The Sims 2 – H+M Fashion Stuff – Tricks, Strategies,Guide, Cheats, Tips and Secrets
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The Sims 2 – H+M Fashion Stuff – Tricks, Strategies,Guide, Cheats, Tips and Secrets

Synopsis The Sims 2 – H+M Fashion Stuff – Tricks, Strategies,Guide, Cheats, Tips and Secrets

The Sims 2 – H+M Fashion Stuff
Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: RM

Press [Ctrl] + [Shift] + C during game play to display the console window.

Enter one of the following codes to activate the cheat function.
Note: Some codes may be case-sensitive.

Note: For more information about the cheat codes, open the
“readme.txt” file
in the game directory and look towards the bottom.

List most cheat codes                                  – help

Display information about indicated cheat              – help [cheat command]
Close console window                                   – exit

Expand or contract console window                      – expand
1,000 more Simoleons                                  
– Kaching
50,000 more Simoleons                                  –
Have twins when baby is born                           – twinzr2cute or
Remove all Sims; use in neighborhood view              – deleteAllCharacters
Toggle terrain types; use in neighborhood view         – TerrainType [desert or temperate]

Objects can be placed anywhere in buy and build
modes; hand tool can move any object                   – moveObjects [on or off]

Make Sims larger or smaller; 1.0 is normal             – StretchSkeleton [number]

Turn off facial DNA blending in Create A Sim           – faceBlendLimits [on or off]

Prevent Sims from aging                                – aging [on
or off]
Toggle automatic game updates                          – autoPatch [on or
Slow motion; 0 is normal, 8 is slowest                 – slowMotion [0-8]
No censor; set to 8 to return to normal intprop        – censorgridsize 0
Increase game performance with some graphics glitches  – Vsync [on or off]
Use in neighborhood screen to invite more guests
with a party                                           –
intProp maxNumOfVisitingSims [number]
Set to false to place objects out of grid boolProp     – snapObjectsToGrid [true or false]

Enable postprocessing cheats; requires video card
that supports pixel shaders                            – boolProp
enablePostProcessing [true or false]
Set to false to remove props like rocks and towers
from neighborhood                                     
– boolprop displayNeighborhoodProps [true or false]
Set to false to remove roads from neighborhood         – boolprop displayNeighborhoodRoads
[true or false]
Set to false to removes trees/plants from neighborhood – boolprop
displayNeighborhoodFlora [true or false]
Set to false to remove water from neighborhood         – boolprop displayNeighborhoodWater
[true or false]
Set to false to removes house graphics from
neighborhood                                           –
boolprop displayLotImposters [true or false]
Set to false to remove bridges from neighborhood.      – boolprop
displayNeighborhoodRoadsWithModel [true or false]
Set to false and lots will not light up when
highlighted in neighborhood                            – boolprop
lotTerrainLighting [true or false]
Set to false to remove removes water (ponds) from lots – boolprop lotWater
[true or false]
Set to false to remove floorpainting on lot            – boolprop lotTerrainPaints [true
or false]
– boolprop lotTerrainCanvas [true or false]
Set to true and cars will have more detail in
neighborhood                                           –
boolprop carsCompact [true or false]
Toggle grid in build or buy mode                       – boolprop
showFloorGrid [true or false]
Set to trueto show lot information                     – boolprop
lotInfoAdvancedMode [true or false]
Set to false to remove removes shadows on objects
outside house                                          –
boolprop objectShadows [true or false]
Set to false to remove shadows on objects inside house – boolProp guob
[true or false]
Set to true and walls will no longer cut away from
selected Sim                                           –
boolprop renderSelectedSimLevel [true or false]
Set to true to see the path where the selected Sim
walks to                                              
– boolProp displayPaths [true or false]
Set to true and blocks appear on Sims faces and on
parts where Sims look at                              
– boolprop displayLookAtBoxes [true or false]
Toggle shadows for Sims                                – boolProp
simShadows [true or false]
In neighborhood, shows filename of house when lot
is highlighted                                         –
boolprop ShowLotPackageFilename [true or false]
Set to false to place floor tiles outside lot          – boolprop locktiles [true or
Set to false to raise and lower floor even when
covered with objects                                   – boolprop
constrainFloorElevation [true or false]
Set to true to light up objects continuously
instead of only when used                              – boolprop
allObjectLightsOn [true or false]
After typing expand, will you see the game
version in the cheat box                               –
setHighestAllowedLevel [level]”                        – Allows building
higher then 5 floors

Display frame rate:
Press [Ctrl] + [Shift] + S during game play to toggle the display of the
current frame rate.

Terrain types:
The following terrain types can be used in Neighborhood creation with the
and nhdregiontype codes.

terraintype desert
terraintype concrete
nhdregiontype desert
nhdregiontype concrete

How to make your sim have a hand held game:
First type up BoolProp Testingcheatsenabled true in the cheat box.
Then Be the sim you want to have the handheld game

Note:this can be done whith toddlers,children,teens,grownups and old
Then hold down shift and clik on that sim Then clik on more and it should
say somthing like
“handheld give handheld game” or “give handheld game”
clik on that then your sim will hav
a ds. If you want your sim to play on it just clik on him/her and clik
“play handheld”

Get the biggest houses for free:
First find a rich family that have enough money to buy the big mansion
house you want then
sell all there stuff in there house for extra money. Then save the game and
go back to the
neighbourhood you were in then move that family out of their house and into
mansion house
that you want. when you have done this save the game again and go back to
the neighbourhood
now make your family that you want to live in the big house and move them
into the same house
the others are in it will combine the 2 families together. now buy a
computor and tell 1 adult
sim to click find own placenow simply click on all the sim charecters that
you dont want to
keep (from the old house) and they will m,ove out leeving your family in
the big house and
with all the spair money left wich is usually between 50 and 100 thousand
pounds now decorate
your new mansion home and enjoy your new rich life.

Chapter The Sims 2 – H+M Fashion Stuff – Tricks, Strategies,Guide, Cheats, Tips and Secrets


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