Volcanoids – Tricks, Strategies,Guide, Cheats, Tips and Secrets
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Volcanoids – Tricks, Strategies,Guide, Cheats, Tips and Secrets

Synopsis Volcanoids – Tricks, Strategies,Guide, Cheats, Tips and Secrets


Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Simple Tricks to Defeat Enemy COGs:
Written by Hab

So you are strugeling with the COGs? They do have some advanages in terms
of not having
to reload and hitting every shot. But there are some small tricks on how to
defeat them
on every try. Even the hardest ones… So lets get started!

-=Simple Gun Mechanics=-
The shotgun is currently the only gun ingame so understanding how to use it
is important
to fight the COGs. The shotgun is currently not projectile based. So its
mechanics are
simple. And can easily be represented with numbers. Reloading the shotgun
takes aproximatly
3 seconds, the cogs dont need to reload. And it has a firerate at about 1
second per shot.
This means that you can shoot 2 shots every 4 seconds. the COGs shoot every
one and a half
seconds so they output a little more shots then you do. The shotgun has a
range of 40 meters
which is a little shorter then the length of the submarine. One thing thats
really importaint
to know about the shotgun is that the further away you are from your target
the less damage
you deal. so try to get as close to your target as possible while
maintaining a safe distance.
Remember that you can also use your pickaxe to deal damage. so if you have
to reload and you
know that the COG is low, hit it with your pickaxe to save some hp of

-=COG Classes=-
There are 4 different COGs in the game. Knowing how to counter each type of
COG is key to
getting past theese annoyiong robots. All the different COGs have the same
damage, the
difference is their HP. The first kind of COG you will encounter are the
red COGs. Theese
are the weakest COGs, but can still be dangerous in masses. Theese COGs
take two shots
from medium range before they die. Meaning that if you hit your shots
properly you will
kill one without having to reload. They can only be found in area 1 around
lavalakes, in
the towns, and scattered close to surfacing locations for the drillship. However
its is
not in the lavasource in area 1. To kill them is pretty easy, if there is
only one sprint
towards it untill your within its range and fire both your shots. If there
are multiple
you should find a tree or a rock to peak around. Try to be the first one to
shoot so that
you may get one picked off early.

The next COG you will encounter are the green COGs. They can be found both
in area 1 and
2 and are a little more dangerous then the red COGs. They take 3 shots with
the shotgun
at close and medium range.They are located in the towns where there are
tech in area 1,
at area 1s lavasource and they are scattered around area 2 just like the
red COGs. To
kill this COG is a litle different then the red one. If there is only one
COG charge at
it take two shots and finish t with the pickaxe. However if there are other
COGs around,
make them chase you, maybe around a building or a rock. With your sprint
you are a little
faster then them so be just so far ahead that they dont get to stop to
shoot. Only turn
around to empty you magazine.

The next COG is where it gets really challenging. The blue COG can be found
in area 2 in
villages with tech, in area 2s lavasource, and scattered around area 3. The
blue COGs are
able to take 4 shots at short/medium distance. To counter this you again
have to use your
higher speed to you advantage. If you only meat one of them you can play
around any
obstacle large egnouth to cover you just like with multiple green ones. If
you have
multiple chasing you you should get a larger cover like a building or a
larger rock. Trees
and moust ores will not provide you with egnouth cover here. Make them
chase you and sprint
when reloading, turn around to shoot when you are out of sprint, and sprint
again when
reloading. make them all follow you the same way around the rock so you
dont run into one.
Then they might shoot eachother aswell which makes it easier for you.

The final COG in your path is the black COGs. There are a few around area
3, but they are
moustly in area 3s lavasource and the volcano. This is the real deal. They
take a total of
4 shots. To counter theese COGs you have to play safe. They usually spawn
in groups of 2
or 3 so you will rarley find one alone. If you do however there is always
more around. To
kill them, you have to use ur cover as best as you can. I is basically the
same playrules
as with the blue COGs, but this fight will go on for longer. if you get on
low health you
can use ur healthpack mid fight. just dont stop because they will catch up
fast and finish
 you. The COGs are easy to spot, so
when you se one make sure you find good cover before
you engage. As always its best to take the first shot at them to gain the

-=Defending the Drillship=-
One of the worst things that can happen to you is that you are far away
from your drillship
gathering some tech or matirials, and then it gets attacked by COGs. There
are a few things
you can do to prevent this. First off all, always assume there are some
COGs around when
you surface. Take a look in your periscope on your way up, and take a round
around you
drillship to see if you can spot any. And take them out before you leave
the ship. You
can also learn where the COGs patrol at the location you commonly use
through expirience
so that will come the more you play the game.

When fighting COGs around the drillship start by getting their attention.
You want them
shooting as little as possible at your ship. Try to make them chase you
inside the
drillship or around any close cover you can find. You dont want them to
chase you around
your ship as there is little to hide behind when they catch up. Inside the
drillship try
to tank as many hits as possible. If there are multiple they will kill
eachother pretty
quicly because of the tight space. You dont want them to damage your
equipment! See how
to counter each type of COG above to better fight each type.

Chapter Volcanoids – Tricks, Strategies,Guide, Cheats, Tips and Secrets


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