The Elder Scrolls – Redguard – Tricks, Strategies,Guide, Cheats, Tips and Secrets
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The Elder Scrolls – Redguard – Tricks, Strategies,Guide, Cheats, Tips and Secrets

Synopsis The Elder Scrolls – Redguard – Tricks, Strategies,Guide, Cheats, Tips and Secrets

The Elder Scrolls – Redguard

Cheat Codes:
Press [F12] to display the console window. Then, type “ITEM ADD”,

[object number] using a value from the following list:

2  – gold
3  – stoneskin potion
4  – health potion
5  – ring of invisibility
6  – Vola’s Ring
7  – sabre
8  – rusty key
9  – gold key
10 – silver key
11 – amulet
12 – soul gem
13 – soul sword
14 – crowbar
15 – peg rune
16 – peg rune 2
17 – peg rune 3
19 – orc’s blood
20 – orc’s blood with
21 – spider’s milk
22 – spider’s milk with
23 – ectoplasm
24 – ectoplasm with
25 – Hist sap
26 – Hist sap with
27 – Dwarven lore book
28 – Dwarven gear
29 – glass vial
30 – glass vial filled with elixer
31 – iron weight
32 – bucket
33 – bucket full of water
34 – gauntlet rune
35 – Elven Artifact book
37 – Redguard Heroes book
38 – Hammerfell book on Flora
39 – map from Makio
40 – leather pouch of gold
41 – Crendel’s stolen map
42 – silver boat
43 – shovel
44 – aloe
45 – torch
46 – monocle eyepiece
47 – flag
48 – silver locket
49 – league insignia parchment
50 – Joto’s Jail map
51 – Flask of Lillandril
52 – Hundings Tailsman
53 – Izsara’s Journal
54 – feather
55 – Kithral’s journal. The dead monk
56 – Folks Firmament book
57 – Izara’s journal locked
58 – star stone
59 – key to warehouse
60 – key Izara’s house
61 – spell
64 – glass bottle empty
65 – glass bottle with water
66 – glass bottle mixed with water and aloe
67 – strength potion
68 – bandage
69 – bandage with blood
70 – sabre
71 – sabre
72 – sabre
73 – sabre
74 – bone key

Submitted by: arun prakash

Go in to your game folder and open “Combat.ini”. Change Cyrus
damage to 100
to kill with one hit. Change everyone elses damage to 0 and you cannot die

by being hit

Propose to Frankie:
Submitted by: Naum

Give the ring to Frankie after rescuing her. (She will “think about
Show her the diamonds before turning them over to the police. She will

kiss you and accept your proposal.

Redguard Tips
Fighting Tips
One of the most frustrating things when I first started
the game was continually losing at sword fights… even
the easiest opponent could often beat me. Here are a few
tips I’ve picked up along the way that may help you.
Patience: This is really the key thing in any fight.
The game is not a shoot-’em-up action game where you
need quick reflexes to survive. Rather, a good wit and
a little strategy go much further. Often I lose or am
badly wounded when I try to rush my victory. A good
offense is a good defense, they say.
Practice: Your first stop when you start the game should
be the Draggin’ Tale inn. After you talk to your friend
Tobais and the barkeep Dreekius, the chaps sitting at the
table drinking can be easily convinced into a fight.
You lose no health while fighting them, and it is good
experience combating multiple opponents. Please note that
these lads are quite drunk and are about the worst fighters
in Stros M’Kai.
Jumping: An interesting move is attacking while jumping.
If you can get the timing right you kill some foes without
them being able to attack. The maneuver goes something like:
Defend Off-Jump-Attack-Defend On. This works best when you are
downhill from your opponent; otherwise you’ll have to attack
later on during the jump. If you are hit before or while you
start jumping, your attack will always miss, I find. You will
have to adjust your attack time when in the air. I’ve found
that while fighting on level ground, I have to attack at the
top of my jump. As long as your opponent does not attack you
on the way up or before you attack him, it appears that he
cannot hit you.
Facing Your Opponent: This sounds simple enough, but can be
tricky when fighting multiple opponents. They will usually
sound off whenever they switch, but I’ve seen people attack
me from behind without much warning. It took me a few fights
to get to know where to face to most effectively hit and defend.
Auto-Defend: This lifesaver will make Cyrus perfectly defend any
incoming attacks if you aren’t doing anything else at the time
(although I think you can move around). I’d recommend using this
at least for a while when starting the game. Once your fighting
skills increase, you can turn this off (using F7) and see how
truly skilled you are.
Slash: The single slash is one of your basic moves. It is quick,
which minimizes the amount of time you’re not defending,
but is short-range.
Thrust: I find this move (Forward+Attack) to be one of the
better attacks, mostly due to its speed and range. If you
miss, you can quickly go back on the defense and it reaches
farther than a slash.
Lunge: This has a further range than the thrust, but I find
it harder to pull off on the keyboard. Also, if you miss you
are more vulnerable to an attack.

Finding Gold
Your survival in Stros M’Kai depends primarily on your health,
your health depends on your supply of healing potions, and
those potions depend on your spare gold. Further, gold can buy
lots of other useful things, some of them required at one time
or another. Here’s a few places to find some extra cash:

Guards and other monsters generally carry some gold, if your sword
skill is up to getting it.
Kotaro, the bald guy sitting on the docks, can give you a job
paying 100 before, and 200 after you deliver an amulet from
N’Gasta to Richton.
In the lower harbor tower (near the docks with stairs leading
to a 2nd story door), a chest in the bottom floor contains some gold.

In the town of Saintsport at the south end of the island is a
house with some gold and potions lying around. There is also
some gold lying outside in the town. Watch out for the crazy
person here who will attack you.
South, down the shore from Saintsport, is a shipwreck with some
gold…and another crazy person to attack you.
North from the shipwreck is a skeleton of a large creature with
some gold lying around.

Rope Climbing Tips:
* To get on: Take a running stride and jump toward the rope.
* To climb up and down: Use the up and down direction keys.
* To swing: Move to the very end of the rope. Keep the left (or right)
arrow key
  depressed to swing higher.
* To jump off of a stationary rope: Turn “Run” mode On (TAB key).
Climb up and
  look around for a feasible landing
place. To jump left, right or back, there
  must be a place to land. You might
need to dismount and climb on from another
  side of the rope before trying
* To jump off of a swinging rope: Aim toward your landing spot and begin to

  swing (see above). Wait to reach
the most height. Jump when the rope swings
  nearest to your destination.

Chapter The Elder Scrolls – Redguard – Tricks, Strategies,Guide, Cheats, Tips and Secrets


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