The Sims – Deluxe Edition – Tricks, Strategies,Guide, Cheats, Tips and Secrets
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The Sims – Deluxe Edition – Tricks, Strategies,Guide, Cheats, Tips and Secrets

Synopsis The Sims – Deluxe Edition – Tricks, Strategies,Guide, Cheats, Tips and Secrets

The Sims –
Deluxe Edition

Open Cheat Screen:
Press [Ctrl] + [Shift] + C during game play to
display a
prompt in the upper left corner of the screen.

Note:, enter [Exclamation point] at the prompt
repeat the last cheat entered.
Enter a [Semi-colon] between codes to enter
codes at the same time.

1000 Simoleons                                          –

Add new family history stat to the current

– hist_add

Appends the route destination list to
every time a route is found                             – write_destlist

Architecture tools automatically set the level
– auto_level

Automatically import and load indicated FAM
file        – import 

Automatically load indicated house, no questions

– house 

Check and fix required lot objects                      – prepare_lot 

Completely flush app to VM file when running
Windows NT – flush
Crash game                                             
– crash
Create moat or streams                                  –
Create shrunk_text_#.bmp files                          – shrink_text   
Create-a-character mode                                 –
Display personality and interests                       – interests 
Draw all animation frames disabled                      – draw_all_frames
Draw all animation frames enabled                       – draw_all_frames
Draw colored dots at each person’s origin               – draw_origins
Dump entire memory to
core_dump_[date:time].txt         –

Dump selected person’s most recent list of
interactions to a file                                  –

Dump selected person’s motive contribution curve
to a
– dump_mc

Enable debug flag to show outcome choice dialogs
social interactions                                     –

End sim logging                                         –
sim_log end  
Execute “file.cht” file as a list of
cheats             – cht 
Floorable grid disabled                                 –
draw_floorable off 
Floorable grid enabled                                  –
draw_floorable on 
Force an assert for testing                             – assert 
Log animations in the event log window                  – log_animations
Map editor disabled                                     –
map_edit off 
Map editor enabled                                      –
map_edit on 
Move any object                                         –

No tutorial object generation when tutorial
house is
– tutorial off
Prevent web browser crashes                             –
Preview animations disabled                             – preview_anims
Preview animations enabled                              – preview_anims
Programmer stats                                        –
Quit game                                              
– quit
Read in behavior tuning constants from
Tuning.txt       – #import
Rebuilds entire control panel/UCP from
scratch          – rebuild_cp

Refresh the BMP_ resources for all people whose

IFF files are writable                                  –

Rematch dependent textures and regenerate
bitmaps for all user characters                         – refresh_textures

Restore tutorial                                        –
Rotate camera                                           –
Routing debug balloons disabled                         – route_balloons
Routing debug balloons enabled                          – route_balloons

Run series of random operations on unhoused

– fam_test 
Save currently loaded house                             – save 
Save family history file                                –
Say “plugh”                                            
– plugh 
Say “porntipsguzzardo”                                  –
Say “xyzzy”                                            
– xyzzy 
Selected person’s path displayed                        – draw_routes on 
Selected person’s path hidden                           – draw_routes
Set event logging mask                                  –
Set free thinking level                                 –
Set game speed                                          –
Set grass change value                                  –
edit_grass : 
Set grass growth                                        –
Set lot size                                            –
Set maximum milliseconds to allow simulator             – sim_limit  
Set sim speed                                           –
Set time of day                                         –
Set z offset for thought                                – bubbles
Sets the neighborhood directory to the path             – 

Sets up the borders of the lot with non-editable
Requires rotation                                       –
Sets whether menu items appear for in use
objects       – allow_inuse
Show memory view window in debug builds of the
game     – memview
Start sim logging                                       –
sim_log begin 
Swap the two house files and updates
families           – swap_houses   
Ticks disabled                                          –
sweep off 
Ticks enabled                                           –
sweep on 
Tile information displayed                              – tile_info
Tile information hidden                                 – tile_info

Toggle allowing visitors to be controlled using
– visitor_control

Toggle assets report                                    –
Toggle automatic object reset feature                   – auto_reset
Toggle calls to PeekMessage within sim loop             – sim_peek
Toggle camera mode                                      –

Toggle display of unavailable interactions in
control menus                                           –

Toggle music                                            –
Toggle object compression in save file                  – obj_comp
Toggle quaternion transformations                       – quats 
Toggle sound log window                                 –
Toggle sounds                                           –
Toggle web page creation                                – html 

Total reload of people skeletons, animations,
and skins                                              
– reload_people

Trigger sound event                                     –
Write out an RTE file every time a route is
found       – write_routes
Write out behavior tuning constants to
Tuning.txt       – #export

Unlimited cash $$$:
Submitted by: Spike-101
E-Mail: spike_hacker_inc@yahoo.com

First you must start by opening the cheat
screen, you can
do this by pressing [Ctrl] + [Shift] + C during
game play
and look on the top left hand corner were you
will find
a gray box. Now type in “rosebud” and
your money will go
up by 1,000 Simoleons.
Now open the cheat box again and put the repeat
cheat on which is
“!;” but do this many times like this
Put in about 20 of them and put one
“101” at the end of the last explanation,
like this:
and just press
enter, a screen will come up saying “no
such cheat”. but look at
your cash every time your money goes up by

The most you will see is 9,999,999, just carry
on pressing enter, even when
it is past 9,999,999. When you are tired goto
bye mode and buy something
really expensive. Look at your money it stays at

Skills up:
Ok. What you do is you make a house with people
in it and get every thing you
need for skills.Then you put in the cheat
“move_objects” on and then you have
your people do what they do to get skills.
NOTE: After every time your people stop because
of mood, save the game and then
delete them. Otherwise all your skills will be

An wasy way to do it is to press
“ctrl+alt+c” in your computer. A grey box should
appear in the top left corner. Then type in
“rosebud”. Press “Enter”. Then do the
samething but type “!;!;!;!;” then
highlight it and press “ctrl+c” “ctrl+v”. It
should have doubled its self a lot. Then
backspace the last ; and put a : in its
place. Press enter and hold it. Watch as you get
so rich you don’t even have to
pay for anything. Like if you have superstar
sims you dont have to pay for a

Free pizza:
Get on the phone and call the pizza guy. When he
arrives at your door pause the
game and go into buy mode. Then do the
“move_objects on” cheat, take the pizza and
put it on a table and delete the pizza guy. This
is great if your sim is kinda poor.

Bringing back the dead:
If a sim dies of natural causes, when the reaper
comes quickly pause, but the
“move_objects on” cheat on and delet
the reaper. Now delete you sims. go back to
play mode and press the character on the
charecter sub menu. now your sim is back
with full mood stats!

How to walk around in swimming clothes:
First,build a big swimming pool. Now, put a sim
in the pool. Hold down ctrl+shift+c
all at the same time. A gray rectangular box
sould appear in the top-left corner.
Type in move_objects on.Now press enter. go into
buy mode and drag your sim out of
the pool. It should be walking around in
swimming togs!

if you make a potion

Blue   =
Yellow = reverse personality
red    =
someone falls in love with you
green  =
feel terrible or evil twin
Orange = invisible
Purple = you turn into a monster (you distroy
everything in your house and make
huge messes)

Submitted by: Autumn

Make a room with a X-mas tree, cookies, and a
lit fire place. Make sure ALL of your sims
are asleep! At midnight a skinny santa will come
through your chimney and give you 1
present and eat all the cookies!

Walks in the swimming pool:
Buy a bath. Have a Sim to take a bath in it.
Pause game play and enable the move_objects
on code. Grab the Sim and put him in the
swimming pool. Resume the game. Your Sim will
be taking a bath, floating. Pause game play and
delete the bath. Resume the game. Your
Sim will now be standing on the water. If you
make him go anywhere in the swimming pool
he will simply walk there. If you make him use
the ladder of the pool he will appear
dressed in the water when he gets out. Note:
This glitch very rarely will not work.

Everlasting Genie with Gnome:
Use the “Everlasting Genie” glitch
then make a Gnome using the Kraft King woodworking
table. When it is finished and placed on the
ground, enter buy mode and place it under
the floating Genie. Note: The Genie must be over
the floor with nothing underneath or
outside with nothing underneath. The Gnome will
start floating just in front of the
Genie, and will wobble when the Genie

Submitted by: maleah

omg for the sims deluxe edition i have a cheat
code.. u can upload the sims vacation and
sims hotdate without buying it all u got to do
is press ctrl shift and c then in the grey
box type hot_vac_game and it will upload it to
your game so fun! IM PLAYIN NOW

Submitted by: Sunshine

Sims Deluxe Edition and Expansions
Training/Skills/Romance or anything else that
takes time (speed these things up)

Build a separate room outside your house. Do not
add doors. Fill the room with items to
accomplish your goal. If you want to speed up
your sim’s knowledge per say fill the room
with chairs and bookcases.

Now hit ctrl+shift+c enter move_objects on. Now
delete the sim you want to work with.
Once you delete them their picture should have a
red circle with a cross in it. Double
click their picture and the sim should reappear
with full mood bars. Pick them up and
place them in the room. You can now make them
read (or whatever else) until their bars
go down. When they decrease delete them and
start over. They keep their points so don’t
worry. You can also do this with couples to
increase their relationship points. I haven’t
tried it with pets put I assume you can raise
the pets bars and the owners bars and then
train the pet.

Overall this will take a little time but is much
faster than it would take normally.
It is quite effective. Sims are usually happy to
do what you want them to as long as they
are in good moods and can access whatever you
want them to.

Never ending money:
Submitted by: mohak chotrani

for this u need 2 open the cheat
box(ctrl+shift+c)then type in rosebud and leave a space
and press and hold ! then in between them put ;
and then type 1 and press enter it will
tell there is no such cheat but if u see the
money level it will risevery fast then hold
the enter till u r not satisfied it will show
9,999,999 but dont worry hold it till u like
then when u r satisfied uwill have unlimited
money u can see by buying an expensive item.
but if the money decreases then u can do this
method once more.

Turn off motives / more:
Submitted by: Janessa

To turn off the motives for Sims Double Deluxe
for PC , just when you get to the house
you want to go to. Then press CTRL SHIFT C and
it will come up a bar at teh top. When
your in the game just click on the white bar and
type in motiveDecay off (You can replace
it with off at anytime you want to turn it on)
(Turns on/off for whole family) – Turn off
motives so you dont have to do anything.

Want more money? 200,000? MORE? Just keep typing
Motherlode . Youll see what i mean when
you are the richest perosn in the neighborhood!
;] (DO the same thing as above , CTRL SHIFT C
and type motherlode in the white bar)(Do
multiple tmimes to get LOADS more!)

You dont want to Die or Get older do you? Well
Go to the cheat screen again (CTRL SHIFT C)
And type in Agingoff to not get older. And if
you want to get older just type AgingOn in
the white bar. Another way to get older: If you
want your life to pass by. Child to teenager,
just get the green glowing hourglass furniture
thing from your aspiration rewards part.
Then put it down in your room or outside . Click
on it and press drink. (NOTE: To get it/or
more aspiration points just type CTRL SHIFT C
and in the white bar type Aspirationpoints 99999
ONLY DO IT 3 TIMES! Or it will drop to 0 and you
wont be able to get any points(Youll have to
reload but only do it 3 times)

There you have it. Ill find more and upload them
at different places.
(OS. Go to youtube and type in sims for pc how
they have woohoo , whatever. And like its all
werid. My comment is Princesezz , or you can
search me also.) Bye!

Submitted by: know somethings

first press [shift+ctrl+c]

1-move_objects on (moves any thing even if it
was used ) replace on with off to turn it off

2-rosebud (gives $1000) after that type
!;!;!;!;!;!;!;!;!;!;!;!; many times then at last press
any letter and (enter) it will tell u no such
cheat look at ur money keep pressing

Keep a Work Car/ School Bus:
Submitted by: Ellieeee

Wait Until the school bus/work car comes. open
the grey box shift cnrl c and type move_objects
on and press enter. pause the game and moive the
kid/s or adult near the car. whe n they are in
the veical just before it goes out of sight past
the great road u have to pause the game and the
kid/s or adult will be at work/school but u get
to keep the bus but you have to put iit in a room
or garage it must have a fence ior little gate
in its way or else it will drive off!

Chapter The Sims – Deluxe Edition – Tricks, Strategies,Guide, Cheats, Tips and Secrets


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