lighthouse wich has a very

9) There are a lot of supply caches and some dungeons around the map but
corpses, some other locations and bandit camps…..USE MAP MARKERS.

10) The next step should be to continue to the sunken ship on the lower
if you can, at this point you should be able to kill a few hyenas.

11) The sunken ship chest is Moon commanding the stars so Moon, Stars.
is also a bandit camp near it if you want to try your luck. OR you could go

near Vendal fortress for a chance to get some nice weapons if the bandits
with the pistol crab.

12) Next head for the big Pylon and near the lake is a cave with a special

encounter. you can chose other rewards but the best one and the permanent

There are some other things in the area but you might want to head back
by going straight West.

Very important to remember is that the dungeons, mining nodes, fishing
caches etc respawn their loot all the time but at different interval so
resources is better than waiting for creatures to respawn.

13) Try the crafting, cooking, alchemy when you can….the system is really
made and the more you learn, the easier it will be on adventures.

Chapter Outward – Tricks, Strategies,Guide, Cheats, Tips and Secrets


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