Persona 4 Golden – Tricks, Strategies,Guide, Cheats, Tips and Secrets
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Persona 4 Golden – Tricks, Strategies,Guide, Cheats, Tips and Secrets

Synopsis Persona 4 Golden – Tricks, Strategies,Guide, Cheats, Tips and Secrets

Persona 4 Golden

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

List of Numbers to Use on a Certain Site:
Written by Fat Mac

For those cultured degenerates.
Some overlap as they contain multiple girls.

All Numbers

-=Chie Satonaka=-

-=Yukiko Amagi=-

-=Rise Kujikawa=-

-=Naoto Shirogane=-



How to Unlock the Secret Boss Fight:
Written by Lemonov

Guide to Fullfill All of the Unlock Requrements

This short guide explains how to unlock a secret boss fight on your NG+
Beating this boss unlocks One Who Has Proven Their Power achievement. This
boss is way harder to unlock than the ones in P3 and P5, but it will be
simple if you don’t forget to fulfill all of the requirements for it.

Keep in mind that this boss can only be fought if your previous
playthrough’s clear
data was recorded after you have cleared the game with the Golden

I explained how to get the Golden Ending here.

You can’t fight this boss on your first playthrough, so this guide implies
you have already cleared the game once and aren’t afraid of spoilers.
 I will still try to keep the
spoilers as minor as possible.

-=Be on the Golden Ending Path
Fulfill of the requirements to reach the Golden Ending of the game once
again on
this playthrough.

-=Beat Every Dungeon’s Second Optional Boss
After you clear a TV World dungeon and move on with the story you can return
to it
to find another boss at the same place where you have beaten the first one
(on the
final floor of each dungeon). Every dungeon you cleared has it.

This boss is more challenging than the first one each dungeon has, but
you’ll be on NG+ it shouldn’t be much of a problem.

You must beat every single second boss before you finish Magatsu Inaba

-=Reach Rank 10 on Margaret’s Social Link
Max Margaret’s S. Link before you finish Magatsu Inaba dungeon as well.
This entire S.
Link can be done as fast as a single day if you have the personas Margaret
asks you
to fuse.

-=Create Savefiles You Can Use if You Screw Something Up
Make a savefile during Magatsu Inaba dungeon and another one before doing
on 03/20. This way you won’t have to start your playthrough all over again
if you
mess up.

-=Do a Specific Set of Actions on 03/20
On this date after you meet Izanami, do not enter the TV World.
This is extremely important.

Instead go into the Velvet Room and recieve an Invitation Card from
Margaret. You
won’t recieve it if you visit the Velvet Room after you enter the TV World.
If it
doesn’t happen then it must mean that you have messed something up, so go
reload one of the savefiles I told you to make before. This would be still
than beating the game again from the beginning.

After you do so you are now free to enter the TV World. But after you do
so, do not
challenge Izanami now. Prepare your best personas and party members, and
go to the top of the Heaven dungeon to fight the secret boss! This is the
boss in the game, so be as ready as you possibly can. Beating it will
unlock the
One Who Has Proven Their Power achievement.

Tips and Tricks for Beginners:
Some of you might be playing this game for the first time ever, so this
guide will
provide you with some tips that can help you out on your first playthough.
Of course,
the ultimate tip is to have fun.

-=Non Battle Tips=-
As standard in most RPGs, it’s not always fights and dungeon crawling –
Persona really
wants you to focus on your social life as well, whether it to be hanging
out with your
friends, maintaining your academic grades, and even having to work a few
places to
get money.

Here are a few things you should remember while you’re out an about:

Passing Time: If you haven’t realized already, Golden is broken up
throughout an entire
year, and you only have that year to essentially complete all you want.
Days are broken
up into three sections, Morning, Afternoon/School, and Evening, where you
as a player
(except in scripted days) have free reign to do whatever the game allows
you to do.
However, you should prioritize doing certain events that either raise your
social stats
(Courage, Knowledge, Expression, Understanding and Diligence), and Social
Links, which
I will get into in the next section. Social Stats are an essential thing to
work on,
and is necessary to progress in Social Links and as well as unlock certain
choices. Although there are many actions that can help you increase certain
(such as studying at night to gain Knowledge points, reading certain books,
or working
at certain jobs or certain activities) – the most efficient way to gain
points in at
least three of these stats in by doing the Aiya Diner Beef Bowl Challenge
on rainy
days, which can prove to save plenty of time, and gives you that time that
would be
spent on raising those stats individually to be spent on other

Social Links and You: Social Links are a system introduced from Persona 3
onwards that
allows the protagonist to create bonds (represented by Tarot cards) with
certain NPCs,
which grants access to side stories, mostly dealing with personal
struggles, which you
can help with. Each social link is branched out from Rank 1 all the way to
Rank 10,
with ten being the max level. Compared to Persona 5, where completing a
social link
would provide extra gameplay elements, Persona 4 Golden’s Social Links are
mostly only
there to be granted access to create the Ultimate Pokemon Persona of that
Social Link,
and to have extra content to look at.
As you progress with these Social Links, there might be times where you
need to
 respond to the stuff they say to
you. Depending on how you respond, the Links may be
pleased with your answer, and will grant you bonus “music notes” that will
pop over
their heads. Collect enough of these music notes in one session will make
the person
want to immediately progress with the next rank next time you seek them out
– instead
of having to spend time with them first to collect the “music notes” that
you missed
out on.

Most importantly, make sure you have a corresponding Persona that matches
with a
Link’s Arcana!

For example, having a Devil Arcana Persona in your repitoire as you
progress through
the Devil Social Link for example will grant you even more bonus music
notes – which
will make them more likely to want to progress through their social link
having to spend extra days hanging out with them beforehand.

-=Battle Tips=-
Of course, let’s now delve into some tips for the dungeon crawler sections
the game:

Don’t be afraid to turn the difficulty down! Play how you want!

Although the game’s combat is definitely allows plenty of time for players
to think
about their next move, some enemies, especially in the later dungeons with
their multi-
target spells, might give you a hard time, and can even be what can make
you lose
progress down the line – especially if you forget to save. The magic of
Persona 4
Golden’s difficulty options is that it can be tailored to exactly how you
want it to be.
Want the feeling of a challenge without sacrificing Gold and EXP gains?
Change it all
within the settings menu!

Prioritize your health over others!

Most arguably, the least favorite thing that most people will probably
mention about
the Persona games is the fact that if you, the protagonist, falls in battle,
it will
be an instant game over! In the event when you have to either risk your
teammate or
the protagonist falling, risk the former instead! You can always revive
them when
necessary as you cannot revive yourself! (at least in harder
Be careful when opening too many chests!

In all dungeons, opening too many chests (over 21) will spawn a chest that
the game
will explain to you that it contains something dangerous inside. It will also
and make a sound of swinging chains. Of course, listen to it! It’ll spawn
an enemy
that will give you a battle that you definitely will not win! Save it for
late game!

-=Lastly, fuse, fuse, fuse!=-
As much as how cool some Persona designs look, you’ll find yourself
struggling in later
dungeons if you do not fuse them into stronger personas! Don’t get
attached, fuse up
your skills, priortize attack spells along with buffs/debuffs skills, fuse
things of
the Arcanas you have a high S. Link statuses to give them more EXP per
fusion, which
can make learning new skills from their skill list take less time!

How to Fight Secret Boss:
Written by mdesaleah

Simple guide for players to access the hardest boss in the game.

-=Step By Step Requirements=-

* New Game Plus is required. Cannot be accessed on a first run.
* The Empress social link must be completed. Margaret’s request need to be
  in the run you wish to fight her in
(if you have all 10 requests saved in the
  compendium, this should be pretty
* Every optional boss in each dungeon must be defeated (every time you
clear a dungeon
  a new shadow appears at the top.
You need to defeat every single one).
* You need to be going for the True Ending by March 30.
* When Igor gifts the Orb of Sight item, go back into the Velvet Room.

  Margaret should give you a secret
* Climb the Heaven dungeon again. Once you reach the top, you can fight the

  hardest challenge in the

How to Make Perfect Food (Preparing Box-Lunches):
Written by MetalHeadSpartan

A guide to choosing the correct instructions when preparing Box-Lunches.
the right options will make the food perfect and increase your social link
with a classmate of your choice the following day.

-=Perfect Cooking Instructions=-
* Broiled Fish Wrap it tightly.
* California Rolls Mix and cool simultaneously.
* Carrot & Burdock Add soy sauce and mirin.
* Chakin Sushi Thinned eggs.
* Cream Stew Dump in all the cold milk.
* Croquettes High.
* Curry Simmer.
* Daigaku-Imo Deep fry them.
* Fried Chicken Potato starch.
* Ginger Pork Score it with a knife.
* Grilled Fish Strong heat but from far away.
* Gyoza Use Olive oil.
* Hamburgers Cut a hole and look for juice.
* Kakuni Mirin, sugar & sake.
* Marinated Spinach Strain it.
* Meat Stew Simmer with a dropped lid.
* Mentaiko Pasta Mayonnaise.
* Oden Keep on a low flame and don’t boil.
* Potato Salad Smash while still hot.
* Pudding Vanilla extract.
* Sweet & Sour Pork Potato starch.
* Tonkatsu Flour, egg, then panko.
* Vichyssoise Add lots of milk.
* Yakiniku Bento Use soy sauce.

Not only will perfect meals net you more Social link points. Making five
will also
net you a nice achievement if you’re into that completionist stuff.

How to Level Up and Farm Money (Fastest Way):
Written by EgoKill13

I saw this method in a forum and i wanted to share this. In order to make
this more
fast and efficient we are going to use golden hands, because they give you
ridiculously big mount of EXP and Money (this guide is specially helpful if
you want
to complete the compendium ASAP).

First of all, the best place to farm golden hands is in the fifth dungeon
Laboratory. In this dungeon you´ll have to go to the sixth floor. This
floor is not
random like the majority of the floors in Persona 4, so if you go straight
in this floor, you are always going to find 3 shadows, and if none of these
is a golden hand, you are going to go to fifth floor and go to the sixth
again until
a golden hand come up. If you´re lucky, you are going to fight 4 of them,
60.000 EXP and 40.000-50.000 if you kill them all.

You´ll have to go with only one partner in order to gain the most ammount
of EXP
and Money and have a Persona with an Almighty skill (Megido, Megidola or
toatie is a good one if you have low level (You can Upgrade Megido to
Megidola with
a Skill Up in a Shuffle Time) but Trumpeter is also a Good option. You´ll
have to
Buff the MC and Debuff the hands if you are not doing enough damage or
attacks. I Personally recommend Chie if you haven´t beat this dungeon yet,
she can do Critical hits. But if you´re doing this after the dungeon Naoto
is way
better since you´ll have 2 Almighty Atacks per turn.

Remember that if you dont attack and only uses buffs/debuffs skills or
Golden Hands dont run away in the first turn.

The SP will be a problem because to recover it you´ll have to pay a lot of
here are some tips to make the grinding more efficient:

Maximaze the Social Link of Hermit. The Fox is going to give you discounts
(60 yen
per Sp in Rank 1 and 15 yen per Sp in Rank 10).
Get a Persona With an Almighty Skill And Spell Master or an Skill to
recover Sp
(This is tricky tho, because the personas that have these skills have
mostly high

If you havent maximazed the hermit S-Link and dont have another way to
restore Sp
than the fox, dont worry, in my current playthrough i didn’t do the S-link
didnt have any other way to restore Sp than the fox, you can do this the
you want anyway but you´re going to spend a lot of money.

Chapter Persona 4 Golden – Tricks, Strategies,Guide, Cheats, Tips and Secrets


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