Tradewinds Legends – Tricks, Strategies,Guide, Cheats, Tips and Secrets
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Tradewinds Legends – Tricks, Strategies,Guide, Cheats, Tips and Secrets

Synopsis Tradewinds Legends – Tricks, Strategies,Guide, Cheats, Tips and Secrets

Tradewinds Legends

Submitted  by: David K.

* Battles do not begin until you fire a shot. You can set up curses on
enemy ships
  in advance and they will be cast as
soon as you fire.

* Try to work on as many tasks as possible at the same time. When this is
the case,
  you can frequently accomplish
multiple goals while in a particular port and advance
  more quickly through the game.

* Hold the [CTRL] button to see which buildings are in a particular

* Press the SPACE BAR while reading task dialogue to instantly finish what
  character’s saying.

* Be sure to peruse the Magic Shops from time to time. As your reputation
  the Ten Kingdoms improves from
tasks and victorious battles, the vendors will
  offer you more potent (and more
costly) special items.

* First Moon has the same number of days as January, Second Moon the
  as February, etc…

* Whenever you start a new game, the fates determine the complete range
  prices for all goods. This means
that the next time you start a game, you
  will have to watch the market once
more to see what the high and low
  prices will be.

* In combat, you can select individual ships and have them flee the
  while others stay on to fight. This
is especially useful if you have
  unarmed ships.

* It is sometimes good to have some ships in your fleet remain unarmed
  that they are able to carry a
maximum amount of cargo. In battle, you
  may select these ships to flee
while the armed ships remain to battle.

* Using the ‘Continue’ option rather than the ‘Saved game’ may be a
  choice if you are defeated in
battle. The ‘Saved game’ feature will load
  your last saved game spot while the
‘Continue’ option will load the game
  from the last port sailed from. You
can avoid a lot of repeating yourself
  if it has been a while since you
last saved your game.

Tips and Tricks:
Get some cash quickly from the start by buying low and selling high as you
from 1 port to the next. Later on, when you have warehouse, move as much

contraband item in as you can. Return later on to see if it’s banned
(marked by
N/A at the price column in Bazaar) then sell them for great profit.
Try using curses as much as possible (Ifrit’s Fire is good for starting,
on to Plague later on, use it on big ships to stop them from showering your

fleet with cannonballs and probably destroy 1 or 2 cannons which costs even

more than 1 Plague)

Once you can get into ports with any cargo ie the authroitys look away if
have weapons and they are banned you can get a much higher price for them
5500 for weapons and sell them on for 17000 in some cases.

Easy money:
When starting Free Trade mode, begin by trading salt. As you advance in
start with wine. Any salt at or under 40 is cheap and is often beaten by
at other ports. For wine, 100 or under is a steal. Buy it cheap and sell at
sort of profit.
In Story mode, you should also trade as this helps your funds grow.

Firstly this how you start:
Go and a couple missions with ever char you have. Now at the start don’t
a ship if you don’t have any money cannons. Also start buying and trading
when you have around 10 000. when you have approximately 30 000 in money,
around 5000 in the bank so you get some interest. For combat use the spells
a later level. When you have at least 4 or 5 ships with 2 ships have 100
start buying stone golems and heavy cannons.

* This doesn’t work so well in story-mode, but in free trade mode, sell all
of your cannons, 7500 dinar, and borrow 15000 dinar, buy one cannon back.
first port has low prices on all the goods, so buy some of each. If you run
trouble use the cannon-busting curse, and you will probably beat an unarmed
with your one cannon. But buy your cannons back as soon as you’ve got good
coming in. Invest heavily in your tithing if you want to trade in
contraband goods.
There are four important pieces of information you want to get each month.

Chapter Tradewinds Legends – Tricks, Strategies,Guide, Cheats, Tips and Secrets


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