The Secrets of Jesus – Tricks, Strategies,Guide, Cheats, Tips and Secrets
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The Secrets of Jesus – Tricks, Strategies,Guide, Cheats, Tips and Secrets

Synopsis The Secrets of Jesus – Tricks, Strategies,Guide, Cheats, Tips and Secrets

The Secrets of Jesus

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

All Quests Guide:
Written by moewe27

Looking for the big answers? Look no further, here are the quests you have
solve to complete the game.

-=fishing for solutions=-
* If you are stuck I recommend to first use my guide about the items.
* If this doesn’t help, look the solution up in this guide.
* You have to solve the quests in the order they appear here.
* Only the riddle how to wake the carriage driver can be solved later

  (after solving the riddle how to
look for Aram at Rahab’s.

-=Remove the rabbits=-
* Eat the carrot while in the scene with the rabbits.

-=Wake the carriage driver=-
* Use the wooden staff to move the big wheel next to the carriage
* Smash the empty bottle on the stone.
* Use the money bag on the carriage driver and he drives you to Ravid,

  Majda Shams, Beit Keshed forest,

Ravid: Ask John about news after you entered Rahabs house.

Majdal Shams: Ask Felix’s partner if there are news after you enter Felix’s

Beit Keshed forest: Ask John about news after you enter Felix’s house as

India: Solve all riddles.

-=Look for Aram at Rahab’s house=-
* Lean the ladder on the storage next to Rahabs house.
* Drink the wine.
* Use the ladder.
* Throw the chicken egg at Rahab.

-=Look for Aram at Felix’ house=-
* Give Felix the stinky shoes after telling him you saw his son

-=Look for Arma at Barabbas’ house=-
* Use the sticky sheet of papyrus on Barabbas door.
* Let the carrier pigeon with message fly to the temple.
* Use the goose with the praetorian guard.

-=Find Aram=-
* Tell Mary that Aram is not with one of the three suspects.
* She tells you, Aram’s garment smells like lentils.
* Ask the cooking woman. She denies to know Aram.
* Ask John.
* He tells you about rumors, that Judas had an affair with the cooking
* So you go and take a look at Judas and discover a spot of lentil soup on

  his garment.
* You cut the spot out with a knife.
* Show it to the cooking woman.
* She confesses to have an affair with Judas and that Aram is hiding in the

  straw in the next room.

-=Go to India=-
* Give the gold to the carriage driver.
* He needs a new wheel. Go to the carpenter and reclaim your favour.
* Use Aram’s garment to smear make up on the new wheel.
* Give the wheel to the carriage driver and ask to be taken to India.

All Items Guide:
Written by moewe27
Here is a short list of items and how to get them.
Five denarius: there from the beginning

Flintstone: take it, it’s next to the owl

Carrot: in the village where the carriage driver is, on a barrel

Comb: on the shelf in Marys house

Raven feather: use the flintstone on the raven at Johns second house

Crab: at Sea of Galilee on a stone

Wooden staff: in Tiberias, next to the gate left of Felix’ son

Lemon: in the house of the woman cooking the lentil soup on a shelf

Ladder: on the wall in the room with the donkey, in the house of the woman

cooking lentil soup

Lice: comb the donkey in the house of the woman cooking lentil soup

Bowl: ask the ceramicist master

Ney: give the music trader five denarius

Cotton wool: take it after talking to the egg seller

Bread: answer the question of the bread seller correctly:

Lentils: Put the lice in the lentils

Honey: use the lemon with the bees

Crumbs with honey: mix bread and honey

Nail: look at the grilles left at the carpenters house

Empty wine bottle: take the bottle form the carriage driver

Owl egg: combine nay and nail, use it on the owl

Chicken egg: give the owl egg to the egg seller

Bottle of wine: use the crumbs with honey on the Sea of Galilee, take

the bottle, when the fisher is distracted

Dung: play the nay for the donkey of the cooking woman

Money bag: give the lentil soup to the beggar, the bag will appear
in Johns second house

Stinky cheese: ask the rich man if the fruits on the table are fresh,

take the cheese

Bowl with water: after giving the soup to the beggar, use it on the water

bowl in front of the music sellers shop

Wild lettuce: talk with Simeon after visiting Ravid/Appolonius about the

savior. He will leave his house, you can take the wild lettuce

Wild lettuce tea: use the wild lettuce with the water bowl, cook it over

the fire in the house of the cooking woman

Shoes: give Felix’s son the wild lettuce tea

Stinky shoes: use the stinky cheese on the shoes

Wet cotton wool: soak the cotton wool on the water in front of the music

sellers shop

Wine-soaked cotton wool: soak the wet cotton wool on the wine in Felix’s

Fire: use the wine-soaked cotton wool with the fire in the house of the

cooking woman

Myrrh: use the fire with the two magi

Vellum: perform the magic trick in front of the magi (use fire with

Papyrus: Give the myrrh to the dismal woman, you can take the

Quill: use dung and raven feather

Vellum with writing: use quill on it

Papyrus with writing: use quill on it

Second money bag: next to Judas in Beit Keshed forest

Pigeon: give the money bag to the pigeon seller

Honey: take another bit of honey at the appropriate time
(after you got the papyrus)

Sticky sheet of papyrus: combine honey and the written papyrus

Carrier pigeon with message: combine vellum and pigeon

Goose: it’s in the woods, next to the bees’ nest

Precious headdress: in Barabbas second room

Gold: use crab on precious headdress

Knife: take it from Barabbas’ house

Sharp knife: use knife on scythes

Rope: use the sharp knife on Judas’ rope

Soup stain: you can cut it with a knife from Judas’ garment after
discovering the connection between Judas and the cooking woman

Ceramic hook: ask the ceramicist master to make you a hook

Rope with hook: combine rope with ceramic hook

Aram’s garment: use rope with hook with the abyss

Besmeared garment: use Aram’s garment with the left make up palette at

Mary’s house

Wheel: take the wheel after you made it look like the old one by using

the besmeared garment

Chapter The Secrets of Jesus – Tricks, Strategies,Guide, Cheats, Tips and Secrets


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