The Outer Worlds – Tricks, Strategies,Guide, Cheats, Tips and Secrets
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The Outer Worlds – Tricks, Strategies,Guide, Cheats, Tips and Secrets

Synopsis The Outer Worlds – Tricks, Strategies,Guide, Cheats, Tips and Secrets

The Outer Worlds

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Skip intro videos:
Rename both Startup_Splash_1.mp4 and Startup_Splash_2.mp4
to Startup_Splash_1.mp4.old and Startup_Splash_2.mp4.old respectively

Hints, tips, tricks, and secrets:
Use the following hints, tips, tricks, and secrets to get the most out of
Outer Worlds.

You Can Steal Anything And Talk Your Way Out Of Crimes: Stealing is a great
way to
earn easy money. Lockpicks (Mag-Picks) and Hacking (Cyber Shunts) allow you
to access
areas you normally cannot reach, and usually there is a good reward
waiting. Start
with the room in the back of the bar for an easy pick. Try to make sure no
one sees
you stealing items marked with red. If you are caught, having high speech
skills will
make escape easier. You will lose some reputation with the company, but you
will not
have to pay a fine.

Good Starting Armor Or Weapons: Right as you enter the town of Edgewater,
look left
for a way into the Barber Shop. Go inside, and go to the back room where
you will
find a dead guard. Just close the door, and you can easily steal from him.
If you
are lucky, he will have a set of Guard Armor. This is a great starting set,
and it
increases your Armor rating from 3 to 9. If he does not have the armor, he
at least have a weapon and some ammo to loot.

Get Parvati As Your Companion (And Raid Her House): Talk to the town
overseer at
the top of the elevator in the Cannery to quickly earn your first
companion. Parvati
is a helpful shooter with Engineering skills that can solve problems for
you. Just
by having her with you, you will be able to increase your skills and
complete any
Engineering challenge checks. You can also raid her house, which is located
the street from the bar. You will know the correct one when you enter the
with the garage and workbench.

Carry And Store More Items: One of the most useful perks to get early is
Pack Mule.
It instantly gives you a +50 KG carry weight bonus. That is a lot if you do
have a strength build. The more stuff you carry, the more potential money
you can
earn, and the easier it will be to buy what you want later. Alternatively,
you can
store extra stuff at your ship. Use the containers inside to permanently
extra stuff. If that is not enough space, you can also unlock a perk that
you to fast travel, even if you are overencumbered.

Instantly Breakdown Weapons And Armor: While looking into a loot container,
Left [Shift] to scrap the selected item, saving you time and inventory
Useful Features In Items Menu: There is a sub-menu you can use in your
that gives you instant access to a few useful features. For example, the
command is hidden in the radial options menu when using any inventory
screen. This
allows you to swap positions of your primary four weapons. You can move
favorites to the front, or put melee weapons in the rear.

Do Not Buy Weapons: Weapons are expensive when buying them from vendors. It
 much better to save your bits for
upgrades at the workbench. Use tinker on guns
you find in the environment; marauders carry Assault Rifles, Hunting
Revolvers, Pistols, and Shotguns. They are all good, and there is no reason
buy them from a store. You will eventually get them all just from
Unique Melee Weapon: One early side-quest you can do is found in Constable
office. Talk to her, and she will send you to hunt three bandits outside of
The Blad On Stik 2H melee weapon is carried by one of the three bandits,
the Marauder hideout. It is northwest of Edgewater, just west of the

Use Stealth And Hunting Rifles: Enemies do not get alerted if you get an
kill, even if it is with a loud weapon. When you are stalking a marauder
camp, you
can kill an enemy with a headshot without alerting the entire camp. Just
wait for
nearby enemies to lose their alert level.

Repair Weapons And Armor With Parts (Or Bits At The General Store): Break
weapons and armor to recover parts. Weapon and armor parts are valuable
that allow you to repair your broken weapons and armor without spending
money. You
can choose to repair your gear for parts, but first make sure to check if
items are actually experiencing any negative effects. Some gear does not
losing power until it is pretty worn. If you are out of scrap, you can
always visit
the town vendor and spend bits to repair your gear.

Look For Pristine Weapons And Armor: Pristine weapons and armor are marked
with a
diamond symbol. They are not better than standard weapons and armor, but
they are
 worth twice as many bits to vendors.
Pristine weapons and armor are extremely
rare, but keep an eye out for them. Do not breakdown these random weapons
and armor
for scrap. Save them for selling.
Upgrade Science To 20+ To Unlock Tinker At Workbenches: If you have 20+
skill, you can start tinkering. For 50 bits at the start, you can upgrade
and armor to make them more powerful or provide extra defense.

Upgrade To 20+ Handgun/40+ Melee To Unlock TTD Effects: While TTD is
active, shoot
legs to slow/stop, shoot arms to lower attack, and shoot the head to stun.
You will
see yellow lightning at the effected spot. You can even shoot humans in the
for the “Weaken” status effect. Move your aiming reticule over
each part to see what
status effect will occur.
Upgrade Dodge To 20+ To Unlock Leap To Reach Hidden Loot: Upgrade Dodge to
20+ to
unlock the ability to leap forward, even while jumping. This allows you to
much further than normal, and you will be able to reach platforming puzzle
For example, there is a crashed derelict ship just north of Edgewater with
crates you can only reach with the leap skill.

Find New Locations Around Edgewater For XP: Explore early in the game to
earn easy
XP and find unique areas, tough enemies (like mega creatures), and rare
Check All Tabs When Modifying Weapons And Armor: At any workbench, you can
powerful mods. Next to each weapon and armor, there are white dots. Those
are mod
slots, and if you do not check every tab when modding, you may miss out on
upgrades. Many early armor suits have four mod slots — so make sure to
through all four. Use the triggers consoles to see everything you can

Get A Second Companion: Go to the local church in Edgewater to find a
companion. This guy will only become available after you have repaired your
but if you finish all the steps of his heretical quest, he will join you
the Unreliable.

Special Ignorant Dialogue: Set your Intelligence to very low at the
creation screen to get unique dialogue options that indicate how dumb your

character is. If you are playing on the Supernova difficulty, this can
happen temporarily.

After Leaving The First Area, Equip Two Companions And Select Perks Geared
Survivability: Your companions become a lot more useful after leaving the
first area.
When they level up, select perks to make them tougher —- more HP, armor,
etc. It is
recommended to bring both of them, and equip them with the best possible
armor. You
will be surprised by how much easier it is with your companions

Infinite Auto-Saves Anywhere On Supernova: You can only fast travel to the
(ship) on the Supernova difficulty, and auto-saves are extremely limited.
You can
only save (or auto-save) in your ship. There is a way around this system.
When you
fast travel to your ship, an auto-save will be generated at the spot where
you just
traveled from. Load your new auto-save file after traveling. Since you
cannot fast
travel anywhere else, this is a great way to generate saves anywhere on the

Change AI Behavior To Keep Companions Alive: Go to the settings, and scroll
to your party members to alter their AI behavior. You can order them to be
passive, stay further away from fights, and only use ranged weapons. Make
them play
defensively since if they die, they are permanently dead. At the start of
the game,
 this is a pretty big deal. Later in
the game, once you have good armor and weapons
for your teammates, it is not quite so bad.
Special Ignorant Dialogue: Set your Intelligence to very low at the
creation screen to get unique dialogue options that indicate how dumb your
is. If you are playing on the Supernova difficulty, this can actually
happen temporarily.

All Unique Weapon Locations:
Search the indicated location to find the corresponding unique

Blad-On-Stick (Trip Blade): In the Marauder Hideout, northwest of
Kill the bandit leader to get it.

Maxwell (Impact Hammer): Sold for 3,000 bits at the Emerald Vale General

Ol’ Reliable (Light Machine Gun): In the Primal Nest, next to a dead body
in the canyon area.

Shock Stick (Riot Baton): In the Geothermal Plant, carried by the security
chief’s corpse.

Increase carry weight:
As you progress through the game, you will find Backpack armor mods.
Backpack mods increase
your carry weight by +20kg. Your companions can also equip armor with these
mods installed.
Instead of having their own inventory, companions can increase your total
carry weight. Mod
three suits of armor with a Backpack mod, then equip them to your character
and your two
companions to get a total +60kg to carry weight.
Before you find Backpack mods, you can use perks. The following four perks
are recommended
to increase your total carry weight:

Pack Mule (Tier 1): +50kg carrying capacity.
Traveler (Tier 1): Fast travel when encumbered.
Pack Of Pack Mules (Tier 2): +40kg carrying capacity bonus from
Super Pack Mule (Tier 3): +100kg carrying capacity.

Easy massive damage:
Reach Level 10 and unlock Sam and Vicar Max for your party. Go to the
Respec terminal
in the Unreliable and respect. Give yourself 100 Science skill. Tinker your
Science weapons
 to maximum. At the cap, it will only
cost 200 bits —- instead of the normal large bit cost.
Return to the Respec terminal and respect again. Everything you tinkered
will still be very
powerful. The Prismatic Hammer is the best Science weapon for pure damage.
Vicar Max and
Sam have perks that increase damage. Vicar Max can unlock a perk that
increases Science
weapon damage by +20%. You can increase damage further with Sneak Attacks
and boost Melee
Damage. You can also use this trick to tinker any of your weapons —- tinker
your armor,
weapons, and all your companion gear as well. Then, just swap back and keep
the bonuses.
Note: This exploit was performed on an unpatched version of the game. It
may eventually
get patched. To avoid not being able to use this trick, either do not
install new patches
before using this exploit or delete the patches. You can avoid patches
being installed by
disconnecting from the internet until you are ready for the game to install
new patches.

Getting the Prismatic Hammer:
The Prismatic Hammer can be found on the Groundbreaker. Enter the bunk room
to the left
of the Promenade entrance and climb onto the beds. Sneak into the hidden
room through the
vent, and kill the guards to collect a key to the locked door —- the
Prismatic Hammer is
inside. The Prismatic Hammer has a strong Power Attack, and deals all
elemental damage
types at the same time. Bring characters with perks that increase Science
Weapon Damage,
and select perks of your own that increase it further. You can boost
Science Weapon Damage
by +120% with Vicar Max and your character perks.

Alternate endings:
Successfully complete the indicated task to unlock the corresponding

Best ending: Side with Dr. Phineas Welles for the entire story. Do not turn
him in, and
choose to save him at the end of the story. Additionally, collect 100% of
the chemical
from the secret lab, and send a corrupted tracer from Phineas’ communicator
Note: A high Science skill will help solve the problems of the

Good ending: Side with Dr. Phineas Welles for the entire story. Do not turn
him in,
and choose to save him at the end of the story.

Bad ending: You can begin this alternate storyline as early as the
Groundbreaker. Go to
the Halcyon Holdings embassy and choose to turn in Phineas to the Board.
They will send
you on alternate evil missions once you reach Byzantium much earlier in the
story. To
get this ending, work with the board to hide the Hope colonists and ensure
the success
of their freezing program to solve the food crisis.

Worst (secret) ending: Start a new game and set your Intelligence to
“Below Average”.
Later in the story, you will need to steer the Hope ship to a new location.
Do not allow
ADA to drive, and instead choose to steer the ship yourself. Continue
driving it, even
though you are not intelligent enough to actually succeed. Instead of
saving the Hope,
you will slowly drive the colony ship into the sun. This is also good for
speedruns since
it allows you to skip the entire final section of the game.

Guide to Import Saves and Achievements to Steam:
Written by HEKAU

If you started playing The Outer Worlds upon its release on Xbox Game Pass
for PC
(or EGS?) on the day of release (or after), then you’ve made progress and
achievements since that point and probably want that to carry over to Steam
now that
you own it (or intend to buy it) here. This is a quick guide on how to make
that happen.

The default location for XGP’s The Outer Worlds saves is:

C:\Users\username\Saved Games\The Outer Worlds Windows 10

The default location for Steam’s The Outer Worlds saves is:

C:\Users\username\Saved Games\The Outer Worlds

The Microsoft Store and Xbox Game Pass locations are the same.

The EGS & Steam versions use the same save folder, so this may not be
necessary in
that case.

-=Step 1=-
The first thing you’ll want to do is launch The Outer Worlds on Steam in
Online mode
(launching the game in Offline mode populates a separate folder, which is
“_LOCAL_” is for) once, if you haven’t done so already, so that
the game creates and
populates the relevant folders.

-=Step 2=-
After that’s done, go into this folder:

C:\Users\username\Saved Games\The Outer Worlds\The Outer Worlds Windows

There should be a “_LOCAL_” folder and another folder with a long
number string.
In the latter folder you’ll see a lot of subfolders named
“Autosave…”, “Quicksave…”,
etcetera—but just as important is also a file called
which is self-explanatory.

Select All or Copy All of these files and place or paste them all into the

folder below:

C:\Users\username\Saved Games\The Outer Worlds

Be sure that they all go directly into that folder as is and there should
be no
subfolders other than those you place or paste in there.

-=Step 3=-
Now launch The Outer Worlds, once again in Online mode, and be sure to keep
an eye on
a Steam prompt asking which save file you would like to proceed with if you
have Steam
Cloud enabled. Choose the upload to the cloud option since those are the
files you
just added to the game’s folder. Choosing the other option will likely
overwrite the
files you’ve just inserted or potentially corrupt whatever save files were

If you followed all the steps then you should see all the achievements that
previously earned unlocking in succession, in sets of three, once you reach
the main
menu. All of your save files will also be populated in the Load Game screen
as they were
previously on the original alternate platform, and you’ll see the Continue
option at the
top. Now just enjoy picking up right where you left off beforehand without
the need to
replay for achievements, especially if you scored some rare or hard-earned
ones in your
original playthrough. I’ve done all these steps myself and can confirm that
it has
worked without issue, bugs, glitches, nor save file corruption or
compromised save files.

-=Note 1=-
You may want to just go to your Settings when you first Launch The Outer
initially to ensure that all relevant settings are to your liking.

-=Note 2=-
If you are attempting to do this from the EGS version, I can’t personally
confirm if
the steps are exactly the same because 1, Steam may read the save files
from the EGS
version of the game already since apparently the save file location for
both the EGS
and Steam versions are in the same folder…and 2, I don’t have the EGS
version of
The Outer Worlds to perform these steps myself.

Guide to Disable Mouse Acceleration:
Written by Classicsniper00

-=What is Mouse Acceleration=-
Mouse Acceleration increases the speed of movement of your mouse pointer,

depend on how fast you move it on the screen.
You are able to reach your target faster, however, this also means you will

likely overshoot.

Which is not what you want in and FPS game.

-=How to Disable=-
You will need to find the Input.ini file located in your AppData folder


Once you open it, you will find that it is empty. (Makes sense…)
Then enter in the following lines:


Save the file, and you are good to go.

Chapter The Outer Worlds – Tricks, Strategies,Guide, Cheats, Tips and Secrets


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