Scrutinized – Tricks, Strategies,Guide, Cheats, Tips and Secrets
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Scrutinized – Tricks, Strategies,Guide, Cheats, Tips and Secrets

Synopsis Scrutinized – Tricks, Strategies,Guide, Cheats, Tips and Secrets


Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Basic Guide (Tanner, Kidnapper, Tactics):
Written by DS3_JeffTK

This guide will help you, with any doubts you have with the game. I already

won in normal but haven’t tried nightmare, so i’ll tell you everything i
from my experience.

You have to go past 10 nights, in the main menu you can find the basic
(i suggest using detective mode to get familiar with them).
The things you don’t know how to deal with are the 2 killers in the
Tanner and The Kidnapper.

Tanner, the “this is awkward” guy, is probably the most annoying
to deal with.
From what i’ve played Tanner has 3 sound clues.

if you hear grass, Taner is coming (you don’t need windows open to hear the

grass), flash him on the right point and he will have a cooldown, so you

won’t see him for some time

if you hear 1 single, only 1 footstep inside the house, same as the grass

noises check the cameras and flash him away.

If you hear the Owl, 3 things can happen:

Tanner is outside coming.
Tanner won’t come.
Tanner is coming really soon.

The best strat is check the camera, if you don’t see him, do a report real

quick and then check again, if he’s not there don’t worry.

-=Knocking at the window=-
Same as Grass and Footstep, check the camera and send him away.

There are 3 closet. 2 in each bedroom and 1 near the computer
(the most important). Keep. Them. Open.

If Tanner comes inside the house you could see him lean at the end of the

corridor, near the “pc closet” you are safe if you do 2

Stay close to the corridor’s wall as far as possible to the closet.
Don’t open it, do as he wasn’t there, he will go away soon (i usually open

it again when he appears on the camera again or the next night).

If Tanner jumpscares you while you are checking the camera, don’t worry
only a distraction, but watch out because if he appears as jumpscare he
be on cooldown, so he can still come right after it if you are

He’s simple, he will only appear on dark rooms, unless you have open
If you see a dark room press F for the flashlight and point at the window,

he could be there lockpicking, after checking turn the light on and check
window to see if it’s closed.
Before going to sleep check if ALL windows are closed and all lights are
or else the big boy will be in your bed to “kiss your forehead”.

The most efficient route i’ve used to win is:

* Start by closing all windows (the 2 killers won’t start moving unless you

  interact with the pc, or after a certain
amount of time).
* After that open all icons and begin (i suggest to use a guide to check
  report are true and which are
false, practice on detective mode).
* Tanner can come really early but usually with a sound clue.
* Every once in a while check the cameras, and everytime you catch Tanner
  to check the lights AS FAST AS YOU
CAN, since Tanner won’t be active so no
* If Tanner doesn’t shows up and you haven’t checked the lights in a while,

  check them and pray to god that
Tanner doesn’t show or goes to the closet.

-=So in summary=-
* Do a few reports, if Tanner shows up, send him away and then check the
* If he doesn’t show up, check the lights and then the cameras if he’s not
in yet.
* Keep the loop and you should be good to go.

Chapter Scrutinized – Tricks, Strategies,Guide, Cheats, Tips and Secrets


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