To Battle!: Hell’s Crusade – Tricks, Strategies,Guide, Cheats, Tips and Secrets
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To Battle!: Hell’s Crusade – Tricks, Strategies,Guide, Cheats, Tips and Secrets

Synopsis To Battle!: Hell’s Crusade – Tricks, Strategies,Guide, Cheats, Tips and Secrets

To Battle!: Hell’s Crusade

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Tips & Tricks:
* Use archers to support other units. If an enemy attacks, archers will
fire first
  before the enemy can attack. This
may weaken the enemy, causing their attack to be
  weaker before they even get to do

* Stay in formation! You won’t always be able to predict where the enemy is
or how
  powerful they may be. Your best
chance to survival is by developing a strong formation
  in which your units support each
other, and may be rotated should one become in danger.

* Stand firm with faith! There will be situations where you are in a race
  time to stop the forces of evil.
Trust yourself, trust your formations, and do not
  panic. If you lose your discipline,
all hope may be lost.

* Demons are smart, but with experience you may be able to predict their
  Demons may try to lure you into
disadvantageous situations. In order to prevail,
  you’ll need to be at least 10%
smarter than they are. Learn to identify terrain
  choke points, and know when to
retreat. Slaying demons is glorious work, but
  sometimes it makes sense to bypass
a battle rather than fight every one.

* Use scouts smartly. Move them incrementally to discover enemies. Then
retreat them
  back to your main formation. They
work best as harassers from the flanks, in support
  of the infantry and archers.

* Cherish your ballista. You won’t find very many of them. And they can
make all the
  difference, especially during a
castle defense.

* Beware. Enemies can rest, same as you can. Sometimes it is a good idea to
  after a retreating enemy. Just be
sure you know what is hiding in the surroundings
  before you do.

* Each unit can move once per turn AND attack once per turn.

* Except scouts. They have the quick footed perk which means they can move
many times
  per turn until they have used all
of their movement points.

* Pay attention to attack types. Melee units attack by moving next to an
  First the attacker will attack,
then the enemy will counter-attack.

* Skirmish units can attack without being counter-attacked. Unless they are
  another skirmish unit. Then its
skirmish versus skirmish.

* Cavalry units perform a charge attack, and then melee. This is only if
they are
  attacking first though. If an enemy
attacks your cavalry, it will be melee versus

* Archers can shoot two hexes. If you attack an enemy that is right next to
them, it
  will be melee. So back away one hex
to do the ranged attack.

* Ballista may shoot over three hexes.

* Each unit is good on certain types of terrain and bad on others. Pay
attention to
  the cursor as you move it over
different terrain types. You will see information
  that tells you how much defense the
unit will gain or lose. For instance, cavalry
  will lose defense in forest. And
all units will lose defense in water.
* Terrain will also impede movement. A peasant can move three hexes on open
  They can move four hexes on roads.
But in forest they will be slowed down to only
  two hexes. Scouts can move quickly
in forest. Make sure you right click on your
  units to learn about their
strengths and weaknesses. And do the same to learn about
  your enemies!

Chapter To Battle!: Hell’s Crusade – Tricks, Strategies,Guide, Cheats, Tips and Secrets


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