Tony Hawks Underground 2 – Tricks, Strategies,Guide, Cheats, Tips and Secrets
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Tony Hawks Underground 2 – Tricks, Strategies,Guide, Cheats, Tips and Secrets

Synopsis Tony Hawks Underground 2 – Tricks, Strategies,Guide, Cheats, Tips and Secrets

Tony Hawks Underground 2

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: Zeneil

To eneble cheats go to the “CHEATS” option in the “GAME
OPTIONS” option.

cheat           Effect
4wheeler      – Get Paulie Ryan
oldskool      – unlock the Natas
straightedge  – Perfect rail
sellout       – Nigel

Then while you are playing the game press escape and then go to the
“GAME OPTIONS”, and go to the “CHEATS”, you will see
all the cheats
you entered.

– By myself a champ skater Zeneil

Barcelona: Portable Natas Spin:
Knock the head off the fountain in Barcelona and you can Natas Spin
wherever it goes.

Barcelona: Natas Spin on man’s head:
While in Barcelona, go into the street and go in front of a man on a
motorcycle. When
they stop, jump on top of him and Natas Spin while over his head. You will
be spinning
on his head.  Note: You will fall off
when you cross the area’s border.

Barcelona: Huge combo:
Go up the ramp next to the sea. Then, jump off the slope and onto the big
(resembles railroad tracks) above the subway. Next, rail by the fountain
then manual
and grind on the wall. Then, sticker slap the wall so that you can go
backwards. Next,
grind on the garbage dump, then wall ride up to the building rail. Then, go
up the same
ramp that you started with. Repeat this as many times as desired in the
same combo.
If done seven times, you can get 60 million points.

Boston: Enter the bank:
Go forward when you start until reaching the bus stop where the Riboff Bank
is located.
Turn left and there will be a quarter pipe. Get some speed then go up and
spin right at
the same time. If done correctly, you will see another quarter pipe. When
you land it,
the message “Bank Transfer” will appear. You are now in the
Riboff Bank. To get out,
return by the way you that came or go forward and break through the

Boston: Enter the hotel:
Go to the large brick hotel near the center of the city. Once you are at
the stairs with
the two statues, turn either right (recommended) or left. If you went to
the right, you
will see a halfpipe. On the left side of the halfpipe, you will see some
glass. Break
through it and you will end up in the hallway of the hotel. In the center
of the hallway
is a door. If you walk through it, you will appear back between the two
statues outside
the hotel. If you went left at the statues, you can do the same thing,
except that you
will break through glass at the right side of the halfpipe.

Boston: Clowns:
Go to the state house on the floor where you find Ben Franklin. Then, walk
right into one
of the pictures. If you look closely enough, you can see clowns with 1700’s
style suits on.

Boston: ATM money:
Go to the bank and find the ATM. Sticker-slap it and you will see lots of
money fly out.
Note: You cannot take any of this money.

Out of Bounds – Los Angeles:
Go to the “Production Drop” gap near the fire truck in Los
Angeles – when you’re there,
instead of going forward, go backwards – when you get to the big gap, do a
(because it gets you farther, if you don’t do it your chanses will be very
low of making
it) across it. When you get to the bridge, skitch a car untill you get to
the part where
the car turns around. And then you’re there (You can go into little stores
and stuff).
Note: DO NOT do an earthquake before you do it because it won’t work.

Find Jesse James:
If you walk around on the 1st level (not the training) you will find
someone by a building
who wants a drink so he’ll tell you to go down stairs to a bar next to him.
when you get
down there Jesse James will talk to you.

Unlock aquarium in zoo:
Just jump on the house near the elephant and hop on the elephant’s back,
he’s going mad
and crushes the aquarium door.

Get Steve-O on your team:
After you complete all the goals for the first level or get the right
amount of points, you
will get a FMV sequence where Bam will eliminate Burnquest from Tony’s
team. Afterwards
when you get to Spain, Steve-O will send you a text message saying that he
wants to be on
your team and then you get to play as him. he rides a machanical bull which
operates as so.

Increasing stats:
You must do certain things to get your stats up. For the spin, do spine
transfers until
you get to one quarterpipe then go up it. Your air time will be a lot. You
can then do
1080 spins. Another way is to enable the “Perfect Rail” cheat,
then find a fountain that
is circular (for example, in Berlin). Keep going around, adding tricks. You
will get
numerous stat points by doing this, including grind for 10 sec., etc.
Perfect Rail is
also Perfect Lip, so you can get the Lip for 3, 5, etc. sec. stat point
also. If there
is something difficult, do twenty grabs in one combo (Story Mode on Sick,
and for Air
Stat). Try to get the other things first, then do it. Look at your stats,
and see what
is easy and what is not. If you must grind for 20 seconds, first grind for
5 seconds,
then get the focus. The focus lasts 15 seconds, so you will have 1 stat up,
as same with

Freakout stages:
Freakouts can be seen in the following stages.

1. Nothing.
2. Throws board.
3. Throws board farther.
4. Jumps on board and breaks it.
5. Spins twice and throws board up.
6. Breaks board by smashing it to the ground.
7. Breaks his board on his forehead.

Pre-Made Skaters:
Go to create a skater and change the name to one of the following entries.
The character
will change into the corresponding skater:

Sorry! (ZiG)
Sheckla (Ryan Sheckler)
Boon (Boond)
O.D. (Officer Dick)
dude TRevor
derfunkel (Danny Way)

Chapter Tony Hawks Underground 2 – Tricks, Strategies,Guide, Cheats, Tips and Secrets


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