Westward 3 – Gold Rush – Tricks, Strategies,Guide, Cheats, Tips and Secrets
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Westward 3 – Gold Rush – Tricks, Strategies,Guide, Cheats, Tips and Secrets

Synopsis Westward 3 – Gold Rush – Tricks, Strategies,Guide, Cheats, Tips and Secrets

Westward 3 – Gold Rush

Submitted by: David K.

* Your hero will always heal after he/ she is knocked out.

* Make sure you always have enough gunslingers to defend your town.

* Dragging a Sheriff or Deputy to a Stable with a horse will upgrade the

  lawmen for a cost of 30 gold.

* Repair the pawn shop so you can purchase a health kit to stop your
  gunslinger from dying all the time.

* Most things will be explained in the tutorial.

* You use your mouse for all commands.

* On screen notifications make you aware what is needed at all times.

* Earthquake level to have more than 15 population build a sheriff.

* Some characters give bonuses while working at their favorite

* Damaged town buildings will lower your town’s happiness

Find the Mechanic:
You will need as many gunslingers, sheriff and deputies as you can
together. Post 3 guns at the top of the town where bandits keep
from to stop them from getting close to the wood shack. Put the rest
the bottom where the other bandits come in. Later post at least 1 at
the gold mine. A Meanwhile use the citizens to do the repairs and add
 couple of citizens as well to make
sure food is produced at top rates.
A Use the hero to gather resources laying around such as wood and

White Rabbit for Micah:
You have to change all your farms to carrot and then bunny should
in this area.

Black Horse:
The black horse appears randomly in a stable. If you want you can save
the game before you build a stable. Then build a stable and if one
not appear, just go back to your previously saved game. Keep doing
until you get the black horse.

Submitted by: ZENA

When playing the mini challenges through the sheriff’s office, build a
or third sheriff’s office and hire loads of deputies to defeat the two
camps. Use your hero first to run through the whole area picking up first
boxes, dynamite and gun upgrades, make sure everyone is upgraded before
after bandit camps and go directly to camps don’t stop to fight every group
you will lose some fighters unnecessarily.

Perfect gift:
Perfect gift is 1st build a flower pot and click pot to have the red
2nd mining silver to have a silver ring. 3rd build farm click carrot to
the white rabbit. 4th build the stables to have a black horse.

Easter Eggs:
To unlock the Easter Eggs, build two ranches w/chickens. You’ll then get
Easter Egg task.

If you are a Sandbox player like me, then you might benefit from this: Set
the lumber camp as soon as you start; then set up the general store to buy
seeds and set up the trading post to sell wood. Then just buy tree seeds to

grow more wood periodically and keep selling wood. It might sound like the
business to you: “Sell wood to buy more wood” – yet you can buy
more than you
sell. Soon you’ll have enough finances to expand your town.

Hidden Key:
For the white rabbit and the easter egg hunt you need to turn all your
for the rabbit all farms into carrot once and than it will come out of one
the barn doors, for the easter hunt all farms into chicken farms. To open
gate in the top left corner, chop down the big tree, than you find a map
tells you about a hidden key, you find that in the cave entrance in the
bottom left, than go to the stone circle, about middle of map right side
build a well, jump into it, you will come out in the little waterhole with
old house in.

Submitted by: jill

If you have unlocked the wine shop you will be unable to build it until to
able to grow grapes at your farm. To unlock the grapes you will need to
planters of flowers, I believe 2 or 3 of them. You have a person go to a
when you do this, the color of the flowers change, continue this until all
grow purple flowers, this unlocks the ability to grow grapes at your farm.
Once you
grow grapes, you are then able to build the wine shop.

Many recourses:
Submitted by: lance

First you have to build a general store and a train station at the platform
then hire a civilian and click the gold and accept you can not accept if
you don’t
have 200 gold and 200 wood.after you finish the quest you will have 500
each train that comes will give 42 gold and if you have no more trees left.
many gold so you can buy some seeds at the general .store to make some
trees you
can buy some seeds because you have many gold given by the train so you
have many
recourses but not the water and food.

Getting through Earthquake town:
Submitted by: Cindy L. Green

Two good peices of advice is one make sure you build 3 or so hotels instead
of so
many cabins. Less repair to do, it adds to town happiness faster. Also if
you are
having trouble keeping enough population that 15-20 range build a sheriffs
and you suddenly can build population quickly.

Pumpkin rider:
Submitted b y: Kal Kally
Email: serials3x@yahoo.com

Build three cemetery. After a gunslinger died, a grave would appear in the
A cemetery can hold eight graves. Fill all three cemeteries with 24
gunslinger graves
and a headless rider will appear with a pumpkin head. The rider is stronger
average gunslinger and you can control him. To kill a gunslinger, just send
to fight a bear or a group of bandit alone.

Earthquake Town:
Submitted by: Laurimo

Before playing the “Earthquake” town, make sure that you upgrade
with the “Fortification”
before you go in. Your buildings will be much stronger, last longer, and
cost less to
repair. Additionally, make sure that you have WATER WELLS very close to ALL
of your
structures. The fires will go out quicker. Concentrate on building TWO
Lumber Camps,
TWO Mills, a Trading Post (to exchange wood for gold), and a General Store
(to build
more trees),so you can gain resources more quickly. In order to have more
than 15
citizens, you will need to hire a Sheriff, but wait until you really have
your town
up and going first.

Trading post challenge reward:
Submitted by: sophrenia

Finishing till level 8 will give you the hidden building butter churn
(tips) At the final
stages don’t bother building a farm or ranch.It’s a waste of resource and
time. Hunt the
rabbits for food and keep the fishes and berries for quick food gathering
Also it’s better to build tents instead of log cabin. Not only is it
cheaper, but it takes
less time to build overall.

Chapter Westward 3 – Gold Rush – Tricks, Strategies,Guide, Cheats, Tips and Secrets


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