WarCraft 3 – Reign of Chaos – Tricks, Strategies,Guide, Cheats, Tips and Secrets
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WarCraft 3 – Reign of Chaos – Tricks, Strategies,Guide, Cheats, Tips and Secrets

Synopsis WarCraft 3 – Reign of Chaos – Tricks, Strategies,Guide, Cheats, Tips and Secrets

WarCraft 3 – Reign of Chaos

Cheat Codes:
Update by: bashaer
Update by: derek Fercher
Update by: zz_boi
Update by: Slowpoke
Update by: Sheikh M. Aminllah
Update by: Ice Man
Update by: BJ
Update by: Gareth Homewood
Update by: John Hallvard
Submitted by: Haspa  

Press [ENTER] while playing to bring up the message dialog box. Type the
following codes
in the box, then press [ENTER] again to activate. If successful, the
message “CHEAT
ENABLED” will appear on the screen.

WarpTen                    – Speeds
construction of buildings and units
IocainePowder              – Fast
WhosYourDaddy              – God
KeyserSoze [amount]        – Gives
you X Gold
LeafitToMe [amount]        – Gives
you X Lumber
GreedIsGood [amount]       – Gives
you X Gold and Lumber
PointBreak                 – Removes
food limit
ThereIsNoSpoon             –
Unlimited Mana
StrengthAndHonor           – No
Motherland [race] level]   – level
SomebodySetUpUsThBomb      – Instant
AllYourBaseAreBelongToUs   – Instant
WhoIsJohnGalt              – Enable
SharpAndShiny              – Research
IseeDeadPeople             – Remove
fog of war
Synergy                    – Disable
tech tree requirements
RiseAndShine               – Set time
of day to dawn
LightsOut                  – Set time
of day to dusk
DayLightSavings [time]     – If a
time is specified, time of day is
                             set to
that, otherwise time of day is
alternately halted/resumed
TheDudeAbides              – Fast
whosyourdaddy-One          – hit
kills & Unlim. HP
strengthandhonor           – Keep
playing after losing in Campaign mode
greedisgood 10000          – 10000
gold and lumber
keysersoze 1000            – 1000
leafittome 100             – 100
daylightsavings 18:00      – Set time
of day to 18:00
daylightsavings            – Toggle
daylight progression
itvexesme                  – Disable
victory conditions
Greedisgood 999999         – All
reasource 999999
Iseedeadpeople             – reveals
all the map

Submitted by: abel

CHEAT UPDATE: the “whosyourdaddy” cheat DOES NOT GIVE 1-HIT
KILLS!!! but it does
multiply your damage by 100, which usually kills units, unless you are
using a
worker and attacking a hero. it also destroys buildings (again) unless the
is high hp and you are using a weak unit to attack it.

older Cheatmode:
Press [ENTER] while playing to bring up the message dialog box.
Type the following codes in the box, then press [ENTER] again to
activate. If successful, the message “CHEAT ENABLED” will appear

on the screen.

Iseedeadpeople           – Full
allyourbasearebelongtous – Instant victory
somebodysetupusthebomb   – Instant
thereisnospoon           – Unlimited
whosyourdaddy            – Invicible


Gametip: Find the enemy with out cheating:
Submitted by:arun prakash

If you think you beat the level but it wont say it most likely there is
more thing out there. if you press Tab[on the key board]the map will turn

black and the enemy will turn their color. Therefore it will be easy to
the enemy.

Submitted by: Hassan

If you are playing with the undead your best way to win is to build
from 4-8 dragons with the ice ability and attach your enemy\’s base.
Granteed to give results.If you are attacking with a normal army
always have a pitfiend by your side with the web ability cause none
of your ground units can attack in air.

If you are playing with the human the best way to win is to make a
combination of riflemen(with the long rifle ability) and knights(with

the animal training ability). That way your can kill on land and air.

The riflemen are very strong so if you use them in the right way you
can\’t be defeated.

If you are playing with the Orcs your best offence is to attack with
a couple bulls and raiders, cause the raiders can bring down any fly
creature and the bulls can POUND them. By the way the orcs have the
most powerful hand to hand units.

If you are playing with the night elves your best offence is to attack

with 6-12 chymaras(with the corosive ability). The night elves are
ranged units all in all so always have a comination of every thing,
for the hunters can hit multiple targets and the archers have long
ranges ….

Extra movie:
Submitted by: Dj Simo

Beat the game on Hard to get a very short clip of StarCraft 2 characters
under the WarCraft III engine. It takes place after the football sequence
in the
end credits.

Another extra movie:
Submitted by: Dj Simo

If you have beaten the game on both Normal and Hard, click “Credits”
at the Main
Menu screen to see another short StarCraft 2 sequence.

Hydralisk Easter Egg:
Submitted by: Dj Simo

A Hydralisk can be found in the second mission in the Night Elves Campaign

(Daughters of the Moon). Use the cheat iseedeadpeople to reveal the map.

Then scroll to the top right…the grey dot found between some trees is
Hydralisk. It will join you in your fight.

Play As The High Elves:
Submitted by: Dj Simo

On chapter five of the Undead campaign, “Fall of Silvermoon”,
stop the runners
and destroy the High Elf base on the upper region of the map. After you do
you will be able to use the Banshee. Fight your way into the lower High Elf
and use the Banshee’s Possesion on a High Elf peasent. You can then use the
to build a High Elf base, allowing you to build all their units, and access
three human heroes.

Exploding critters:
Submitted by: Dj Simo

Keep clicking on critters to make them explode.

Submitted by: joy.alegria
Download a cool map pack with 9 maps in it at:

warcraft 3 world editor:
Submitted by: Brad Jensen

The chat room gem!
We all remeber the chat room gem from diablo 2. And how it was said to do

something no one knows. Well in the world editor… if you look at the

scrol bars… Where they meet… ITS BACK! But… I know what it dose!

In the world editor, This weird gem when green dose NOTHING! Click it a

lot and it will play a sound. But… THERES MORE! When the gem is purple

killing or selecting some units will make them play the aproprite sound.

For example taurn cheiftn VOICED units when deleted will play the taurn

death sound. Also When its purple it plays out animations. So deleting a

unit will “Kill” the unit.

Submitted by: mike

when on the mission in the night elf campeign where your in the cave to

free illidan right by the entrace there is a huge panda lvl 10 us the

whosyourdaddy cheat and whith the druid gut summon traents from the
then fight it it has a manual of health and it funny there also a secret
you get

Submitted by: the toad head

this cheat is kind kind or a walk through/tip but on orc the best strategy

is to mass 11 to 23 grunts and 11 to 23 shaman and a far seer and a
warning: u will need i repeat need to upgrade ur shamen to master training
they can get blood lust or they suck like anything,oh and make sure blood
is on auto-cast or this wont work for and random heroes should be turned
and finally, the grunt amount and the shaman amount should be exactly the
eg.11grunts and 11 shaman now if this works for you email me and ill make a

walkthrough cos i think i might be OK at warcraft so, siya now!

Submitted by: Muntean Andrei

At The custom level, were you must destroy the Monoliths, Tipe the Code
With This sign “-” two, and all of your buildings will be
destroyed, and you will be
the Monolith Monsters.

Submitted by: amore S.

Press [Enter] to display the two player message box, type one of the
following codes,
then press [Enter] again to activate the corresponding cheat function. The
“Cheat enabled” will appear to confirm correct code entry.

Demon Hunter suicide:
Play as a Night Elf in a single-player game. Get a Demon Hunter as your
hero. When
he dies, you can see that he stabs himself before he dissipates.

Immolation without mana:
Enable the thereisnospoon code if you are playing the Night Elves and get
Learn the Immolation ability and activate it. After activation, disable the

thereisnospoon code. The mana should not decrease, but the Immolation
ability should
be still enabled. This trick does not work on auto casts or on abilities
that you must
click on the button to activate.

Animal kill:
Keep clicking the mouse over the animals and they will eventually explode.

Attack Redirecting Sent by: amitakartok ( leyta AT freemail.hu )
On the third Orc mission, all four Human bases receive attacks from your
ally and
retaliate on you, right? If you build a Great Hall just south of your ally,
three of
them will attack your ally’s base (and never destroy it)! The light blue
base will
still attack your main.

Ending bonus:
Successfully complete the game under the hard difficulty setting to see a
20 second
clip of what StarCraft 2 characters would look like under the WarCraft 3
engine after
the credits. Note: This movie is in-game, after they play
“football” during the ending
credits. Also note the Orc in a spacesuit during that sequence.

Play Chapter 1 of the Human campaign. Take Arthas to the graveyard toward
the east part
of the map at night. Villagers and sheep that you killed will reappear.

Book of Sam:
When using the Humans in a custom or campaign game, the hero paladin
carries a book of
spells with him. This is what he looks at as he casts Holy Light. Zoom in
fully on the
book while performing the spell, and the name “SAM” can be seen.
Note: Timing is important,
but mainly keep watching the screen.

Extra footmen:
In Chapter 5 of the Human campaign, use one of your men to go down to the
southern path
where you came from. You will find three extra footmen that will aid

Build army of heroes:
In Chapter 5 of the Undead campaign, Fall Of Silvermoon, you are able to create
an army
of heroes (maximum is usually 3). You must complete the optional quest.
First, destroy
Sylvanas’ base leaving at least one Human Peasant alive. After the outro
sequence, you can
build Banshees. Create one, and send her to the Mana shrine in the middle
island so that
she can quickly gain 250 Mana. Then, command her to take control of the
Build a Town Hall and upgrade it to a Castle. Then, build an Altar Of
You may now build as many heroes as desired, as long as your upkeep can
support it.

Pendent Of Energy:
Play Chapter 2 of the Undead campaign. After you get the remains of the
dead Necromancer
and a short intermission sequence plays, enable the iseedeadpeople code.
Look for a very
big Granite Golem just south of the first river you see. He will drop the
Pendent Of
Energy when defeated. He is difficult, but it is worth the fight.

Robe Of The Magi:
In Chapter 5 of the Night Elves campaign, “Brother’s By Blood,”
the first main quest’s path
has many mushroom trees where the river separates the land masses. In the
bottom right of
the land you are first on, do “Force Of Nature” on the mushrooms
and send them to fight the
skeletons. Move on until you see another mushroom group in the bottom right
as well. Do the
same spell and move onto the small circle. Then, kill the Death Revenant
and Skeletons to
receive the Robe Of The Magi, which gives a +6 bonus to intelligence.

The Shrine of Uberfish:
In Chapter 5 of the Night Elves campaign, “Brother’s By Blood,”
there are two main quests.
The first is awakening the Druids of the Claw. In the second, freeing
Illidan Stromrage, is
where this secret is located. First, enable the iseedeadpeople code reveal
the entire map.
In the underground prison compound, you will see two circles of power
behind some trees the
patrolling guards. Send Whisperwind to the big circle, transporting her to
the Shrine of
Uberfish, which contains a Mantle Of Intelligence.

Play the first mission of the Prologue. Enable the iseedeadpeople code,
then look at the
island at the top of the map to find some pirates guarding “phat

Remove Blight:
When playing as the Humans, train some priests and make sure they have the
Dispel Magic
ability. If your enemy is the Undead, and has Blight, using the Dispel
Magic spell will
remove it and turn it to dirt.

Hiding as Night Elves:
Note: This trick only works at night and for units with the Hide ability
(Priestess of
Moon, Archers, Huntress). Use a Ballista (if desired) to knock down trees
in a middle of
a forest, then place the units with the Hide ability inside the area of
trees. Block the
entrance with Moon Wells. It is possible use Sentinels and the Scout to see
ahead. The
forest area should be where the enemy passes. When the enemy appears, they
will get killed
by the Archers. If they manage to attack, the Moon Wells will heal your
The Huntresses are used mainly for emergency purposes, such as for units
that take down
trees and attacks from behind.

Completing timed levels:
In the human campaign when you have to defend the town from the Undead, and
the last
Undead campaign level when Kel’thuzad is summoning Archimonde, enable the
and iseedeadpeople codes. Kill the enemy’s bases. You will automatically
win without the
time running out.

Easy experience:
There are always monsters near your base. Defeat them to gain about 120
experience points.

Funny comments:
Keep clicking the mouse over various units to hear funny comments. For
example, click on
the riflemen enough and he will quote Fat Bastard and say “Get in mah
belly!”; the mortar
teams say “Tassadar has failed us. You must not.” (a phrase from

Secret mini-game:
Select Custom game from the Single Player menu and then double click the
Senerio Folder at
the top of the list that appears. 2 new maps will appear one being a
Mini-Game of Called
Sheep Of Death. Where you run back and forth dodgeing explosive sheep. use
S to move left
H to move right and esc to use a smart-bomb type attack.

Thing thing:
Well i don know wats the map but its the one wer u defend ur base and u
start with arthas
in his base if u will know u find a house with heath bar on it! only one
house tat is…
u chop it down and thers a barrel ther u destroy the barrel and thers a
sheep kill it and
it drops a somthing i don remeber.

Perfect Army:
Ok this only works for the frozen throne. ok first do all your cheats then
separate the
type of humans. (what I mean if human, elf, and dwarf). train the archmage
and the blood
mage heroes. then 2 sorceress then 3 priests then 5 spell breakers. then
separate then
far away. then 4 knights and 8 footmen. separate them. then 4 dwarves
bomber guys and 8
riflemen. separate them. then have the humans, and dwarfs right click over
all of them
to follow the blood mage and u have one heck of a strong army.

Beat the Stage With the Auroras:
Well the first thing you do is build up your base and farms. Then you get a
ton of
banshees, then you get a few warriors and a hero. Run inside the aurora,
and attack a
opponent base therefore provoking them to attack. once they attack use your
to posses them. Then you can walk in the auroras and not get hurt. Leave
your warriors
and your hero at the base to defend it.

Get a Starcraft Hydralisk Unit:
When playing Night Elves on Level-2 (Daughters Of The Moon), about half way
through the
mission before you approach the Undead base, you will get 3 Ballista. Use
them to take
out the trees to the north and you will find a Level-7 powerful Hydralisk
to join your
team! (If you cant seem to find it, use the “iseedeadpeople”
cheat to reveal the map)

Free Bracer of Agility:
In the 3rd mission of the human campaign, you see Jaina being followed by some
ogre. She
defeats them and one of them runs away. follow to path and slay the
remaining ogres.
There will be a sheep in the ogre encampment. Keep clicking on it and it
will explode to
give you a Bracer of Agility!

Unlimited building:
Play the Undead campaign Chapter 5, Fall Of Slivermoon. First, destroy
Sylvana Windrunner
base. When the base is destroyed you will be able to make a new type of
unit called a
Banshee. After you get a Banshee, get her mana to 250 and use the
Possession ability to
take control one of the enemy’s peasants. You be able to build all the
enemy’s units, and
have unlimited human heroes if you build an Altar Of Kings with the
controlled peasant.
Also some builds can be stacked.

Get Ticontrious:
If you did the undead campaign you would see that Ticontrious’ background
was red, well.
If you go custom game and the undead race (obviously with red for a colour)
dreadlord for your hero and because your colour is red it’s Ticontrious!

How to control all races:
Note: You must be undead. first type the upgrade cheats spawn a banshee let
it take a
humen or any worker you can build their buldings and you can win

Easier Kill (Undead):
Each race has an ultimate building (Chimera Roast etc). I found the Frost
Wyrm from
the Undeads ultimate building really kick a$$,send a maximum amount you can
(12 units) to our enemies base and get them ALL to destroy the buildings
ONE by one,
if you get them to defeat the buildings seperately, the enemies army will
kill before
you can kill them.

Timmy the gnol:
Submitted by: kokt

In the human camping…when you have to ke’lvzad….explore the city before
you comfort
him. You should find a cage that contain a friendly undead gnol named
Timmy.kill him…..
oh something else in the orc camping when you play with carin to get the
gemston for thral
type the iseedeadpeopl code and look for a frindly lizerd calld
when it eats the mushroms clearind a pass to a secret place kill it and

Submitted by: Erossitos

With the night elves campaign, level 2 (Daughters of the Moon, use the
cheat to see all the map. Find corrupted earth up in the left, and you kill
the guard.
Break the cage, and you find a Furbolg. Try to protect him and he’ll give
you a prize.
He gave me some boots and some weapon. Hope it works for you!

jimmy the seal:
Submitted by: Ren Olerte

In the fifth night elf mission Brothers by Blood somewhere in the middle of
the map you
will see a seal called jimmy the seal.It is easier to spot it by using the
cheat.It is stuck between some mushrooms so use Malfurions power-treant to
get to him.
Kill him to get the manual of health +50 hp.

High Elves Base (or etc.):
Submitted by: -CreePMeout-

In the Undead mission ”fall of the silvermoon” You must destroy the
runner and destroy
sylvanas’ base, then you’ll be allowed to train A Banshee then make it a
master Banshee
then you’ll have the possesion ability use the cheat WHOSYOURDADDY then go
to the high
elve base ”in the bottom right beside the sunwell” then posses one of the
which is mining from the GoldMine then build a base (where u destroy
Sylvanas ‘ Base)
then use the cheat POINTBREAK then build a Altar of Kings which will you
allow to get
the 3 heroes (Archmagi,Mountain King and Paladin) Then train many heroes as
you can
until the food runs out.

Extra scene in the ending:
If you beat the final Night Elves mission on Hard mode, there will be an
extra scene
in the ending that shows what several Starcraft (and an Orc in a space
suit) units would
look like on Warcraft 3’s engine. (Note: This is NOT a scene from Starcraft
2, it is
just an example of what Starcraft units would look like on WC3’s engine,
nothing more.)

Chapter WarCraft 3 – Reign of Chaos – Tricks, Strategies,Guide, Cheats, Tips and Secrets


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