Stick RPG Complete – Tricks, Strategies,Guide, Cheats, Tips and Secrets
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Stick RPG Complete – Tricks, Strategies,Guide, Cheats, Tips and Secrets

Synopsis Stick RPG Complete – Tricks, Strategies,Guide, Cheats, Tips and Secrets

Stick RPG Complete

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: RM

Cheat mode:
Enter HEYZEUS!!!! as a user name to get 555 Stats and 10,000 to start the

Save money:
Start with your intelligence at maximum, then get a job and keep getting
until you are the CEO. Do not increase anything else or do anything else
until you
are Ceo with an intelligence level of 250. Then, stop increasing
intelligence until
you get a penthouse with a television. Watch the news until you have about
intelligence. You can then hot wire the car. The car is like the skateboard
faster and cooler.

Easy money:
First, start a bank account. You do not need much, but the more the better.
go into your apartment and sleep for a few days. The interest in the bank
will earn
money slowly. The more money you have, the more you will receive. This is
very useful
if you are trying to get a few stats. Buy the items that raise all of the
stats when
you sleep. Each night you sleep, you will get better.

When you have 999 Intelligence, Charm, and Strength, get to -100 Karma by
a lot of Drug deals and bar fights. Notice that you will receive an
in your home to join in an Election. Click on the 50,000 Election and you
win it. After that, sleep and you will get $5,000 a day.

Save the game, then play blackjack. Bet all your money. If you lose,
refresh and
try again. Save the game each time you win more money.

Note: While playing blackjack is an easy way to get money, it takes a long
to click the chips to bet. Instead, do not click them. Press [Tab] until
the 500
chip is selected then hold [Enter] for a faster method.

Red car:
If you get over $500 you will get a new car.

While doing Commodities, before you leave the bus station to sell, make
sure you
have agun with 99 ammunition. Also make sure that you pump up Strength and
and lower your Karma for extra safety.

When doing the darts, go for the lighter dart board.

Start out with unlimited intelligence and get the job of the CEO. Follow
the first
car cheat and get to day 381. Then, press C and you should be in a red

President or Dictator:
When it is 2,000 days and you have a castle and lots of money (200,000),
you should
be invited to have an election.

For Dictator, have $200,000, Karma -100, 850+ Stats, CEO, and a castle
For President, have $200,000, Karma 100, 750+ Stats, CEO, and a castle

Funny messages 1:
Whenever your stickman gets run over by a car, he will get one of three
One is from Sticknews, another from You Hit, They Run law agency, and the
one is is from Cash for Skidmarks’ Inc.

Funny messages 2:
Give the boy who wants smoke exactly ten of them. He will die and you will
get a
message from a detective.

Red Stickman:
Keep robbing places.

Kill kid on the corner:
Keep giving the kid on the corner of the street cigarettes. He will
eventually die
from too much smoke inhalation.

If you are trying to sleep very quickly, press [Tab] twice, [Enter], [Tab],
and repeat.

Submitted by: Brandon

to wake up at 12:00 am everyday, get a job or the HEYZEUS!!!! and purchase
an alarm
clock. this should wake up a little earlyer, next buy as many nicatinue
pills as
possible because every pill used + alarm clock will wake you up at 12:00

Submitted by: nathan

start the game enter HEYZEUS!!!! get 999 of charm intellagence and streinth
get castle
check email erace it you will get a lottory if its not when you leave the
castle is in
the bank choose 50000 you win go to bed you get 5000 each day hey you
deserve it for all
your hard work im still getting my presidensial account bye

Easy money:
Get an alarm clock ($200) and caffeine pills. You will be able to work four
times a day.
For a CEO this results in $2,400 per day. Note: This is also how you get a
bus ride.

Good karma:
Go to the bum by the bar and keep giving him money. You will get good karma
in return.

Submitted by:adam

if you start a new game and keep working as a CEO and dont rob
any places you will get a white stick man.

Submitted by: Daniel Householder

to get a red stickman you can either kill the kid on the block and make a
lot of
deals in las vegas, you can also get into some barfights or you can rob
places a lot

Submitted by:tim

get some money then go to the bank and deposite all but 1 dollar. then go
to casino
and play black jack click on the token that says 0 on it and a 0 will be
added to
your money. you can repeat this as long as you want.

Very Easy money:
Submitted by: david

first become presedenant then sleep for 50 days put all your money in the
bank and keep
doing this.

Submitted by: Boaba

DO YOU NEED MOR MONEY? Buy 10 cocain or beer and travel to NJ or LA by bus.
Make sure you
have a cell phone and a gun with atleast 90 ammo. Sell your comidates and
you will get
a BIG profit.

Submitted by: PMan

Hi i have just found out a new hint for Stickman RPG:
When you get your intelligence up to 330 you can steal a car but if you
already have a
yellow/red car go to sleep untill day 364 and you should get a message
saying Congratz
you have been playing for a game year and you will recieve

Moon walk:
So to do the moon walk you hold up left right then you look like you
walking forward
but your going backwards

Sports Car:
After 365 stick days you should wake up and get some mail and a sports

Changing colors:
Purple – Win a lot of bar fights
White  – Become President
Red    – Rob banks
Blue   – Start of game

Submitted by: ya mum

to get easy money get all your cash out of the bank exepet for 1 doller and
go to
the casino and bet all of it al if u loose get out of it then back in to
iit then
u should still have all your cash. and if u win go save it then do it all
over again
keep doing this until u have alot of cash

Money Trick:
Use the following trick for easy money and decreased Karma. Buy 20 pieces
of cocaine from
the person besides the pawn shop. Make sure every time you wake up it is
midnight so you
could catch up to the bus. Go to Los Angeles and sell the cocaine you
bought for easy money.
It is possible that your stick will be red.

Cool car:
To get a cool car get unlimited time and sleep until the number says like
365 which is a
year. If you slept for a year in stick RPG then you get a cool car I guess.
It happened
to me.

Take a bus:
Get a alarm clock then get caffine pills go to sleep then go to the bus
station and pik
anywhere u want to go but its not wat u think it is.

Wake Up Car:
After you have hotwired the car by your home, enter it and go to your
inventory. Press
the go home button and go to sleep. After you wake up the next day, save
your game and
leave your home. You should start off inside your car.

Submitted by: keith

Make your car do the moon walk press up left and right together it you’ll
moon walk

Submitted by: hub

first, buy a computer. the stocks can not go below 1 dollar. Buy as much of
it as
u can at 1 dollar than wait till it doubles or triples, easy & fast
Go to twilly in Falconreach and put minigame prises.

win big:
If your new to this game listen to me. first make sure you are playing
stick rpg complete.
Now make your name HEYZEUS!!!!  make
sure you typed all of the !!!! marks and its all in
caps. Now youy shold be playing. If you want to be prez or dictator follow
this: prez=999
in all stats, 100 karma, a castle, a convetable, a ceo, and your stick
figure has to be
white. Dictator= 999 in all stats, -100 karma, a castle, a convertable, a
ceo, and your
stick has to be red. p.s. you have to wait 2000 days to have election and
you need $20000.

Skateboard tricks:
When you have a skateboard and want to do a trick, hold [Shift] and press

[Left], [Right], and [Up].

Easy Money:
Use the following trick for easy money and decreased Karma. Buy 20 pieces
of cocaine from
the person besides the pawn shop. Make sure every time you wake up it is
midnight so you
could catch up to the bus. Go to Los Angeles and sell the cocaine you
bought for easy
money. It is possible that your stick will be red.

Submitted by: Josh

To get a red stick, just rob the bank a whole lot. you dont have to get
away with money
to turn red. you just have to have a gun with ammo, and click “Rob the
place” when your
at the bank and eventually, you will turn red

Submitted by: joseph

complete cheats:codes,HEYZEUS!!!! Tips,Sleep for 365 days(1 year) you will
get a
messege and press c and you can drive a hot rod or to get the yellow car
neer apartment
and hotwire it by geting 370 intelegence,become CEO evrey day do job and
when you get
enogh funds you can by a mansion tv satlite (for tv) computer bed!!
more information email me at jprgameboy@hotmail.com

Submitted by: willever

steps for ultimate game
1 HEYZUES!!!! improtant (!!!!) 4
=555 all stats, $10000
2 go to the house click on the car at your house hotwire it.
3 go to the bar out side is a bum click on him give him 10 dolars
4 go to the pawn shop and buy a almarm clock
5 go to the school and use the gym till u have 999 strenth
6 go back to the school with 5000 dollars and do `go to class`
7 after u have finished th 5000 dollars if your not at 999 intelagence go
to `study`
8 go to the big building beside the bank and ask for promptions till your
9 work till you have 600,000 dollars
10 buy the caslte at the bank
11 go the bar and drink beer untill you have 999 charm
12 make shure u have 100 karma
13 go to your castle and sleep untill u get a letter asking to run for
14 say yes
15 play as u wish u are presadent what more could u want u get 5000 dollars
a night

1 HEYZUES!!!! improtant (!!!!) 4
=555 all stats, $10000
2 go to the house clic on the car at ur hose hotwir it.
3 go to the bar out side is a bum lick him and giv im 10 dolars ( holly
shit ive
  never accidentally done something
that funy)
4 go to the pan shop and buy a alarm cock (lol) and knife
5 go to the bar and bar fiht till u hav -100 karma
6 go to the scool and go to clas until u hav 0 karma
7 repet step 5 and 6 til u have 999 strengh and intelgense as well as -100
8 go to the bulding beside the bank and become ceo
9 work until u have 600000 dolars
9 drink ber until u hav 999 charm
10 bar fite until u have -100 karma
11 wait til u got an emal sain u can be dick-tater ( who wold wana be a
   made of taters)
12 say oui
13 play as, want
sorry for my BAD spelling

Submitted by: tj

If you start out with the name HEYZEUS!!!! you will get money and to get
get the ceo job and then you save to buy castle

Submitted by: Dillan

Get the car and get in and then press the direction pad and press c and the

car raves its engine

Submitted by: wron

To get lots of money put 10,000 dollars in bank and sleep for 365 day you
wake up check your messages you will get a new car and in your bank is tons
cash, i got a castle fron doing this with money left over!!!

Submitted by: JAKE

If u want a totally black screen while playing, hold “c” and the
right arrow
key at the same time.

Submitted by: Jordy

Give the bum by the bar lots of money until you turn white.

Kill the kid that asks for smokes (10 smokes) then go by some coke then go
to LA.

Submitted by: mathew

play the game get at least 700 intelligence steel the car then get
until u r ceo the get a clock and caffeine pills the sleep go t work u
get $2,400 the go home save game then go to the casino bet all your money
if u
win u get lots if u8 lose close window and re-open it the keep repeating it
ull be.

Submitted by: tom

first put your name as HEYZEUS!!!!
second when you have your stats and money save your file then go to the
next go to the blackjack table and bet all your money.
if you win go to your house and save.
if you lose quit the game and go to continue.
keep doing this until you have 640,000 dollars.
now go buy a castle.
go to the furnishing store and buy everything.
now go to your house and get on the computer.
now buy all the stocks that are at 1 dollar.
because the stocks cant go bellow 1.
spend all your money.
now sleep and next morning the stocks should go up.
wait till they are about 2-4 dollars or more. then sell them you should
make alot of money.
if you get good at stock managing then you can make alot of money.
this doesnt take long. about 1-2 hours depending on how good you are.
i made over 1.2 mil in 15 mins. so give it a try.

Submitted by: Zane

Get mega money by either going to the casino and betting all it may take
long but if you
win save (also save before you go) press tab till its on the 500 and hold
enter for faster
betting also you can put all your money in the bank then wait untill the
intrest is high
then make a lot of money and put it in the bank and you will sky rocket up
in money i did
and got over 5 mil and im still going up.

Submitted by: j&b

If you you are president or dictator get 1million$ and put it in bank.
sleep till you get
1million with you. the keep with drawing 1million you should be very

Submitted by: Robbie

Save then get 1 mil then bet it all on blackjack. If you don’t win then
close down
the game then log back on and do it again but when u do win save strait

Submitted by: Sidow2

1st get a lot of money(no loan)
2nd go to Fine Line Furnishings
3rd buy every thing there
4th go back the next day
5th buy every thing again (it has new stuff)
6th if you bought every thing you should get more intelligence, Strength
and charm everyday

Submitted by: Sidow2

You need 200 charm
1st you need a gun ($400)
2nd get money (CEO is best)
3rd deposit money
4rd rob the bank
4rd-B or go to jail for 5 days

Submitted by: cODY

First you must have a health lvl of 560. Use HEYZUES!!!! as your name at
the start of the
game your health will be at 560/560. go towards tthe edge of the area and
fall off you
should then have 560/570. Go home and sleep BANG extra hp

Changing color:
2 become white, u just go 2 work. 2 become red, u smoke, drink, rob, fight
and buy cocaine.

Submitted by: Julio

Heres a good tip…buy alll the exercise things…and then sleep all the
strength will go up with your charm and intellgence…just from sleeping!!!
Do that Zeus thing from other tips…and you will get so much money
fast…after you get
999 of all skillz

Submitted by: keane

to work at mcsticks you have to type in HEYZUES in capitals as
to get are scateboard you have to buy smokes and give them to the blue
person on the
corner of path.

Submitted by: rexxar

When u get to one thousand days and when u get $200,000 -100 karma and a
castle and
ceo u get to become a dictator and its not 2,000 days its 1,000 days.

Submitted by: SETH

you must play complete version of stick rpg you will have a car outside
your house
click on it to hot wire the press c to drive then hold c to make the screen
black makes stickman like hes in a invisable car.

Easter Egg – Back Wards Cars:
Sometime when u put Heyzeus!!!!. U might see a car driving backwards.
(It doesn’t realy have to be HEYZEUS!!!! as ur name but thats a different

Dont go to a place with to much cocaine the cops find you and your sent to
u lose your gun and your stuff.

Gambling win:
Take out a loan at the bank,then click repay loan.type minus and then the
that you want(repeat this as many times as you like).then gamble it at the
and hope you win.if you dont then start a new game and try again.

Submitted by: freddydavebobsmithgrayom

if you are in a bar fight and it freezes instead of clicking it froze just
click the
done button on the fighting bar and it should come back to life… do this
every time
it freezes and finish off your enemy =]

Submitted by: Shawn J

To become prez all u have 2 do is have a castle be ceo and haf 200,000$
because that
is the best chance to win election and you don’t have to wait 1000 days,i
was prez at
400 days.

Submitted by: Cazzer

To become dictator you have to have been playing for 1000 days, On the 1001
day you
will get an answering machine message asking you to become dictator of
sticks, the
more money you put in the more chance you have of winning the

Submitted by: Eva

When you have a lot of money, take it all out of your bank acount and save
the game.
Then go to the Casino and bet it all on blackjack. If you win, save your
game and you
will get double money. If you lose however, just dont save, exit, and go
back and all
your money will be returned to you.

Submitted by: Andrew

If you want to sell stuff in other citys but don’t want bad karma sell beer
insted of cocain.

Bank Glitch:
Submitted by: Camerant

Get some money. Then go to the bank and put a 0 before it than deposit.
Might only
work with even number like 02000, 01000 etc. You’ll deposit that much and
keep half.
Email gnicol116@aol.com Bye! hope it helps it did for me.

Easy Strength + Charm:
Submitted by: brody

An easy way to build strength and charm is to buy the mansion and the
treadmill from the
furniture store. Next, go to the convinience store and buy a whole bunch of
smokes. Then,
go stand one pace away from entering your mansion. Then all you have to do
is smoke until
your health is too low to smoke any more (you will be prohibited to smoke
so don’t worry about dieing) then enter your house and sleep whickh will
raise you health
and strength. Continue this until desired.

Submitted by: shaun

when you have a castle + $200,000 + the job as a CEO + 100 karma and have
played for a
virtual year you should be invited to have an election, accept and choose
the $200,000
campaing and you should become president

note: when you are president you can not work and you get $5000 when you

Submitted by: BOOB

hold forward and backwards in the car put your bonet over the edge near the
mansion and
make sure u just start the game or i wont work btw u can fall thogh ground
why u on the
road and went u respawn u start with 999 everthing and preisdent and castle
and 9000,00000

Submitted by: sam

to be director get 999 on every thing but karma, a castle and 200,000
dollars and sleep
till 999 days egzactly and you have a messeage read then erase then you get
another message
and choose the 200,000 dollar option (if u kill people you cant be

Submitted by: rozlan

First typ in HEYZEUS!!!! all caps then get promoted till ceo and if time
full sleep get
money from job sleep then go to bar and keep drinking beer till time full
sleep then go
to bank or place next to pawn shop and rob but before that u must get gun
and amo.and
that how u getperfect robery every time.

Funny move:
Submitted by: Callum

To do a funny move on yo’re skate board press shift , press right and then
down and you will
get a funny move for yo’re skate board.

Submitted by: oliver

Start new game then take your name as HEYZUES!!!!( i dont remember if it is
or HEYZEUS!!!!)
(notice that caps lock is activated)
then you get 555 on charm strengh and inteligens(sorry for bad spelling)and
10000 dollar
then go to band and deposit the money then go hotwire the car and go and
slep for a couple
of days then it should be more money then you then the money youve deposit
then check when
you have like 600000 dollars go buy the castle and go to furniture and buy
all then go out
and in its more furinture when you walking in again any way go to the gun
shop buy the mobile
then just sleep for a 100 days or more
hope you like my tip.

Big Money:
If you get 250k by going to the casino and back with that 250k go to the
bank put 250k in
Bank and then sleep for 50 days and you should have $626248.

Stock Market Genius:
For best results this secret requires at least $100,000. Start out the day
by heading off
to the bank. There you should buy a penthouse. Then go to the Fine Line
Furnishings store
across from your apartment and buy the computer. This enables you to trade
on the stock
market. Stocks fluctuate up and down everyday, but stock value will never
fall beneath $1.
Watch the various stocks until one hits rock bottom ($1). Buy all of these
stocks you can
possibly buy. Sleep until the stock rises to a higher value (ex. $2) and
sell them all.
Repeat this process as desired. In this way every couple of days you will
have doubled
your net value. In about 10 days I earned $2,000,000 using this
Note: The stock market is rigged against you, meaning stocks tend to
plummet faster when
you have more money invested in them. Because of this, when you are
investing big money
in a rock bottom stock it’s value will probably never rise above $2. When
your stock value
nears $2, sell.

White Head:
Get a white head by sleeping 100 days or less or higher.

Submitted by: GimmeaBj =]

This is more a programmers mistake that a cheat but, When you have gotten
999 Strenght
(however you get this i skipped days when i had tredmill & watched Tv
to get it) In a
bar fight once you win the fight your hp will go up by 3 everytime you win
you can get unlimited hp Enjoy 🙂 -JoeMcz

Submitted by: OZI

to get a pink color:first u need to do the HEYZEUS!!!! cheat but dont be a
ceo yet!
then kill the guy beside ur house by giving him 10 cigarettes.
then ur red color.then be a ceo and ur color is pink!

Submitted by: nathan divel

If u keep getting promotions u will turn white.Then when yur white if u
keep buying
drugs and trading them for money at different places u will turn light
blue.then if
u keep doing that u will turn dark blue.So if u dont like the color white u
can be
light blue or dark blue.Just keep buying drugs and robbing the store where
u buy the
gun at.kk.

Getting good money:
first    – save your game
second   – go to casino
third    – bet all your money playing
fourth A – if you win save again and repeat
fourth B – if you lose x the window and continue saved game and try
(if you do not know how how to play blakjack it is simple. if you look it
up you
should learn quickly)

Another way to have more money!:
Just buy a lot of cocaine from the guy walking between the store you buy
the gun and
the store you buy caffeine. And then, take the bus to Los Angeles, CA and
you sell
cocaine to one guy for more than 400 $/ 1 gram (I think 500 to 900 $) but
for a few

How to get the Adventure Mode of Stick RPG Complete!!:
Submitted by: Helen

@ Make Your name LOLATYINE!! (Note: Make sure it has all caps and two
exclamation marks).
@ You should have 10, 000 dollars and 999 stats. You can do this using the
name HEYZEUS!!!!
  but you only get 555 stats, also I
think LOLATYINE!!! sounds better.
@ Give ALL your money except for 10 dollars to the drunk guy. You’ll have
amazing karma!
@ Put the 10 dollars in the bank.
@ Go to sleep for 365 days.
@ When you wake up you’ll have a cool new car delievered to you in the
@ Click any brown cars that go up the right lane on your screen.
@ One will stop, and a black stickman will get out. He’s a hitchiker.
@ There’s a story scene (which goes like this):

YOU: Hi, where can I take ya?
GUY: New York City, please.
YOU: Fine, but the bus depot’s down, ya heard? I can’t take you ’till 12 o
clock, and even
then ya’ll gonna be stuck with no hotel.
GUY: I don’t care about all that crud. JUST TAKE ME!!!
YOU: *sighs* Fine.

@ The movie will finish, so you ought to buy some nicotine pills.
@ Then you should go to your house and click the messages button, there’s a
message from the
  hitchiker reminding you to take
@ After that, go to sleep and in the morning go outside. The hitchiker will
be waiting.
  Push “c” (to enter your
car) and there will be another movie.

YOU: Hey, Bernie.
GUY: My name’s not Bernie, you a*sehole!
*He hits you on the head with his gun*
YOU: Okay, fine. You wanted to go to New York, right?
GUY: Yeah, tool.
YOU: I’m steppin’ on it.

@ Now you have to drive to the Bus Depot. WHen you get out,
“Bernie” (the hitchiker) will
  follow you, even when you go into
shops. However, if you DO go into shops, don’t buy
  anything or he’ll leave.
@ When in the bus Depot, click you wanna go to New York. You’ll get there
and you won’t
  arrive and the screen has a message
on it, but instead you will be able to walk around.
@ Go to a hotel and drop “Bernie” off, he’ll give you $10000 for
your work. He’ll also
  invite you to stay with him (so you
can amble around NYC and not have to go back).
@ Play the game normally for 5 game days, then go to your NYC Hotel, and
there’s a
  movie (yay!).

YOU: Hi, Bernie. Who’s this?
“BERNIE” (GUY): Alicia, my new girlfriend.
*A girl stick is sitting on the bed on top of Bernie*
YOU: Umm, sorry to walk in on you… I’ll just go downstairs…
ALICIA: Are you that taxi driver?
YOU: Taxi driver?
BERNIE: You gave me a lift here ’bout a week ago, remember?
YOU: Yeah, but I ain’t a taxi driver, tool.
ALICIA: I’ll make it… worth your while… If you come with me and talke
me to Los Angeles…
*She winks seductively*
YOU: Uhh… Sorry, but I really can’t… I…
ALICIA: Oh, that’s a shame. I guess I’ll just have to give this 2 million
dollars to someone else.
YOU: 2 Million?!!!!

(Then a screen will appear asking you what to say next. I’ll tell you right
and wrong thing to
say and what happens after it).
“Sure… Let’s go!”
“I’ll do you but I ain’t driving you anywhere.”

If you say “Sure… Let’s go!” then…
ALICIA: Thanks, sugar.
*You both go downstairs*
YOU: Hop in, tool.
ALICIA: Thank you, sir.
*She gets in the car and so do you*
*While driving, Alicia jumps in the front seat beside you.*
ALICIA: Wanna make my taxi drive a little more… Naughty?
YOU: Sure…
*You pull over and you hear moans and groans coming from the car.*
*The screen goes black then says 30 mins later…*
ALICIA: Thank you… *winks*
YOU: No problem.
*You grab 2 million dollars and rifle through the notes.*
YOU: No problem at all…

If you’d said “I’ll do ya but I ain’t driving you anywhere”…
ALICIA: But I need to get to LA!
*You hear a gunshot and the screen goes black*

If you picked the good option, you’d get $2 mil. and your charm would go up
by 20. Pick the
bad option, and your HP would go down by 20 and you’d return to the
starting town, and Adventure
Mode would have ended. Now here’s what would happen if you pick the good

@ Go back to New York and go to Bernie’s flat. He’ll be sitting with a new
girl and a message
  will appear saying “Drive Rose
to Chicago”.
@ Do so and get $1000. Also your charm goes up by 10.
@ Keep driving girls to places and they’ll give you hotels there. On the
10th day of driving
  girls, you’ll get a RARE Black and
orange stripey sports car.

I Haven’t got any further on Adventure Mode, but because I got the sports
car it comes up on
the menu “Continue Adventure”. Good luck finding out what happens

Submitted by: josh wetzel

u go to the kid give him som sigerits u use the skate board to go to casino
bet all ur
money/at leat 200,000/do not save or cheat wont work keep beting tell u
loss sleep for 20
days ind up being presdent and have/100,000,000,000.

Submitted by: 5-0 Assassin

When you get $20,100, buy from the coke dealer until you have $100. then go
to LA or Detroit
and sell it(if any thing bad happens refresh). go deposit the money in the
bank and sleep.
now repeat the process and get a lot of money.

Hint: charm,and streanth:
You need about 500,500$ to do this first buy a castle then go to the
fureniture shop (across
the apartment) and buy every thing then go home watch tv and you’ll gain
cham, streanth, and
intteigience dependig on what channel. The first inteigience, second
streanth, and third charm.

How to become DICTATOR:
Now, this is sort of an un-conventional method of making your character,
but it will work,

-=The making of your character=-
First, give your char a name (obviously)
Next, you want to keep rolling the dice until you have about 30 points all
Then, proceed to the day-by-day instructions

-=Day-by-day instructions=-
Day 1. You’ll start in the middle of the street, go down, and cross the
street directly
across from the bar will be a yellow building (Funky-Town Five-O
Convenience Store) there
a red guy is pacing (don’t worry about him yet). Walk into the yellow
building. Then, buy
a pack of smokes.
Walk out and go north (up)across the street until you reach the bank. Walk
across the
street and you’ll see a cyan-colored stick person(actually kid). Click on
him. He will say
something (translates to “I WANT SMOKES!”)
Give him the smokes, and you will now have a skateboard that you can use by
holding SHIFT
while walking.

Go down again and enter the bar. Get into a few bar fights until you’re
almost dead (if
you’re at extremely low health during a fight, just run away)
Every fight, the opponents give you a +3 strength and some money (the more
people you
kill, the more money you get per person)
When you’re low on health, go out of the bar, and click on your inventory
(the bag). Click
the small home icon and it will take you home, you have the option of
sleeping, checking
your messages, saving, or leaving. You probably want to save and go to

Day 2 (don’t worry about getting your hp up, that’ll happen in time).
If you want a quicker way to get strength up, go right until you’re at New
Lines Inc.
(don’t go in!)
Turn the corner and go inside of the yellow building labeled U of S
(University of Stick)
Don’t worry about study’ing or going to class, just go to the gym until day
10 (every day,
you get +8 strength by going to the gym).
PS: going to school increases your karma, but don’t worry, we’ll get it
down again soon

-=Day 11=-
My stats are currently 101 strength, 0 charm, 2 int (i mis-clicked
Now, it’s time to get intelligence up. Go back to U of S and study (don’t
go to school,
it’s a waste of money). You will see your character gradually change
colours, that’s do to
his karma (white = good, red = bad).

And so for a little while, you’re a bookworm, only study’ing at U of

(I got 75 int at day 21, so that’s the timeslot we’ll use)

-=Day 21=-
Remember that HUGE building next to U of S and the bank? Well that’s your
new office. Go
over there and enter it. Keep asking for promotions until it says you need
more int. If
you stopped at 75 int, you’ll be a sales person, making $15 per hour.

Work the rest of the day, and go up to the bank, deposit all of your money
(remember to do
this every day for a good interest rate), then go back to the apartment and
sleep. You can
check your answering machine, you’ll have a few wierd messages from people
(read them for
a quick laugh).
The first day you work, get $200. Go south until you’re at the edge of the
game, on the
right side of the street under the convenience store, there will be a
purple building.
Enter it, and buy a CD alarm clock (you will wake up earlier)

And so, for a few weeks, you’re a work-a-holic trying to 

Chapter Stick RPG Complete – Tricks, Strategies,Guide, Cheats, Tips and Secrets


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