Sally Face – Tricks, Strategies,Guide, Cheats, Tips and Secrets
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Sally Face – Tricks, Strategies,Guide, Cheats, Tips and Secrets

Synopsis Sally Face – Tricks, Strategies,Guide, Cheats, Tips and Secrets

Sally Face

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

How to Get the Memorized Achievement (Episode 5):
Written by Somnia

This guide describes how to get the Memorized hidden achievement in
Episode 5 of Sally Face.

* After talking to Maple in the basement, Ashley mentions she’s going to

  get something out of the shed.

* When Ashley goes to the shed to find the package Todd left, it’ll give

  you the option to input a code.

* The code is 4035364 (same as it was in Episode 4).
* Inputting this will get you the Memorized achievement.
* If you give up on the code, Ashley will open the door automatically but

  you won’t get the

DOG Achievement Guide (Episode 5):
Written by Blobfish

In this guide I want to help you get the DOG achievement for episode

-=What You Need to Do=-
To get the achievement you need to collect those small hexagons that are

scattered around different parts of the episode.

You can find the hexagons in this order and in those locations:

5: When you start up the game to play Ashley in the graveyard go left to
   edge of the screen and you can
find it on the floor there.
1: After talking to Neil about the plan you have to go into the bathroom
   get the hexagon next to the
3: While you are on the quest to place the C4, go right instead of left in

   the beginning. Walk right until
you see the hexagon under a banner.
2: After you enter “door 2” with Sal to get the first pyramid you
have to go
   to Sal´s room. It is located under
his bed.
4: After entering “door 3” with Sal go to the far bottom left
   You´ll find it on the floor
6: After entering “door 4” with Sal go all the way to the right
   and you´ll find it.

After you got all of them you have to play with Ashely until you get to the

locked door that leads to the boss. With Sal you will need to enter that
door to progress but before you do anything go to the bookshelf and press space
on it, it will open a path which you have to go through. You will find
infront of “door 5” on which you have to enter a code.

To get the code it´s important to memorize the colors of the dots on the hexagons

to get the right code.

The code is: white, grey, blue, red, green, purple.

Chapter Sally Face – Tricks, Strategies,Guide, Cheats, Tips and Secrets


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