Sea Dogs – Tricks, Strategies,Guide, Cheats, Tips and Secrets
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Sea Dogs – Tricks, Strategies,Guide, Cheats, Tips and Secrets

Synopsis Sea Dogs – Tricks, Strategies,Guide, Cheats, Tips and Secrets

Sea Dogs

Cheat Codes:
To enable cheat working press “CTRL” and “Z” keys
Then type the cheat you want to make working. Cheats works correct
with default keyboard controls only and only at sea. 

Code                Result
HAVE LIFE         – completely repair
you ship,
                    supplement it
with crew and
                    restore all sails
(only if you
                    have enough
GET ME MAGIC      – Increase the
damage of your rounds
                    100 times.
NOW I FLYING      – Release camera
from your ship (pressing
                    Ctrl + F during
camera being outboard in
FIRE FROM CAMERA  – This cheat allows
you to fire from camera
                    by pressing
NumPad “0”. (Numlock must be on)
TELEPORT          – allows the
teleportation of your ship onto
                    camera position
by pressing CTRL +L.
MAKE SCREEN SHOTS – Rounds doesn’t do any damage.
EXPU MNE          – A huge amount of
DENEG DAY         – Gives you a lot
of money

Avoid monthly crew payment:
Weigh anchor at the end of the month and wait until the first of the
next month is past. The crew payment option will not appear.

Game editor:
Note: This procedure involves editing a game file; create a backup
copy of the file before proceeding. Use a text editor to edit the
“engine.ini” file in the game folder. Change the first entry from

“CORE_MODULE core” to “CORE_MODULE tools_launcher”.

Submitted by: rickHH

Seek out and hire a first mate as soon as possible.
With him onboard, you can take prize ships, which you
can use to bolster your fleet or, more important early
on, your gold coffers.

If you’re fast, you can get in a couple of slashes at
the very start of a duel. As soon as the screen starts
to appear, hit the strike keys. You should be able to
get in two or three hits before your opponent reacts.

When you begin the game, Spain is your enemy and France
and England are both neutral. Keep it this way for a
while, as things are tough enough with just the Spanish
and Pirates to worry about. Get letters of marque from
both France and England, and you will be able to get work
from both. Make sure not to attack their ships for a while.
Prey upon Pirate and Spanish shipping until you’ve built
up your ship and crew enough to afford making France and/or
England your enemy.

Submitted by:  Pooyan

While at sea PAUSE THE GAME and then be sure that caps lock is on.
press CTRL+Z and enter the cheats with spaces…
with “GET ME MAGIC” you can destroy everything!:-)

SEA DOGS ( V 1.0 ) Hints:

Submitted by,Soumyajit.
If more doubts persist my e-mail ids are :-
1) soumyajit_9999@hotmail.com
2) vintage_principia@yahoo.com

Hi folks,this piece o’hints is to help you play the game.So,use it as much

as you like.

The game has a storyline where you have to unsolve the mystery of your
Malcom Sharp’s death & find out his hidden treasure (it’s quiet
in a pirate game,I think).

The main thing you need in this game is money.You can earn money in
ways. By completing little missions such as escorting someone to a certain

island or delivering letters or cargos.But thereare not a lot of missions

in the game so you have to prey on pirates and merchant ships for money.

When you start the game the French & the English are neutral.The
Spanish and
the pirates are hostile.Keep it this way as long as possible because you
find lots of Spanish light merchant ships to plunder compared to English
French merchant ships. If you want to make very quick bucks go to the top
the map.Make sure that the point you reach is on the same line with
From there go to the right a little downwards (on a 5 degree angle i would
and you should open an island called Inachetlia or something like that.Just

wander about that island and you will find Spanish light merchant ships one

after another.Plunder them,take every thing they have,go to a neutral or

freindly island,sell the loots and you are a rich man!I suggest you go to

Omory,a French Island to unload your loot.If you keep going at the same
after unlocking Inachetlia,you should reach Omory.There is WHALESHOAL
on the map between Inachetlia and Omory.Omory is near the “L” of
N.B.:- There is no shipyard in Omory.So if your ship gets badly damaged you

have to get back to Highrock to repair your ship.

N.B.:- The sell price of different commodities is different in different
After you play the game for sometime you should get a hang of it and sail
to the
more profitable island depending on the commodities you looted.

N.B.:- Save often cause the open sea can be vey trecherous.
When you gather a big troop don’t waste your money on them.You don’t have
to repair
all of their ships.Just keep their hulls at 10% and that’s enough.They will
into mountains while entering or exiting islands,they will crash into each
and damage their hull.So if you are determined to repair their ships to the
then you will end up loosing money unnecessarily. As far as your own ship
concerned you should get it repaired if the hull is under 60%. Always look
for a
ship which is fast,big and powerfull.I personally like Shanyava as a pirate
(until you find the Galleons).Shanyava is damned fast & it has a 1400
c-wt capacity.
So sometimes you can plunder two ships one after another and carry all the
you get from those ships because of its big hold.But you won’t find it
after starting the game.You must keep plundering ships and change to the
ship whenever you think fit.

While you are making your loots,you have to grapple and plunder the
ships.Don’t go
into a cannon fight cause if the ship gets sunk,you get nothing.When you
are fighting
against the captain of the ship you just grappled your health depends on
the number of
crewmembers you have but the damage you cause with a blow of your cutlass
(pirate sword)
I think also depends on your rank or experience.Sometimes you can have a
ship with half
the crew of your ship ( Always upload as much crewmembers as possible as
they are your
health when you fight the captain of the ship you grappled) but the rival
captain can
take away 11 of your health with each blow of the sword until he is
weakened considerably
while you will be able to decrease only 4 or 5 of his health with one
blow.So try to
increase your rank and experience points quickly.

Here are a few quick tips on how to increase your experience points and

1) Talk to each and every people on every island.Sometimes even simple
gossips and
   stories add to your experience
2) When ever you destroy or plunder a ship you get experience points.But if
you keep
   plundering same kind of ships time
and time over the amount of points alloted begin
   to decrease.
3) When ever you complete a mission you get points.There are a few side
missions in
   the game.You should find them as
you progress in the game.
4) Try aiming for ship bigger than your ship once in a while.It’s not that
hard to beat
   a ship like that.Somwetimes doing
so you’ll find you have less crew members but the
   opponent is not that much
experienced.So if you hang on and block all the attacks
   without taking much damage on your
body you may pull one back.If you succeed not
   only will you get bigger ship,but
also a whooping amount of experience points.
N.B.:- As you go along the game you will find that increasing your rank
increasingly hard.

N.B.:- Sometimes it’s hard to recognise how big or powerful a ship is to
attack until
both your ship and that ship comes side by side.But then you don’t have
much choice
on what to do.So here is a little tip on how to recognise a ship without
taking any
damage.Just count the number of sails it has from a far.More sails means
bigger ships.
So watch it.

N.B.:- The captains of French merchant ships are much experienced and
difficult to
beat than the spanish light merchant ships.Plundering a French ship almost
takes the life of 40 or 50 odd crew members.

Tips on fighting it out with a sword:
When in a sword fight it’s hard to guess from which side the first blow
will come.
So you must have very nimble fingers.Make note that you won’t get attacked
from one
side more than 4 times.If the opponent hits you simultaneously 4 times from
one side
(left or right) you can be sure that the 5-th attack will come from the
other side.
I have seen only once when the rival attacked me 6 times from left but it’s
a rarity.
Also don’t hit your opponent until you have very little fatigue cause when
you attack
you must pump in 5 or 6 hits.Getting 1 hit in just as you were recovering
and goin’
into the fatigue level where you can’t hit for sometime will do you no
good.When you
get fatigued wait for the fatigue level to decrease almost fully and then
pounce on
your rival.You will notice that your opponent is doing the same thing.

N.B.:- Even as you block you can lose health.The same happens for your
So always keep an eye on your and his health.Don’t just lay back if you are
all his hits and don’t get furious if he is blocking all of your shots.Even
a blocked
shot from an experienced campaigner can damage health upto 5!Watch out for
it or you
will end up getting killed.

The game:
When you go along the game after sometime you will find that you have to
change sides.
That means at one time will have to change your loyality to different races
French,Spanish) frequently.When you first need to get loyal to the Spanish
you should
already have the French & English letter of merque.When you get the
Spanish letter of
merque the French will get hostile and vice-versa.The English should be
neutral under
any circumstances. However to change your sides you have to get to the
islands Shark
Island & Gray Sails.In order to open this two islands you have to
scroll down to the
bottom of the sea map and go to the extreme left which is the extreme
bottom left
corner.Then come a little bit to your right along the bottom line (just a
bit) and go up and you should open those two islands.In the taverns of that
islands you will find the English,French & Spanish agents (wish there
was a pirate
agent too!hee hee!).They are always willing to give you letter of merques
for 5000
gold coins!That’s why I told you to earn as much money as possible  at the start of
the game.

N.B.:- Those two islands are ruled by pirates so they are swarming with
Watch out when you enter or exit the island.These are the only two islands
where you
can’t use the sea map right after you exit the islands.First you have to get
a fair
distance away from the islands to be able to use the map.Be careful on your
way out.
N.B.:- At the tavern of Shark Island you should meet Ulaf Ullson.Talk to
him and
join the costal brotherhood.That way pirates won’t attack you while
or exiting the island as you are one of them.However I didn’t notice any

N.B.:- Whenever you change your loyality you lose 10 reputation points.But
reputation points are not that hard to aquire so stay kool!

N.B.:- Sometimes threatening an individual is the only way to make him
So work accordingly.Use the answer options carefully.

Special note:
When you are loyal to Spain you should reach Granda Avilia.There in the

tavern you should find a molly (Hmmmm!) named Carla.Everybody thinks she
is a witch and should be burnt alive.The task of capturing and framing

her has been thrust upon you.So do a bit of chasing after talking to the

tavern owner and finally when you capture her in the same tavern you have

two choices.You can talk to the Padre outside the tavern and let her get

burnt alive.But in this way you get absolutely nothing.On the other hand

you can spare her life and get a few experience points.I prefer the second


This hint is to help you so use it the way you like.A little credit would
be really

Don’t be an anti-social pirate:
As experience is the key to building up your abilities and allowing you to
at sea, early on make sure that you talk to everyone you can find in towns.
Rock alone has nearly enough experience-giving events to boost you to the

Powerwalking in town:
The speedup key (default ‘R’) works not only in the sailing mode, but also
in the
town mode, making it much less tedious walking from one side of a village
to another.
Combine this with the run key (default ‘Shift’) and Nicolas can speed his
way in and
out of port.

Chapter Sea Dogs – Tricks, Strategies,Guide, Cheats, Tips and Secrets


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