Pathfinder: Kingmaker – Tricks, Strategies,Guide, Cheats, Tips and Secrets
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Pathfinder: Kingmaker – Tricks, Strategies,Guide, Cheats, Tips and Secrets

Synopsis Pathfinder: Kingmaker – Tricks, Strategies,Guide, Cheats, Tips and Secrets

Pathfinder: Kingmaker

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Where do I find my savegames?:
Pathfinder: Kingmaker Savegames can be found here:

AppData\LocalLow\Owlcat Games\Pathfinder Kingmaker\Saved Games

(For those who don’t know, you can copy/paste the above path with the %

chars in it in explorer and it’ll directly open the folder)

Free Loot Glitch:
If you have jaethal as special when resting you get undead guardians. If
do this when resting during a mission. They appear when your attacked and

they die right after.

Bonus when you wake up there bodies are lootable. Got like20 sets of
longswordss and armor. And plain heavy shields.

Nice free loot.

Note: This glitch was performed on an unpatched version of the game.
It is likely to eventually get patched.

Tips & Tricks:
* Formations make a big difference. Unfortunately it seems you need to
  change formations every time you
get a new companion.

* Bear in mind how easy it is to flank and be flanked (two enemies
  That’s a free +2 to hit and
activates sneak attacks.

* Drinking a potion gives your adjacent melee opponent(s) a free attack of
  Getting up from prone does the
same. Try and heal before combat rather than during.

* For most skills, it seems better to have one specialist in each than a
bunch of
  generalists. The exceptions seem to
be perception (checks take multiple rolls),
  use magic device and mobility (you
use on yourself). Everyone with high wis or
  perception as a class skill should
probably take perception (unless they are really
  hurting for skill points).

* Use magic device is a really long term investment for most but it should
pay off.

* From the tooltip, it seems you need arcane knowledge on the specific
character to
  learn new spells from scrolls
(important for wizards, magus, alchemists).

* Orisons/cantrips are free but will quickly be out-classed. Use them
  at low levels while you can.

* For spontaneous casters (bards, inquisitors, sorcerers) with limited
spells known,
  each and every spell you take is a
precious, precious resource. Try and take spells
  which seem like they will have
value throughout the game (i.e those that scale with
  caster level) rather than those
that do not. For example, sleep looks like a great
  spell and it is at low levels. But
you won’t cast it at all from the mid-levels on.
  Leave those kind of spells to the

* Shooting into melee attracts a -4 penalty to hit. Ranged specialists take
  shot to remove this. Recreational
archers should generally try a different target.

* Use energy attacks/spells for swarms. They have high DR to weapons by

How to Use Custom Portraits:
You can prepare three your own portraits with names: Small, Medium and
All these images must be saved in PNG format with resolutions:

Small       width: 185px, height:
Medium      width: 330px, height:
Fulllength  width: 692px, height:

The gameflow looks like:
1. Start a New game.
2. Choose “Create a new character”.
3. Click on icon “Custom portrait”.
4. Click on button “Open portraits folder”. (It works for Windows
and Mac)
5. Replace portraits in opened folder or change it in your graphic
6. Click “Refresh portraits”.
7. Enjoy your own portraits.
Also it works for custom companions.

How to Defeat Tartuccio (The Kamikaze Strategy):
Written by GrandMajora

An amusing way I found of defeating Tartuccio during the battle at the

-=Blaze of Glory!=-
Seeing as how so many people are having trouble with Tartuccio and the
Sycamore, I’ve
decided to write this simple guide on a clever (if somewhat reckless) way
of defeating
him. It’s quick, it’s easy and if you do it correctly, the boss will handle
most of the
fight for you!

The first thing players will probably notice when entering this boss battle
is that it’s
like a knife fight in a cupboard. The door locks behind you, trapping you
in a small
space with an army of Kobolds who look ready to mess up your day. And
behind them all
stands Tartuccio, in his purple kobold disguise.

The second thing players will probably notice is that Tartuccio is a bit of
a moron,
because the first thing he does in this battle is start casting a Fireball
Although in his defense, Sorcerers don’t really need intelligence in order
to cast

Now anybody who’s familiar with D&D knows that Fireball is bad news,
especially since
this battle is probably taking place at a point in the game where your own
party can
only cast up to 2nd level spells. But don’t worry, because Tartuccio has
almost quite
literally shot himself in the foot with this strategy!

As I said, this is a tiny room, and Fireball has a 20 foot explosive radius
that hits
everything within range, including friendly fire! And to make things even
better, the
army of kobolds he has with him are scattered around the room, instead of
into a scaley shield wall.
This gives you the opening you need to pull off the Kamikaze

Once the battle begins, command your entire party to immediately rush
while ignoring every other Kobold in the room. The army is spread out
enough that
your team is able to run right past them, which causes the Kobolds to begin
you back towards Tartuccio’s direction.

Now for the beautiful part, Tartuccio should be in the process of casting
except that the people he was targeting are now directly on top of him. So
what does
 he decide to do?

He casts the Fireball at point blank range, causing it to literally explode
in his
face! But that’s not all, because the size of the explosion should be large
that he also blows up his own army who were rushing to help him!

Now depending on your level, equipment and difficulty settings, there’s a
chance most of your party survived the spell, but Tartuccio’s minions are
not so
lucky. Kobolds are weak enough that anybody who got hit with that Fireball
probably dead, or on the verge of death.

With Tartuccio reeling from the 6D6 Fireball he just shot himself with, and
of his army reduced to crispy, Kobold burgers, you should have a much
easier time
killing him!

Kingdom Management Tips:
If there is a big crisis, do not wait, don’t do a bunch of sidequests, get
to it
ASAP. Especially don’t waste precious time with the projects that fast
forward 14

If there is a big crisis, do not wait, don’t do a bunch of sidequests, get
to it
ASAP. I really mean it, the game will spawn additional and harder problem
that will sooner or later prevent you from assigning advisors to all
This can lead to a downward spiral that might end your kingdom and your
game. If
you wait really long, there is even an event that will just end your
kingdom (with
no way at all to handle it successfully). You can still solve your
sidequests and
build your kingdom afterwards, I promise…

You can only access your kingdom management screen when you are inside your
It doesn’t have to be your capital city, any area you claimed will work.
This includes getting notifications about events (specifically, not getting
The most common kingdom events must be adressed before the start of the
next month,
so make sure you return to friendly lands before the end of the month and
all problems (since they can really take you down), and then with leftover
adress opportunites.

Certain projects like adding new lands or upgrading an advisor
progress time by 14 days. Save beforehand, and try to time them at the
start of the
month (so you still have some time to adress new problems and opportunities
 months end)

You can buy BPs at a rate of 1 BP = 80 gold from the merchant on the
central square.
Upgrading a village to a town requires 3 regions, the upgrade of the 2nd
village to
a town requires 5 regions etc. A city requires 3 towns. Also the town
requires at least 6 building slots filled in the village. Upgrades are done
projects and pop up automatically when requirements are met.
You get additional advisors by leveling the relevant stat of your advisor
to 60.
E.g. Hagrim will introduce the arcane advisor when you reach divine 60. It
also require a certain advisor level (3).

You can improve your advisors success rate by leveling up the appropriate
Each level of economy adds +2 to the economy advisors roll. If the advisor
is a
companion, you can also improve the appropriate stat by adding e.g. a
of intelligence to your economy advisor. Its basically a roll of d20 +
2*rank +
stat bonus vs a DC (like a skill check, but the skill rating is the kingom

And thats it. Focus on problems before opportunities, check your kingdom
the turn of the month, and solve any crisis with absolute priority, and you
get a prospering kingdom soon.

Removing Fatigue:
Written by ByteBiter

This is for you if you really don’t mind cheating and really hate the
fatigue every few seconds.

There are already several guides to editing save files. This is just a very
guide to edit in an item that makes your characters immune to fatigue and

There are several ways to do this. I’m going to just outline the simplest
way I
have found.

Get to your shared stash in game.
Have a neckslot item in your inventory you don’t really care about.
Have 7zip or an alternative installed.

* Put an unimportant necklace in your shared stash all by itself in the
first slot.
* I used a silver medallion.
* Save your game.
* Navigate to your save game folder.
* Mine is C:\Users\%username%\AppData\LocalLow\Owlcat Games\Pathfinder
Kingmaker\Saved Games
* Open the latest save.
* Mine is Quick#.zks.
* Edit “player.json”.
* In 7zip I can right click and choose edit to not have to unzip/repackage.

* It should open in a word processor. My default is notepad.
* Search for “inventorySlotIndex” and make sure the value is 0.
* This object is your necklace you don’t care about.
* Just before the inventoryslotindex key and value is a blueprint and
* It looks something like “06846b7beaca5444d8eebfebc320adca”
which is the value for a
  silver medallion.
* Replace that value with “c17f627fedd420d4aa871f23d0995fcf” and
also up the
  m_count from 1 to how many of these
you need plus 1.
* Close the file and update it in the zip.
* Close the zip and reload your now edited save.
* Equip your new necklaces to everyone you don’t want getting tired.

Q. Why use the shared stash?

A. It is easier to find the item you are attempting to morph into a Heart
of Ira.
There should only be one item in inventorySlotIndex:0 as opposed to 1 for
every character
in party.json.

Q. Why use a silver medallion?

A. Other guides have mentioned that if you are going to edit items, make
sure you use
something closest to the target item you want. I have not tested if this
works with a
rock or a suit of armor. The second part is if you use an existing item,
you don’t
have to mess with the $id attributes at all like you would if you were just
trying to
add to the item list to create the item out of nothing.

Q. Why up the count one more than needed?

A. The silver medallion item becomes a stack of 1 silver medallion that
looks like a
heart of Ira and (n – 1) other true hearts of ira that spawn after you
collect them
from the stash. You’ll have to trial and error to find which one is broken
and throw it
away once that character gets fatigued.

Q. Why do this?

A. Sleeping every few nodes on the map is annoying. Yes this makes the game
easier and
obviously breaks some of the developer intent. I don’t feel too bad about
it though since
the game is still missing teleportation at levels 9+.

Q. What if I already have a Heart of Ira?

A. If you just want to dupe it for your other characters, put it in your
inventory and
search party.json for the “c17f627fedd420d4aa871f23d0995fcf” and
increase its count from
1 to X. Moving it to another container should separate them. I would still
going through the steps though and avoid messing with party.json

Q. Will this break my game?

A. I don’t think so but I did turn off saved game sharing to the developers
since I
don’t want my edited save files potentially polluting the debugging effort
for other
issues. Always make a backup and restore if there are any issues.

Q. This broke my game, what do I do?

A. Make sure you closed whatever you were using to open the archive. Kingmaker
complain if the archive is open at loading time. Make sure you do still
have quotes
around the blueprint value and do not have quotes around the count value.

If all this fails, restore your backup and start over.

How to Solve the Golden Golem Puzzle?:
You can meet Golden Golem at the top left corner of Irovetti’s Palace if
you activate
those candle holders that you have already activated during the main quest.
There are
three chests next to Golem. You need to put there Cup, Statue and Lute in a
order (these objects can be found in the palace).

You’ll find a Vulgar Statue in the Secret Chamber. You can get there by
going down
the stairs through the marker in the top right corner (excluding three
points leading
to the basement). Once you collect all the objects, get back to Golden
Golem and put
these objects in the right order.

Then talk to Golem and choose these right answers to the questions:

3.Hajoth Hakados.

You’ll get 1440 XP and be able to open a wall hiding place behind Golden
There you’ll find 62 200 coins and magical gloves.

Simple and Effective Kingdom Building Guide:
Written by Repairman_Jack
This guide will show you how to most effectively spend your valuable BPs to
Kingdom development and prosperity.

This short building guide focuses on an effective strategy for adding
buildings to
towns for the most effective kingdom development.

In short, the best strategy for adding buildings is… don’t add buildings

This is a bit of an exaggeration, but does emphasize the basic point.

Minimal building is the best strategy for several important reasons.

1.Buildings represent only a one-time bonus to kingdom stats.

2.Building bonuses are typically less than those that result from
  completing an event (Problem or

3.BPs are vitally needed for certain kingdom-development event cards, and
  event cards.
a.BPs are in short supply, and it’s hard to increase BP production.
b.Not having enough BPs to complete these vital event cards can cripple
your kingdom.

4.Increasing BP production typically requires a significant investment in
current BP cost.
a.If you spent everything on buildings, you won’t have enough for this
b.This investment is done through trade events and kingdom-development events.

So, in short, most buildings don’t really benefit you… especially when
compared to events.
You will be constantly completing events, which will steadily increase your
kingdom stats…
way more significantly than adding buildings will do. And, you need to save
your BPs for
the kingdom events that the game requires you to do to keep your kingdom
intact and

Exceptions to this no-building strategy are as follows:

1.Add buildings that give you a bonus to completing events. Examples of
these are Hospital,
  Bulletin Board, etc.
2.Add buildings that directly add BPs to your income. These are few and far
between, but
  you should have access to some
3.Eventually, sometime around act 4 or so, you will want to upgrade your
villages to towns.
  This requires a certain amount of
buildings in each village (6 I think). So, at that
  point, go ahead and add them…
focusing on cheap buildings that add to some kingdom stat
  that you are struggling to increase
(Stability is a good one).

Focusing on events instead of buildings will allow you to create a very
robust economy,
with high weekly BP production, and very high kingdom-stats. Most buildings
don’t much
help with any of that.

Finding the Pathfinders Quest:
In the fourth chapter you’ll encounter the Pathfinders. Talk to them in a
polite manner
and do not send them away. The Finding the Pathfinders quest will begin.
Head for the
throne room and open the Kingdom page. You can choose between diplomat and
high priest.
We recommend you to pick the first option.
Soon Anoriel will appear in your throne room to speak to the king on
Pathfinders’ behalf
(you may have already met Anoriel in the Oleg’s trading post tavern). You
can either
send the Pathfinders away from the land, or let them settle there.
You’ll get 600 XP when you complete the quest.

All Reforged Blade Upgrades (Amiri’s Quest):
Written by GrandMajora

Depending on your decisions in the final parts of Amiri’s Quest, you can
get various
upgrades for her oversize sword. This guide explains what they are, and how
to get them.

-=Who to Sacrifice and What You Get=-
When asked to perform a sacrifice in order to seal the blade, you have
several options,
though some may not be available depending on what actions you took during
earlier sections
of Amiri’s Quest.

* If you choose to sacrifice Nilak, the sword is sealed as a +4, Vicious

* If you choose to sacrifice the former chieftain of the Six Bears tribe,
the sword is
  sealed as a +4, Frost Weapon.

* If you choose to sacrifice yourself, the sword is sealed as a +4, Furious

* If you choose to kill the giant, the sword does not receive an immediate
  However, if you’re patient, then
the giant’s brother will eventually appear just as
  promised. Killing them results in
the sword gaining the +4, Furious and 2D8 cold damage.

As you can see, killing the two giants seems like the best option to go
with, if you want
Amiri’s sword to be as powerful as possible. However, the time at which
this happens might
be so late in the game, that you don’t even care anymore. So feel free to
make whichever
choice you want!

Chapter Pathfinder: Kingmaker – Tricks, Strategies,Guide, Cheats, Tips and Secrets


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