Yo-Kai Watch – Guide
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Yo-Kai Watch – Guide

Synopsis Yo-Kai Watch – Guide

Guide and Walkthrough

 February 2021  1 months ago  0.01

You play as either Nate or Katie, who while on a mission to find some bugs for a summer project, stumble upon a mysterious machine in the woods. Using it reveals a loud-mouthed Yokai named Whisper, who ends up giving you a Yokai Watch, letting him/her see the world of Yokai that surrounds them. It is now up to you to go around town, investigating mysteries, helping people out and making sure the Yokai behave themselves.

Let us guide you on a mystical adventure through Springdale and beyond to befriend all of the Yokai in our comprehensive Yokai Watch strategy guide!

Inside this guide you will find:
  • ✅Complete walkthrough of the main story;
  • ✅Detailed strategies for the postgame content;
  • ✅Solutions for all Requests and Favors;
  • ✅Locations for the harder to find Yokai.


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